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Private Hell Hath No Fury...

Discussion in 'Pandora Town' started by Artemis Crock, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Artemis Crock

    Artemis Crock DC Universe

    252 Gower Street
    Lawful Good
    July 4th, Year 7
    @Wally West

    "Thanks for the information" Artemis frowned as she stepped back from the guy - his nose now bleeding but that was the worst she had done - some criminals turned on each other faster than others. Normally she wouldn't imitate Batman's interrogation methods but she was not in the best of moods and needed answers fast even if she hadn't gone as far to hang the guy upside down off a roof like he would.

    Her day had started out great, and she had even been planning a surprise 4th of July feast for Wally as part of their first date in Pandora. Until she had come home for shopping for that night to find the front door open and the babysitter unconcious in the sitting room. After getting the teenage girl awake and calmed down, she felt sick - the burglars must have been watching the house with a score to settle. As they had left a note saying "Remember us, and thanks for the kid"

    It had taken her all day to track down that lead and she wished she had called the city watch in now. As the people behind this were the same guys she had met on Wally's first day back in Pandora. And nobody messed with her birth family, a big mistake as she had sworn to take care of her niece for Jade's sake and the youngest member to boot. Yet locating Lian before charging in was her first move so she flitted across the warehouse roof, from skylight to skylight and looked down into the building. They hadn't even changed their base of operations...
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  2. Wally West

    Wally West DC Universe

    So Wally had not been to put on the suit when he came back with a range of fireworks and sparklers for them to play with that evening, no he thought he would have a nice evening in surprising Artemis with some fun toys. But no, he came home to find a house without anyone home despite Artemis saying they'd be there and very quickly discovered the note Artemis had discovered. It had not taken him long to put two and two together, nor had it taken him long to locate Artemis (Thanks to Nightwing and his hacking skills) he'd been able to track her fairly quickly.

    He knew that likely she had not asked for his help on this hunt because she was afraid of something happening to him and yet he was afraid of something happening to her too. He also knew that together they stood a better chance of winning, so Wally had followed and then watched from the shadows in his stealth suit. She was on a rooftop of a rather familiar building, peering through skylights and Wally was fighting off the slight nausea he had at being back here, the place where he had nearly become a pin cushion. Casually he pulled the googles down from his red hair, a focused look washing over his face, then like lightening he climbed the side of the building, landing evenly in a crouch upon the rooftop behind her.

    Knowing she was likely swinging round to deal with the new threat he looked up at her and smirked saying"Don't shoot beautiful! You didn't really think I'd let you do this rescue alone right? I mean I have to stay her favourite somehow!" His voice was quiet, but snarky, amusement glittered in his pale green gaze. Then he was adding"Considering skylights were how you got in last time to save me, have you considered that they might be expecting that?" His voice was thoughtful as he went on"I did see a vent which looked big enough for us to scrawl through when I was circling the building though..." He was offering her his sweetest smile, a wicked glint too his eyes but within his chest the red head was focused, angry even, how dare these thugs come into their home and steal a child!