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News Article Has Irene Adler finally lost it?

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by James Moriarty, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Irene Adler, once a prominent figure of the public eye has been seen in rather morally questionable situations of late. Now, it's no hidden truth that Ms. Adler's image was as clean as the average do gooder. Her business, for example, a refined and professional establishment. However, a business with a rather shady undertone within it's core. But, up until recently. Miss Adler herself had been rather restrained and kept herself to herself. Even after the bombings a few months ago where her nightclub and a few members of staff were hurt or even murdered. Miss Adler basically disappeared from sight and the world as we knew it changed. In more ways than one.

    However, it has come to light that Miss Adler has been acting...erratic of late. Now, some of these reports can be dismissed as rumor or hear say. Because they have no real evidence to back them up or no real eye witnesses at the time of their purposed occurrence. But, a large number of these reports...well they cannot be denied or disproved. These reports range from wildly drunk behavior to out right criminal activity. We even have some reports that Irene Adler has been violent toward the public and has even willingly participated in violent behavior with others. Also, it may seem as if Irene Adler can be in more than one place at once. For example, a report states that Irene was seen on the other side of town in a seedy nightclub, drunk beyond all belief stirring up all kinds of trouble until security escorted her from the area. At the same time. It's reported that Irene was identified in a robbery on the opposite side of town. Where a night clerk and two bystanders were gravely injured.

    At this time we have no comment from the Justice department or from any of Irene Adler's people. Not even a direct statement from the woman herself. But if this wildly erratic behavior continues...well. The term arrest warrant has been circled around certain circles in recent days. Are we seeing the fall of one of Pandora's more important public figures? Or is this just some twisted lesson of fate that Pandora itself has decided to play on the unsuspecting Miss Adler? Only time will tell.