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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Hellboy, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Hellboy

    Hellboy Hellboy

    Paranormal Investigator
    Neutral Good
    So you’ve had a dream that when I die the whole world gets destroyed
    and you’re going to prevent that—by killing me? You’re a genius.

    Played by Steel

    Fandom: Hellboy / B.P.R.D.
    Age: 66
    Species: Half-demon, half-human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: From The Fury, Part 3: Right after killing Nimue, but before Nimue's ghost tore out his heart and killed him.


    StrengthHellboy’s not your average demon. His sight in the dark is no better than the average human’s, but he can hear better than them, and is more or less fireproof. He’s a natural brawler, though can be move silently when he wants to. He’s faster and far stronger that the average human, and can deal punches just as well as he can receive them. He's strong enough to rip out trees and use them as weapons against his enemies, and he's also punched through solid rock to make paths, or wielded large slabs of rocks as weapons. He's also strong enough to decapitate giants and cut through living creatures with just one swing, and he can even knock out creatures larger than him with just his flesh-and-blood hand. So, in general, he's pretty strong.

    EnduranceIt takes a lot to bring Hellboy down. Paralyzing agents, poison, and even binding magic can be pretty effective. However, Hellboy has been known to get back into a fight immediately after being stabbed, clubbed, shot, you name it. He has a high pain tolerance, combined with an innate ability to heal faster than the average human. The more minor the injury, the faster it heals. Major injuries can take anything between a few hours to a few days, maybe even a week or two, to heal. For example, he was once speared through the chest and the injury had healed by nightfall, but one other time he was shot at with several arrows and the injuries took a day or two to fully heal. Of course, just because he heals fast doesn't mean he doesn't feel pain, but he's incredibly stubborn and will keep trucking on despite bleeding from an assortment of wounds, as long as he can cling to consciousness.

    Not Your Average DemonAnother interesting fact is that, unlike other demons, Hellboy can step on holy ground. Holy water, crucifixes, and other such paraphernalia have no effect on him, although he uses them with great success against dangerous supernatural individuals. Infernal magicks, in particular if their origin is demonic or satanic, don't affect him, either. On this note, his blood would be unsuitable for a blood transfusion, because it would corrupt anyone who attempted to infuse themselves with it.

    Right Hand of DoomHellboy’s stone right hand is impervious to damage, and Hellboy feels no pain when he is hit there. He uses it as a makeshift shield at times, and it’s strong enough to break down walls when he puts his mind to it. Despite how large and cumbersome it may appear, he is in complete control of it, so he can handle delicate objects without having to fear breaking anything or hurting anyone.

    It is, perhaps, better known as the Right Hand of Doom, and has a history all its own. The Hand once belonged to the watcher angel Anun, who created the Ogdru Jahad, then imprisoned them in the Abyss. Anum was destroyed by his fellow angels, but his Hand survived and was revered as a sacred object by the early civilization of Hyperborea. It went mysteriously missing after the statue it was affixed to came to life and destroyed itself, but some point later it was found by Azzael, Hellboy’s biological father. Azzael replaced Hellboy’s hand with the Right Hand of Doom after his birth, in the hopes that Hellboy would one day return to Pandemonium, kill Satan, and lead the Army of Hell.

    According to Azzael, the Hand has the power to breathe life into the Army of Hell, which will breach the barrier between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. The Hand can also be used as the conduit, or key, to freeing the Ogdru Jahad from their prison in the Abyss, bringing about Ragnarok. Hellboy himself doesn’t want the Hand, but has resolved to keep it so it won’t be taken by those who would use it for their own purposes. There are, of course, drawbacks to having the Hand. If Hellboy is killed with the Hand still attached to him, his blood would poison it, rendering it useless to anyone who would try to use it. However, if the Hand were to be removed from him while he’d be still alive, it could be used for great evil in the wrong hands.

    I See Dead PeopleAfter leaving the B.P.R.D., Hellboy has spent more time in the company of ghosts than with living, breathing people. Those few spirits that are benign or harmless have typically aided and advised him over the years, and with no real prompting by him, either. Compared to his fellow agents, and perhaps even to those few who can see the dead, he shares an odd, almost comfortable kinship with spirits that is unique.

    Misc. SkillsHellboy can speak several languages besides English. He is competent in German and French, knows a smattering of Spanish, and has studied Latin and Old Lemurian under the guidance of Professor Bruttenholm. He also innately knows the Infernal Tongue due to being a demon, though he naturally avoids using it and barely even acknowledges it.

    He is adequate with a gun, though he claims to be a lousy shot. He doesn’t mind extreme temperatures, and he is also fairly good at swimming, being able to hold his breath for up to ten minutes underwater. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the supernatural, and can even perform exorcisms and rudimentary binding spells. However, he is not impervious to them himself, especially if one knows his true name, Anung un Rama.


    Just because Hellboy is sturdy and can take a lot of pain does not make him impervious to damage. Stick him with enough bullets or arrows and you will definitely slow him down, if not incapacitate him until he manages to heal. He is definitely killable if he loses too much blood, or if his heart is wrenched from his body, or if he's decapitated, or if any other lethal means are used against him. Additionally, having lost his left eye recently, he has a much slower response to attacks coming from his left, and despite being great at brawling, he's not what you'd call a sharpshooter, missing his mark more often than not.

    It is also precisely because of his demonic attributes that he can be very dangerous if he doesn’t hold himself in check. He doesn’t lose his temper often, but when he does... he sees red. Upon occasion, he has even reverted to a more demonic state of mind the few times he’s lost control. One of his greatest fears is succumbing to his demonic side and proving people like Rasputin, Hecate and Astaroth right: that his struggle to maintain his humanity is nothing more than forestalling his inevitable “destiny” as the Beast of the Apocalypse.


    Although gruff, Hellboy shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to demons, being a force for good with an iron will and a strong desire to do the right thing. Most find him to be an open, friendly individual, probably because he winds up helping people so often with their supernatural difficulties. In fact, he’s fairly well-known where he comes from, but that doesn’t come without a price. He once remarked sardonically to one of his friends: “Let them stare. They’ll get used to you.” Luckily, most people don’t give him trouble over his demonic heritage, but he can be insecure about it at the same time. After all, he files down his horns to fit in since they can grow to be quite large, and he’s occasionally reflected on his childhood when he was afraid of being considered a monster by others.

    He is fiercely protective of those who can’t defend themselves and won’t hesitate to bring down anyone who threatens an individual’s safety and well-being, especially when it comes to children, friends and those he considers family. He isn’t very studious and avoids doing reports and/or reading up on cases whenever he can, but he is quite knowledgeable when it comes to the supernatural and paranormal. While being briefed, or at the scene of a paranormal disturbance, he is either silent or asks questions out of context, which can give people the impression that he isn’t paying attention when he actually is. He is respectful to his superiors unless you break his trust, and unafraid to be blunt and “say it like it is” when he has an opinion to share.

    When you get down to it, Hellboy considers himself an average guy just doing his job. He loves pancakes, cats, smoking, and smells like dry-roasted peanuts on a good day. He’s also very fond of old movies and music, Tom Waits being his favorite musician. But despite his pleasant demeanor coupled with his witty (but sometimes dry) sense of humor, he has been known to lose his temper on occasion. He prefers hand-to-hand combat to using guns, claiming he's a lousy shot even though his guns usually get the job done. He's also rather distrustful of technology and gadgets, since it’s just his rotten luck that they tend to fail him when he needs them the most.

    He has continuously stated his disinterest in his supposed “purpose” and tries to hide his conflicted feelings beneath the wisecracking façade of an adventurous tough-guy who would just as soon knock back a cold beer and light a cigar than battle demons and evil spirits. A usual tactic of his to avoid dwelling on matters that only do more harm than good is throwing himself into his work. However, as of late, he’s become a little more withdrawn and morose, and even took to drinking himself into unconsciousness to avoid dwelling on his supposed “destiny” until he decided to quit drinking. Despite his attempts to avoid the inevitable, he still has a strong sense of responsibility. However, his temper has also steadily climbed to the point where he sometimes goes out of his way to pick a fight instead of just walk away. Most of these changes are related to his demonic side, which has become harder and harder for him to keep at bay.

    Despite that, he continues to cling to his humanity, and continuously refuses the numerous offerings of demons and paranormal entities alike to make use of him for their own nefarious purposes.


    Hellboy is a large, imposing individual, nearly seven feet tall and over four hundred pounds. The first things most people notice about him are his lobster-red skin, accented with bristly hairs on his arms, legs and chest, and his large stone right hand of mysterious origins. It is clear just by looking at him that there is something demonic about him, from his cloven hooves and tail to the protrusions on his forehead, the remnants of broken/sawed-off horns. He is barrel-chested and possesses thick, corded muscles, a testament to the amount of fights he's been in. Sideburns flank his broad mouth, a small chinstrip beard dots his jaw, and he keeps his receding black hair tied back in a little knot. He is missing his left eye, but his right eye lacks a distinct pupil, iris and sclera, and is instead dominated by deep shades of gold.

    Usually, he wears a tan-colored duster, black shorts, leggings that double as footwear due to his hooves, and a utility belt with an assortment of charms, talismans, herbs, weapons, etc. he rarely sorts through. If it’s mystical, he’s bound to have it somewhere in his pockets, provided he can find it first. He avoids wearing shirts because he doesn't like the way they feel against his skin, but if he's to wear a shirt it'll more likely be a black t-shirt than anything else. He rarely, if ever, wears other types of clothing, but he has been known to wear suits when the occasion demands it, though with great reluctance.


    Hellboy is a demon who was brought to Earth by Nazi occultists on December 23, 1944. He was discovered by the Allied Forces at the ruins of a dilapidated church and raised by Trevor Bruttenholm, founder of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or B.P.R.D. for short. His early years were spent at an army base in New Mexico and, by the time he was eight years old, he was a fully-grown adult. He was granted honorary human status and officially joined the B.P.R.D. in 1952, becoming a paranormal investigator.

    To make a long story short, Hellboy spent the better part of his life — around five decades or so — investigating paranormal disturbances and eradicating the most dangerous of them. He has come across a number of vampires, ghouls, and other such mythological and supernatural creatures in his lifetime. He even encountered Baba Yaga once and shot out one of her eyes, and she has had a vendetta against him ever since.

    But it was only when Hellboy encountered the newly-awakened Rasputin in 1994 — who claimed to have been the one to bring him into the world to awaken the Ogdru Jahad, the Seven Gods of Chaos, by using his Right Hand of Doom as the key to bringing about the Apocalypse — did things start going downhill. The purpose of his existence on Earth and his impeding destiny slowly started coming to the light, but Hellboy wasn’t particularly eager to find out more. He ignored all the signs and warnings, instead immersing himself in his work. But after repeated encounters with demons and individuals — such as Hecate and Astaroth — who kept attempting to utilize his stone right hand to bring about the end of the world, he came to realize that he could no longer hide from the truth when innocent lives were at stake.

    He retired from the B.P.R.D. in 2001, embarking upon a personal mission to discover his origins and how to stop his impending destiny, which... brought about less-than-desirable results. His journey took him to Africa, where he was abducted by mermaids and became the captive of the Bog Roosh, a sea witch, who wanted to kill him to prevent the Apocalypse. One of the mermaids helped him escape, and he drifted on the ocean for years until, in 2005, he washed up on a small island in Portugal, where he encountered one of the Ogdru Hem — the race of the Ogdru Jahad's offspring — had a brush with death, and discovered the ghost of a Spanish priest who tried to recreate his body using Hellboy's demonic blood. It corrupted him, so Hellboy was forced to destroy both the priest and the Ogdru Hem.

    Drifting at sea for another two years, Hellboy finally reached the west coast of England. There, he stayed at the house of an old friend — who, you know, just so happened to be dead — for three months, before he was approached by witches who wanted to make him their new king after Hecate’s imprisonment, due to his mother having been a witch. Hellboy told them to screw off, but because of his refusal he was whisked off to “the wider world” where Baba Yaga, in vengeance for her missing eye, sent a variety of Russian folklore figures after him. He was aided against Koshchei the Deathless by the child Vasilisa before she was killed. After suffering a fatal wound that should have killed him, Hellboy killed Koshchei and escaped Baba Yaga’s clutches.

    Hellboy went to Italy and stayed there for several months until 2009, when he returned to England to hunt giants at the invitation of the Osiris Club. However, it all turned out to be an elaborate trap: during the hunt he was speared through the chest, electrocuted, and left for dead. When he came round to, he discovered that giants had killed the other members of the hunt. Still embittered by the betrayal, he engaged the giants in a fight he unwittingly tapped into his demonic side. By the time he realized what he’d done, he was disgusted and appalled at himself.

    He next went to Ireland to visit his old friend, Alice Monaghan, who had maintained contact with the Fair Folk since her youth. They discovered from Queen Mab that an ancient sorceress had been freed, and was planning to wage war upon humankind. An ambush and a duel against demons later, Hellboy and Alice found themselves in the presence of Morgan le Fay, who explained that the sorceress was Nimue, whose sole purpose was to spill as much blood as possible. Hellboy also discovered, to his displeasure, that he was the sole surviving heir of King Arthur from his mother’s side, and was encouraged by both le Fay and Astaroth to take up Excalibur.

    Initially, he refused, but when he thought he killed Alice in a vision, he decided it was time to stop running. He pulled Excalibur from the stone and decided he had to stop Nimue, who had killed numerous Fair Folk, among them Queen Mab, and was growing stronger the longer she remained unconfronted. Nimue gathered a sizeable army, and was determined to break the Ogdru Jahad free and destroy the mortal world. Selected by them to be their vessel, she was transformed into a dragon.

    Hellboy and Alice grew closer during this time and became romantically involved. When the time to face Nimue was upon them, Hellboy decided to leave Excalibur with Alice, his gut telling him that he had to defeat Nimue without it. After he sacrificed his left eye to his old enemy, Baba Yaga, in order to get to Nimue undetected though her hordes of armies, he engaged her in battle and defeated her.

    But before Nimue could deal the final killing blow, black cords erupted from the earth, wrapped themselves around Hellboy, and pulled him into Pandora.


    Ever since Hellboy had come to Pandora, it’d been nothing but zombies this and zombies that. He’d heard of some nasty zombie infestations in his time, but this one took the freaking cake. Knowing he was closing in on them, he fought with renewed vigor, never mind how his trench coat hung from him in tatters and the stink of the dead clung to him as if it’d permeated his very skin.

    And so, it was while fighting off a group of hissing, mangled corpses, all screeching and clawing at him (not for the first time, he was glad he seemed to be immune to infection), did he stumble into a clearing, his eye falling on a ramshackle shack. He blinked at it in surprise, but then a wave of bodies slammed into him and he stumbled.

    “Ah, crap.” The undead were smacking their tooth-filled mouths, trying to sneak in a bite or two. One even bit his freaking tail. Oh, that did it. “Hey! Tail’s off limits! No free samples here, bastards!”

    He swept his stone arm at the three closest zombies, cleaving off their heads. The other four shrieked and tried to pick up where their siblings left off, but Hellboy just kicked them in the face with his hooves, sending more heads flying. Their bodies crumpled, their heads rolling away like bowling balls. The last one gave him an unreadable look before backing away and shambling off. A grin spread on Hellboy’s ragged face. Whoever said zombies couldn’t crap themselves, eh?

    He slowly rose his feet, inspecting all the cuts and slashes peppering his body that would heal within a few hours. Ugh, nasty business, this zombie fighting. Hell, if he wasn’t immune to them, he’d have made a preeeeetty big, bad zombie. Not a pretty mental image.
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  2. Hellboy

    Hellboy Hellboy

    Paranormal Investigator
    Neutral Good
    Big Red's ready to be looked over!!​
  3. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
    Application Division

    your application is


    listen, i knew i loved hellboy when i saw all the kitties in his room.

    have fun with him, steel!​