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Hardships of The Times

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Ahsoka Tano, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano Guest

    December 1st, Year 7

    Ahsoka had been in Pandora for a few days - landing a job on teaching others how to fence and her own space to meditate and live her life. But things in Pandora just didn't feel the same. Though she wondered - if she wasn't in her galaxy, where she could be helping Bail Organa build his Rebel Alliance, what would she do in Pandora? She had already spent one year of feeling virtually useless back home. But at least her galaxy had something that needed correction - it had started the spark that could become a fiery rebellion. A beacon of hope for all.

    Pandora wasn't exactly her place to have a destiny, in her eyes. She'd known little of the place, people - really anything in general. And what she did know there were enough heroes here to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Now, there she was, meditating atop a small hill in some old ruins. She had started to feel the loss of her own identity. In Pandora, she was just another being with some sort of issue back home. An average nobody.

    Where she'd once been a hero in the Clone Wars, she had then felt empty. For all she'd known, every Jedi except Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda survived Order 66 and had went into hiding. She'd even started to think that maybe the Force was telling her to just live a normal life, despite her feelings for wanting to help anyone someway. She kept meditating in the ruins, as she desperately tried to see if the Force could tell her anything about her issues.
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  2. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker Star Wars

    Cascade Bay
    Force-sensitive human
    About 31
    Neutral Good
    Luke was drawn in, curious bout the Force presence. It didn't feel dark, but something about it was not exactly Jedi either. He thought this was a good place to meditate, as he liked to get out in the wilder areas to be alone and meditate at times. The figure he saw was a young Tagruta, her head tails maybe half grown, and she was intently meditating.

    He sat nearby to watch, but did not interrupt her, wanting to let her finish her session before speaking up. He thought they might enjoy talking once she was through, though, and hoped he didn't frighten her.
  3. Ruins like these always had secrets, such as Precursor artifacts, while he doubted this place had such artifacts he figured it was more likely to have something of interest if he scavenged through enough of the old stones. He stayed low, in the shadows, climbing stones when he was sure if anything was lurking in the stones it wouldn't spot him while he was halfway up the wall. His hands, old and leathery gripped at every stone and crevice they could find, lifting himself onto the top of a stone pillar. Once he was up high enough he was able to get a good vantage point and see most of the ruins. Two figures stood out, he narrowed his eyes and used his second sight, the strange ability he'd inherited from his ancestors. The whole world turned dark greyish blue and the two people were highlighted in blue, meaning they were not a hostile threat. Ezio looked around and spotted a condensed bush of fallen shrubbery, more than enough for a Leap. He stepped to the edge of the pillar and leaped lightly towards the shrubbery.

    He spread his arms out wide and flipped onto his back letting his whole body go loose. And letting the shrubbery absorb his weight. He climbed out of the shrubs unharmed but with a thick crick in his neck. He rolled it away with a pop and climbed up towards the two, hiding behind a pillar and watching them. The woman was something other than human but so two were some of his own students so he couldn't judge really. Nor did he intend to. The man seemed to just be watching her, he wondered if it was a teacher student relationship. From the outside viewer it seemed as such.