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Private Have a drink on me

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay' started by Ignatius Perrish, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Ignatius Perrish

    True Neutral
    October 25, Year 109
    @Aymeric de Borel

    Ig had always liked driving so, wanting to travel, he'd convinced a guy with an older car to give up his ride and go buy something that would satisfy his mid-life-crisis need-for-speed, taken the keys, and made his way down the road. He had no fucking idea where he was going but it had to be better than standing around. Driving down the road, listening to an old Rolling Stones tape that had been left in the car, he didn't know when he crossed into the Vales, or how long he'd driven before the car just stopped. Oh, he'd gotten out, checked the gas tank and the engine as much as his confused ass could possibly hope to, and then kicked the thing, cursing to himself. Time to walk.

    A couple more hours of travel and he was on the outskirts of town and like a divining rod to his old life he'd found a bar. Good, he was thirsty as Hell all of that and with a place as weird as this he might just be lucky enough to get one without too much fuss. Pulling his hood over his head, the tricky one still showing over the edge of it, he headed inside the bar. It was seedy. It was damp. It had pool tables that looked like they'd seen people die and be conceived after a really rough game or two. Perfect; he knew how to keep his head down.

    Ordering a drink went fine. He asked some questions about the place he'd ended up, had a few stale peanuts- and then it had started. Some guy in a big hat like a low-rent Zorro came over to ask exactly what he was doing there. Ig, vaguely bristling, had asked him what the other guy was doing there. Other guy had answered and evidently didn't like the fact he had blurted his answer in front of his shocked and nearly-shanghai'd friends. Then it had gotten complicated.

    "He's cast a spell or something! I would never have said-"

    No shit, he just would have done it.

    "Well what the Hell man?! Why would this horned rando just pull some shit?"

    Trust me, I am not doing this by choice.

    "Because he's evil, you dipshits!"

    Well, that's fair. Maybe.

    Blades came out and Ig stood, backing away, hands in his pockets and watching the situation. Well fuck. "Hey, wait a damn minute. How about you guys and ladies work this out yourselves, and if you can all agree, then we'll talk about it," he suggested quickly but firmly, crossing his fingers in his pocket that it worked as well on them as it had on the reporters back home. The group turned and looked at each other, confused and wary. It was then that the bartender spoke up, having been wrapped up into the entire situation himself. And he had a bat in his hand.

    "And how about you pay your tab, asshole!"

    Backing up as fast as he feasibly could, Ignatius held up his arms to keep them clear of the erupting chaos and backed toward the Employees Only door.
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  2. Aymeric de Borel

    Aymeric de Borel Final Fantasy

    There always seemed to be something happening in the seedier parts of Cascade Bay. They were, after all, seedy for a reason. Aymeric didn't enjoy his occasional patrols down here, but he had never been too good for it either, even in his position in the guard as their Captain. Still, tonight wasn't for patrolling. He had come to this place tonight, cloaked and comfortable at his end of the bar, to meet an old friend who had been dealing with his own fair share of troubles in these parts. He wanted to get out, he wanted to discuss the possibilities that came with being a member of the guard, but he wanted to do it on his own terms in a place where he felt comfortable. Admittedly, there were some establishments where he couldn't find any hope of comfort and this was one of them, but he would oblige nonetheless.

    Only his hadn't showed before everything went to hell. Keeping where he was at the end of the bar, Aymeric watched the situation with subtlety, hoping that it would sort itself out, but it only seemed to escalate from there. Even the bartender was deciding he wanted to take sides, a bat soon enough in his hand. As they began to heard what he had seen as an innocent stranger toward the Employees Only door, the Elezen exhaled and slid from his seat, reaching beneath his cloak to pull some coins out, slapping them onto the counter with no subtlety at all. It was enough to grab the bartender's attention. He had pulled his cloak back enough so that not only his armor could be seen beneath it but the sizable blue blade at his side as well. It was more than recognizable for what it was and who it belonged to.

    At that point, people seemed to back off, or perhaps the group was still considering the horned stranger's suggestion to talk it all over. Aymeric couldn't help but feel impressed that they were taking it into consideration at all. "This should be more than enough to cover my tab as well as his," he assured him, gesturing toward the man. He watched the bartender intently as though to challenge him to try to continue their little scuffle, but he seemed to have lost his desire to do so. With a faint nod of approval, he turned to followed the horned stranger through the Employees Only door and out into the cool air of the alleyway beside the bar.

    "Are you always so quick to make enemies? And with hardly a word. I'm impressed." Aymeric didn't look particularly impressed. Curious, perhaps.