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Private Hi, I'm Your Relative, Multiversally Removed

Discussion in 'Residences' started by Alex Fierro, May 16, 2018.

  1. Alex Fierro

    Alex Fierro Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard

    Chaotic Good
    13th of April
    @Thor Odinson

    Alex looked upon her work and smiled. It was rare that she actually felt this kind of contentment, and the person who usually evoked it in her wasn't here. But pottery, feeling the clay under her hands, feeling it move and slide, brought its own sort of peace. And so did interior decorating.

    When she (or he, as Alex had been at the time), had arrived, and had the matter explained to him/her, she had been angry. In fact, she had destroyed a lot of things. She was pretty sure there was now a bare patch in the woods nearby due to her, and her garrote. Whatever. It wasn't like she was going to apologise. And Alex was far, far from accepting that she was stuck here. She had a boyfriend to get back to, a sister and her fiance to chaperone, and a walnut to laugh at repeatedly. Still, there was a difference between acceptance and adjustment.

    And Alex had needed a job. She could've lived on the streets again, but free housing was available. And this...this wasn't a job. This was a place where she could find peace. Until she got a proper shopfront, Alex was running a little pottery business out of the front room of her house, all done up with tiles and pink and green furniture. Tastefully, of course, because she wasn't a monster. There were several pieces of hers on display, and she thanked Sif that she had managed to get a working kiln. There was even a small display in the front window, vases and cups and the occasional statuette. A poster on her driveway grabbed attention, and the display would seal the deal.

    Of course, Alex didn't really want customers. But money was as necessary here as it was back home, so customers were necessary. Unfortunately. Still, she'd be very happy if no one ever turned up.

    There was a knock at the door, and there went Alex's peace. Grumbling unhappily under her breath, she stood up and went over to open it. "What?" she asked, and though her tone wasn't testy, it wasn't exactly nice, either.
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