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Hail HYDRA-Wanna Join the terrorists with the most-est?

Discussion in 'Brainstorming (Guest Friendly!)' started by Ophelia Sarkissian, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    @Ophelia Sarkissian - Nah, he's still got plenty of roam to learn stuff, I was just pointing out that he has received a lot of training from lots of different people now, so he is not the helpless padawan he once was.... And trust would definitely be one thing they would have to work on with him, teaching him to trust others to do the job for with the amount of betrayal he's suffered, working as a team with others became less desirable, so working with others to achieve a common goal again will definitely help/improve/train him xD

    As for how they acquire him....That works for me, her seeing the footage from the riots to peak her interest and then picking up the trail from him causing trouble for the HUMANS members.... When would you want to start this? Would you like it this season or do you want me to wait till next season?
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  2. @Caleb Dume
    Sounds good! We can do some bonding threads where he can learn to work in a team again, and maybe get a bit of that trust back. Which should just solidify his loyalty to HYDRA mwamwamwamwa

    As for the start: I'm dying to start it now. But I don't know when the end of the season is? It should be coming up soon, no? I guess its really up to you: we can start it now at November 30, or wait until December 1st. Which would be better, thread-count wise? And I can totes start it btw: to set up the scene and such. since she's finding him, yah know
  3. Caleb Dume

    Caleb Dume Guest

    @Ophelia Sarkissian- YAY BONDING! xD I'd love to start it this season as it would make a great season closing thread, to have him descending further into bad guy territory by being found and taken under Hydra's wing xDD
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  4. @Caleb Dume
    Nice!! November 30th then! I'll start this bad boy up and tag you accordingly ;-)
  5. Raditz

    Raditz Guest

    Uhm... As you might notice, I'm a bit slow these days, if you want me to get it started, I'll get to it hopefully soon. :) Otherwise if you'd like to, feel free to get it started. xD
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  6. @General Armitage Hux
    Indeed, dear General, indeed.
    So do u want to roll with this like we discussed? General Hux is looking for weapons, but doesn't have monies. Is told he can take it up with the boss-lady and meets with Ophelia?

    Also what dates? Oph should be pretty good in February
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  7. @Ophelia Sarkissian, that idea still works for me just fine, and any time after December 2nd would be swell!
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  8. @General Armitage Hux
    Excellent! Let's shoot for February 2nd?

    Also do you want to start or should I? I won't be able to start it until later tonight mind!
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  10. @Ophelia Sarkissian

    Tanya is new to this world but is used to being in an organisation she can climb up the ranks of, she comes from a world of magic Nazis so I'm sure they'd have some commonality. She's joined the group technically but running into Madam Hydra as she comes into Morhall, which is where she landed would be a good way to recruit her.

    Despite her age and appearance Tanya is great at training troops and rousing speeches, not to mention the manipulation needed to move masses to her whims. She's ruthless and scary plus she'll follow the way an organisation works to the letter, so being in Hydra will make her evil side that much more apparent. Plus the devastation she can bring to the world by herself alone should be useful, that and she's aiming for town rep of Morhall so I'm sure that'll be useful as well.
  11. Yo yo creepy child! Let Mama HYDRA take you in and teach you how to be an evil badass.

    So I guess it would just depend on what circumstance Ophelia would recruit her. I'm thinking, since Madame is working with the Saviors undercover in Morhall, that's where they meet? So they meet as Ophelia as a Savior and Tanya.... what would Tanya be doing? I mean: she just got here and she's running for Town Rep, maybe she's going through Morhall trying to win support with the Saviors, because she knows Brothos is a Savior bro? Ophelia listens to what she has to say and is just like... goes from there? What you think?
  12. That could work, and yes she'd be more then up for going for town rep right off the bat. She's a very driven person and likes to be in some form of command, or at the very least a foot in the door of such places. And since she'd see Morhall as a place needing her guidance, then she'd step up for the plate.

    And I could see here walking through town drumming up support, she's not a religious person so she'd be dubious of these Saviors. But if they're not religiously inclined as their name seems, then she'd be fine with them. She has a thing against religion since God or as she calls him Being X caused her all kinds of shit, still does to this day.
  13. lol I'm sorry: I'm just cracking up that you think the Saviors are religious. xD I just have an image of this guy with light shining on his head and holy choir music.

    Saviors or "New Saviors" as they are known on here, are from The Walking Dead, and on here are lead by Negan. Basically: they are a motorcycle gang and do what they want. And the Governor of Morhall is a member. So if she wants to be Town Rep, cozying up to the Saviors is a good place to start. So maybe she's trying that, sees Ophelia with her Savior jacket on, runs her slogan-spiel?
  14. Sounds good, I'm actually tempted to have Tanya join the Saviors as well. If she's allowed to be in Hydra, Saviors and Town Rep she might just do that. She's good with speils and could likely talk her way into the Saviors and the town rep.

    Hopefully Madame Hydra will be interested in her, I also imagine that her uniform would bring back memories for Madame Hydra. She may even recognise the medal she has pinned to her uniform too, regardless It'll be interesting.
  15. So I talked with Tucker about this because I can see Wesker being interested in the resources that HYDRA could provide for his research and his ideals. Wesker's a heavy Social and Evolutionist Darwinist and feels that the strong don't have to rule over the weak they have to cull them so the strong can continue to thrive and propagate over the world.

    So what Albert can bring to the table is his expertise in Viruses and in creating B.O.W. s (Biological, Organic, Weapons) such as zombies and more bizzare and monstrous creatures.
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  16. Hello~

    So Skweel here is definitely all for chaos. Chaos everywhere. Chaos for the sake of chaos. He keeps mostly to himself and moves around underground a lot and is skilled in the use of tunnels, but also has full control over many rats. So he can easily use rats of spying and the like, if that's interesting, same for moving things into places the rats can easily move through small places and such. Skweel is unlikely to bind himself to any kind of law enforcement and will not be tying himself to any of the towns, preferring to travel around. I was just thinking Skweel might be useful for HYDRA to use, if they like to have this rat-person-creature-vermin skaven.
  17. Shane Walsh

    Shane Walsh Guest

    So if Hydra is looking to recruit, Shane is probably a guy they would go for.

    He's mentally unstable, coming from a zombie apocalypse world and is focused on one thing: survival. Shane murderers out of necessity, so he's not going to be doing blood thirsty acts. I want to try redeeming him to what he used to be before the apocalypse, but he's got a long way to go. What I was thinking is they can tell he's a skilled fighter and want his muscle for a few missions. They manipulate him and his dark side, but then he'll realize what he's doing is wrong and try to get out.

    What do you think?
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  18. James McGill

    James McGill Better Call Saul

    Independent Lawyer, Business Owner
    True Neutral
    Just wanted to add on to @Shane Walsh's post-- If he does end up working for Hydra-- @Grant Ward is supplying Jimmy here (and @Irene Adler) with some bodyguards from Hydra, so maybe Shane could be one of them here and there? Might be kinda nice to deviate from just having NPCs all the time, but it's just a suggestion!

    Also I like writing threads with Nairne

    #39 James McGill, Dec 31, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  19. Grant Ward

    Grant Ward Marvel Universe

    Criminal, Terrorist, Spy
    Misty Hollow
    Neutral Evil
    This works. Since Ward has been busy, it's probably best to say that Ophelia made the first approach as far as recruitment goes. I know Lanni is a bit overwhelmed with RL atm, but I am sure she would be fine with a text thread between Shane and Ophelia? Text threads are p easy.

    Maybe that's how Shane gets recruited? Then we could have a follow up thread after that where Ward contracts him to bodyguard Jimmy and Irene.

    If and when Shane backs out, Ward will let long as he keeps his mouth shut. Ward wouldn't give him access to compromising intel in the first place, but even the stuff he DOES know. Ward would demand that none of it gets out.
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