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Has the world gone loopy?? [Open]

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Scorpius Malfoy, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. 5th September, year 7

    Scorpius had been dodging the people in his classes all afternoon. He’d taken to sneaking from place to place, because every interaction was just simply uncomfortable for him to have. He had no idea what sort of person he was in this world, but it wasn’t anything he could even pretend to be! People were cowering from him when he walked into the room, and all the girls were following after him, looking to see if he was going to ask them to the most recent ball.

    To put it simply, the world had just gone mad.

    That, and Umbridge didn’t give him a moments peace. Wherever he went she was, and she was always asking his opinion on the new school initiatives. His father had cautioned him, though he hadn’t disproved him from finding out what had changed about the Battle of Hogwarts to cause this frankly insane reality he had found himself in. It was imperative he changed it as quickly as possible; above all else he needed to get Albus back and restore a bit of order in the world. This world here was just horrible.

    Scorpius was halfway through one of the most recent books, whilst trying to dodge the librarian and his fellow students. He didn’t want them to know what he was looking up as some of the names in the book could be seen as quite treasonous in this particular world. He cleared his throat and circled around the library, trying to snatch every word he could as he searched for a place of solitude. Everyone watched him wherever he went and he was starting to get worried they knew what he was up to, and that he had changed. His heart was beating rather quickly and he could feel his chest heaving.

    It was at this moment, as Scorpius was trying for the second book that day to find out what had happened at the Battle, that black vines started to grab his ankles. Was this a new punishment? Oh! He shouldn’t have tried this. There was no way he should have been doing this! His screams were lost as he was pulled into the ground, and he didn’t dare to open his eyes for a good full minute, until he was sure the experience was over. When he did, he was almost (very much almost) surprised.

    He realised that he was standing somewhere which was nowhere near where he was expecting to stand. He found himself on a bridge, looking on what seemed to be some kind of big city, except he knew for a fact that it wasn’t Hogsmede. Scorpius found himself exhaling rather quickly and he walked back too quickly until his back hit the back of the other part of the stone bridge. He hit it hard and realised at that moment his breathing sounded awfully like he was hyperventilating. Was this some kind of joke from one of the other students? Maybe even Umbridge? He’d heard of magic which could make wizards feel as though they were losing their minds but this was something else altogether. Scorpius felt his chest; he could feel his heart beating strongly against it.

    “Right, I’m freaking out.” He paused and looked around, “This is a perfectly rational thing to do, right? Freaking out?” He walked to the other side of the bridge again, and then back again. His Slytherin robes dragged across the stone of the bridge and he felt himself go a little faint. “Right. Right.” He said to himself. Scorpius stumbled off the part of the bridge he’d been holding himself up on and collided almost immediately with someone who had been coming up behind him, “Oh, oh my goodness, I am so sorry-“ Scorpius said as he spun around on the spot, offering his hand to the stranger he had just knocked his entire body weight into.
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  2. Sometimes all Heather needed was a walk. Keeping her head down, she'd go out of her way to ignore anyone around her and contemplate just what her life had turned into. From normal teenage girl to saint to comparatively normal no matter how much trauma she'd gone through. It was a little much.

    Talking to people didn't help. They'd just ask questions. 'What was the cult like'. 'How did you face that all on your own'. 'Are you sure making you mad won't cause a god to suddenly burst out of you'. She didn't want to deal with any of that. They were her problems, and she could handle them on her own.

    Which was what caused her to wander around on one of her days off, no destination in mind. It felt nice to know that she didn't have to worry about the random static from that radio warning her about a monster about to attack. All she had to worry about was the people bumping into her.

    It was incredibly jarring when someone bumped into her and knocked her to the ground. She needed a second to realize that it actually was someone that hit her, and was offering their hand. Heather glared up at the boy for a bit before roughly grabbing his hand and pulling herself up.

    "Pay attention where you're going," she snapped. Some idiots just couldn't be trusted with their own two feet.
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  3. Scorpius had never been this confused. Well. That was a lie. When Umbridge had fished him out of the lake and introduced him to the new world then, he had been pretty confused. However, at least then he'd had an idea of what could have gone on and why he still existed and why the world had gone so loopy. Here he had absolutely no reference whatsoever and it was terrifying.

    He spun around to the young woman who was now sprawled on the floor and he opened his mouth and closed it a couple of times, looking like he was doing a rather good fish impression. "Oh, oh no." He held his hands out, not really helping but also not hindering either, "Oh, Merlin's beard, I am so, so sorry, are you alright?" He now offered her a shaky hand, hoping she wasn't going to curse him. He had no idea where he was so he figure he must still be in his world, maybe somewhere else crazy where they did the chants to Voldermort and hunted all non magical people, you know, because that was completely normal now (!!).

    "But you're right of course, co-ordination would help, but I think I was just-" He looked around, hoping to notice something similar, maybe a shop, or some house colours; just anything would help, "Just having a moment." He was having more than a moment, but he had to focus and get back to some semblance of normality.
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  4. As Heather brushed herself off, her stern glare started to evaporate. The boy she was talking to seemed pretty confused. In fact, he seemed really lost. While that wasn't her experience when dropped into the alley, it was probably the normal one for people who weren't having a breakdown.

    "Hey, are you lost?" she asked, gently, "or did you just get brought here? Black vines, big portal, suddenly somewhere completely different?" Her first experience was someone friendly, it would be wrong to hurt some innocent kid's (well, he looked a little younger than her) first day in a completely new world.
  5. Scorpius took her lack of reply that she was in fact okay, or maybe he'd hit her so badly she was actually concussed. That could happen couldn't it? He felt like he was going to hyperventilate so he took a moment to just breathe in and out very, very slowly before he could face her questions, convinced that he hasn't actually fatally injured her. "I am, erm, a little lost." He said, turning one way and then the other just to check that this definitely wasn't a type of illusion charm or a potion causing him to have a dream like state. All of those were complete possibilities.

    "Yes, there were black vines, and then I was here."
    He said, knowing that the information he had given her wasn't that helpful as all he had done was reiterate what she had said herself. Perhaps this was normal though in this world, perhaps you were just grabbed by vines sometimes when Umbridge wasn't that happy with you. He could believe anything of that woman.
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  6. Heather preferred not to get bogged down by pleasantries. If she was able to move under her own power, there wasn't any need to explain that she wasn't hurt. Besides, getting knocked over was nothing compared to what some of the monsters in Silent Hill had done. The strange boy couldn't have known that, but it wasn't for him to know, anyway.

    Instead, she focused on what he did need to know, the craziness he just fell into. "Right, well, I don't know how normal that is where you're from," she started, Merlin was apparently a curse, who knew what he was used to, "but you're not in the same place you were. That is, this place, Pandora, is basically just this... cage-y thing that we've all been dumped into by these gods, or whatever."

    It occurred to her that she might not have been the ideal choice for explaining Pandora. Too late to go back, though.
  7. So apparently they were in some kind of cage which, quote, 'The Gods' had put them in. It took all of Scorpius' self control to not scream or freak out. If Albus was here, then he would be able to understand why he was struggling to come to terms with this. He wasn't ever so great with the completely ridiculous and unexpected. He quite liked things to be normal and boring because that way he knew that it was quite safe and nothing like this was going to happen. He went to speak but had to press his lips together because he just knew he was going to freak out a lot and he couldn't afford to do that right now, not in the middle of a street.

    Right, so he was in some kind of new world called Pandora with no way back. He paced left, then right, trying to decide what he could even begin to say next. Scorpius put his hand on his head and then looked back at Heather. "Right, right." He was not taking this well. "Just so I'm clear, I've been brought to this place by a force, but there's no way back?" He paused and looked slightly hopeful, "Is there a way back?"
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  8. Heather watched the new guy become incredibly freaked out by what she was telling him. She became more and more concerned for his mental well-being as he started to pace back and forth. Sure, it was a pretty insane situation, but the guy was not taking it well.

    Her concern wasn't lessened by his next question. "Uh, well, no," she said apologetically, "not that I've seen, anyway. We're all just kinda stuck here until whatever brought us here gets bored. Or maybe someone will figure it out. There's a lot of people who are good with technology and with magic, so maybe there is a way. It's really not so bad, though. Most everyone I've met so far have been pretty nice, so at least the company's good."
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  9. Part of Scorpius felt like he should try to get back immediately. Or maybe he had just hit his head really, really hard. He had already felt quite dazed in his world so maybe this was just an after effect of everything else which he had been feeling, right? This couldn't be real after all. Scorpius knew his breathing was heavy, and if Albus was here then he would have helped somewhat, but he wasn't, and Scorpius wasn't even sure if he existed anymore but that was by the by.

    He had an overwhelming urge to try to apparate. Even though he'd never tried it before, he wanted to give it a go now, before realising of course how stupid that would be. He knew about the dangers of underage apparating. He knew that if he tried something like that without training he could end up splinched, or worse. "" He was babbling again and was walking around in small circles, "Is this just normal, do people just appear here all the time?" He asked, wondering if perhaps there might be others from Hogwarts here.
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  10. "Not really 'all the time'," Heather said, "but it's pretty much how we've all got here. Vines appear, grab you and bring you to some random part of this world. I think it's random, anyway." She was almost distracted by that thought, considering what it meant if she was put in that alley for a reason.

    She very quickly shook that thought off. No reason to try and understand creatures like the ones that brought them to Pandora. Or that she'd almost...

    Ok, she needed something to distract herself. "My name's Cheryl, by the way," she introduced, "you're probably going to want to stay in the shelter until you can get yourself a job or sign up for school or anything."
  11. Right. Right.

    This wasn't getting any more normal, in fact, it was getting worse by the second. What was she talking about? A job? He couldn't get a job! He wasn't even qualified enough to be a prefect yet, even though that would eventually be his ambition. He could feel himself becoming more stressed and edgy by the second and he breathed out slowly a couple of times like his mother had taught him. It was alright. He could handle this. If he'd been able to handle the reality he'd found himself in after he and Albus had messed with time again, he could face this couldn't he?

    "I'm Scorpius." He said, unsure really what to say next. This was all crazy, really really crazy and he could tell that he wasn't coping all that well. "What, what should I do next? What would be the next step here?" He asked, as she seemed to know what she was talking about.
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  12. Heather stared at the poor kid as he seemed to be having trouble accepting... anything. Or at least, the stress of everything suddenly hit him. She wasn't quite sure if he needed a hug or a few calming words or to just work through everything.

    Eventually he managed to calm down enough to give her his name. "Scorpius?" she repeated, curiously. It wasn't as odd as meeting a skeleton named after a font, but it wasn't what she'd call normal. Still, she had more important matters to deal with.

    "You'll want to head down to the shelter," she explained, "it's basically where everyone goes when they first get here. They'll give you a place to stay while you try to figure out what to do while you're here. They helped me sign up for the college and get in contact with the place I'm working at now."
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  13. This was just completely bonkers. He had thought that when Umbridge had plucked him out of the lake it couldn't get much weirder than that, or more unwelcome. At least there he had a plan and some people to help him along the way. Here he was completely on his own and with a girl who seemed to be giving him more questions than actual answers. Scorpius had no idea what to do next and he wasn't sure whether to just give up and ask her to start from the top. It just wasn't going in. How could he just be trapped here? It wasn't possible, surely?

    However, then she mentioned the shelter and that could perhaps be somewhere to go. Perhaps he might get more clarity there because he wasn't quite sure that he could handle anything else which was quite as crazy today. "Right, the shelter." He nodded and walked a little away from Heather before realising that he actually had no idea what direction he was going in. He walked back to her, looking a little manic, "Sorry, sorry. Where exactly is the shelter?" He now asked.
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  14. Heather remembered hearing once that a kid whose parents react calmly to a fall is less likely to cry and freak out that one whose parents also freak out. It was probably really insulting to compare Scorpius to a kid, but it sounded like a good philosophy to take while trying to help get the younger teen situated.

    With a calming smile she said, "I can show you where it is. I wasn't going anywhere in particular, so it's no problem." If only she could have teleported like Sans did for her. Of course, that'd require magic or psychic powers, and that wasn't possible for Heather. Alessa's influence was gone and she was free. Instead of focusing on that, she simply waved for Scorpius to follow and started walking.
  15. Scorpius wasn't sure that the woman coming with him would be a good idea. He felt like he was close on the edge to completely freaking out. He didn't really want another witness to that except the people around him on the street who would just have to be bystanders and watch his complete mental break down as he struggled to see what was going on in this strange new land. "No, no no." He said, putting his hands up and looking like he was doing a rather good impression of some kind of bird, "It's okay, just point me in the right direction of the shelter and I'll be okay."

    He wouldn't be okay of course. This was the furthest ever thing from okay, but he would have to try to be calm at the very least. He could manage an outward look of calm, even if inside everything felt like it was falling apart. This almost felt worse than when he'd landed in Hogwarts and realised how badly they had changed things.
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  16. Heather raised an eyebrow, clearly skeptical. She knew what it took sometimes to force yourself to keep moving even though life decided to just fall apart completely. Really, being brought to Pandora was the preferable of the huge changes in her life. It allowed her to just leave Silent Hill behind her. Which she did. There certainly weren't nightmares getting progressively worse that left her exhausted most of the time.

    Of course, she also knew that if someone forced her to let them help her through her issues, she'd probably turn out even worse. It was a bit of a struggle not to try and fight to help him out more, but in the end she said, "alright, if you're sure..." With that, she gave him directions to the shelter and a quiet and hesitant, "just... feel better?"
  17. Scorpius was looking for the nearest side-street so that he could just maybe walk down it, scream into the back of his hand and then continue just like everything was fine. He'd done that enough at school when he was having a bit of a melt down, but at least Albus had always been there to bring him back down to reality. That was the thing really when you didn't have the person to bring you back down to earth that you should have done. He was now free to be as manic and crazed as he could possibly ever become. That probably wasn't a good thing. He couldn't even send an infuriating owl message to someone because he had no idea where he was! This was just truly, truly excellent.

    "I'll be fine, honestly." He said, waving his arms a little and wandering backwards. He nearly tripped over his own feet whilst trying to get away in order to get to this shelter place. He figured the quicker he could get there then the more chance he had at finding out what was going on and ow he could get home. "Nice to meet you!" He threw over his shoulder as he left the woman there with an air of desperation around his features.

    OOC: we can leave it here if you'd like?
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