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his thoughts are slow but always kind

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Maturin, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Maturin

    Maturin Guest

    MARCH 8, YEAR 7
    Maturin loved freely and earnestly. He loved each and every living being that crossed his path, and he was thankful that Pandora allowed him to finally witness creation so closely. He got to speak to his favorite creatures and see their unfolding stories from a ringside seat. It was all very exciting, though it did not show in his easy, passive manner.

    The good thing about being both incredibly old and incredibly passive was, of course, that Maturin had a very poorly concept of time. While it meant that he would always be late to appointments (what appointments did he need anyway?) it also meant that he could spend an entire afternoon merrily swimming from one end of a street to the other with one, two, three and four children toted along on his back, laughing and shrieking in their delightful way. Back and forth, back and forth, he did not tire of providing amusement for the young ones. Maturin did not bitterly compare himself to a lowly packhorse, nor did he fret of the other things he had to do.

    He enjoyed his time. He enjoyed the sunshine, and the feeling of the children's happy, giddy thoughts. He chortled merrily along with them when they took their tumbles off his great back, and waited patiently for them all to clamor back aboard. He hummed a low, deep melody that was as old as time itself as he trundled along, and it was perhaps the happiest moment of his very long life when the children began to hum along with him.

    Maturin was not disappointed or saddened when the hour grew late and his young friends had to leave his company at last. He patiently bade each of them farewell by name, telling them in no uncertain terms that they were both incredibly special and meaningful in the universe and also to him. They were very young, of course, and such things mattered little to them, but he felt happy to have let them know, and he watched the raggle taggle group disappear around the next street corner, leaving him alone, floating in the air with his flippers gently swaying as a breeze whipped by.

    "What fun." He mused deeply, mainly to himself. "What wonderful fun."

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  2. Abigail Hobbs

    Abigail Hobbs Hannibal

    Abigail was extremely careful when she went for walks, ever since the night she panicked and nearly attacked Will. She still took strolls, needing the fresh air to clear her mind and the occasional space from Hannibal to consider who she was and what she wanted beyond his vision. It seemed even more important now that she was starting to see that her two father figures were more different than Hannibal had led her to believe.

    She took note of each detail so that nothing would alarm her this time. Her eyes were wide open, tracking anything that moved. Every scent around her was as clear to her as when Hannibal had practice with the blindfold. Sound too. She had been curious about the humming and decided that it must have been one of the children as they passed her by. Deeper than she would have expected from a child, but kids could be mature for their ages. She still considered herself to be a child in many ways.

    She spotted the flying turtle-like creature the instant she turned the corner. Pandora never failed to surprise her. It was amazing the way it moved through the air with such grace and beauty. She did consider all animals to be beautiful, even the ones she hunted. Fortunately, none of the delicacies Hannibal had fed her had involved turtle meat. She would have been feeling guilt with her awe if he had.

    And then it? He? He. He spoke. She couldn't stand and stare now that she knew he more than a turtle. Hannibal would consider that to be very rude. She never wanted to disappoint her Tėtis in that way.

    "Hello." She said simply, to gain the turtle's attention and gave him a friendly smile. What did one say to a flying turtle? "It's a nice day we're having." There. The weather was always a safe topic for small talk.
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  3. Imra Ardeen

    Imra Ardeen Guest

    Between playing hero, handling her job, and attending the local college, Imra had finally got around to starting to explore the main town. This was her third day of wandering every street, familiarizing herself with this district.

    Movement from ahead of her made the blond girl turn to observe a flying turtle. She was used to all sorts - being from a place where multiple alien races were a known thing. Speaking of which, she could imagine the skyways and traffic-lines of New Metropolis snaking in and out of the buildings.

    Despite her desire to go home to see her home and best friends again, at the same time some small part of her had to wonder if she was meant to be here. And she could almost picture her friends reactions to her disappearance - especially Lightning Lad's.

    A voice chipped and she glanced at the woman who had spoken up, she would let the turtle reply first as it seemed able to speak before greeting both of the others herself.