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Suggestion History of the locations

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Kingof192, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Kingof192

    Kingof192 Player

    Actor, business owner.
    Orlando, FL
    At Halloween time, different kinds of stories are told. Many of them having to do with the history of a place. As simple as a ghost living in a house, or as complicated as the stories of the Haunted Mansion.

    Stories about places to not always have to be horror related though. It might be patriotic, or romantic, or traumatic, or a symbol of history repeating itself in a character's life.

    Places have histories, and coming out of histories can be the start of new stories.

    I have never found much of this in online RPG, but in a case like Pandora where I noticed places like Fairy Tail Hall and Gold's Pawn Shop, this game is full of places with histories from their cannon. Many of those places have the histories the players made there as well.

    So my suggestion for encyclopedia and locations would simply be to focus on the histories of the places that were already there, talking about what happened in cannon and in Pandora.
  2. Steel

    Lore Division

    The Wolf King
    Babylon 5
    Hello Kingof192, thanks very much for your suggestion! However, we won't be focusing only on history for Encyclopedia and Location submissions.

    First of all, most of our locations are locations that have been submitted by our members and aren't actually taken from character's canons, but are rather inspired by them. So places like Gold's Pawn Shop aren't a carbon copy of the shop as it appears in canon, but is rather as similar as it can be to it, opened and created by the character in question. In addition, due to the ephemeral nature of characters in Pandora, seeing as they are OOC dropped often, buildings that have ties to characters often disappear when the characters who ran/owned them are dropped.

    Our Encyclopedia and Locations submissions are also member-submitted, so depending on what information our members wish to submit, these submissions can be as sparse or detailed as necessary. While I agree that reading more about a location's history can be wonderfully interesting, what these information threads include is up to each player's discretion.

    However, if you're interested in learning more about Pandora's history on a whole, which will likely include histories on some key locations too, the Lore Division is working on a brief history that should be up sometime around Christmas!

    Thanks very much for your suggestion and for enjoying Pandora so much!
    #2 Steel, Nov 6, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017