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Private Hit and Run

Discussion in 'Dread Wastes' started by Bill Cipher, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    May 2nd, Year 108 / 8:35 PM

    It had been a while since they were part of the cult that sacrificed people to a god. While it was all good—Quirrel was saving people, Bill was secretly killing them—things were...getting into a routine.

    Quirrel didn’t mind that, but Bill sure as hell did. So he tried amping some things; situations, he teleported around the world and tried to see what he could do now that he was physically here. There was still the fact the Otherworld was closed off, but he did remember that there was a way to get to the realm physically. Princess had done that and he helped her get out of there in exchange for her blood—which he still had.

    So, if he could just manage to find an entry and exit point, he was golden!

    Right now, they were chilling in the common room some of the cultists had—the normal ones since some were just fine with being part of a cult that kidnapped and sacrificed people, while they played games and drank some weird beverages and shit.

    Quirrel was...well, annoyed by that practice, but it was fun while it lasted. Unfortunately, right now? They were having a ceremony with the more...elite members. Basically, choosing who will sacrifice the next person and become ‘one of them’.

    And the lottery fell upon...Quirrel. Well, shit. This was gonna go poorly.
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  2. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    It was a filthy equilibrium they had settled into these past two months. Quirrel did his best to just do whatever good he could in this forsaken cult while Bill did his best to enjoy himself. Thankfully, those two goals didn't always conflict with each other... but honestly, the elderly former bug was getting sick of this place. His wanderlust was calling him elsewhere. And if his familiar truly was as chaotic as he presented himself, it was a given that he'd be tired of this soon as well.

    Something had to knock over their house of cards. But he didn't expect it to happen so soon...

    The lottery had fallen on him. What a joyous occasion! Something to break the monotony, and all he had to do was survive. "This is truly an honor," he exclaimed in a completely measured voice, his face mask hiding all the panic running through his mind. "To get the chance to become so close with our Lord of Ice! What luck!" He felt like such scum, having to act like this, but it wouldn't do to object at this critical juncture.

    No doubt, his familiar was ready to help him act. They had a mutually beneficial relationship, after all. They had to help each other. "Why, I hope I shall be able to do it right... I'd hate to mess it up. I might need some help, some instruction..." he turned his head almost imperceptibly towards Bill, the last part being addressed to him secretly. Some assistance would be good while he played up his reaction to make sure nothing seemed amiss.
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  3. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Quirrel was trying to back out from it. That would be the best way to go from this, but it was also difficult to actually do that, without...well, screwing things up.

    Sure, they could just bust out through the whole thing, but that’d give away the game. If things go on too long...well, that might be necessary.

    Bill noticed Quirrel looking at his direction, however, before he could offer to help or anything, one of the other members—one of the ice ones, the one in charge of this, so the head priest moved forwards.

    “You shall have it, Lurien. We shall instruct you as our Lord of Ice has done so to us. Come; let us all go to the sacrificial chamber.”

    Well, shit. This was going to go great.

    As the few members that were there followed the ice groups and Quirrel, Bill was reeling his mind. Things could get dicey; sure, he wanted to see what would happen, however...Quirrel was tied to him. Bonded.

    If he dies, Bill can kiss his body goodbye. So, he guessed that he should help.

    They started talking about their ice lord. How he was strong and powerful and all-knowing—yeah, right! As if he was all-powerful—and basically how he’ll bring Pandora to its true original state, blah, blah, blah. Bill had to refrain himself from rolling his eye cause stars, he talked too much.

    Instead, he tried to focus on how Quirrel was doing; cause once things went to the sacrificing stuff...well, they’d have to book it.
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  4. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    Bill had to be planning something! The demon could kiss his body goodbye if anything happened to Quirrel! Of course, even if there was no help, the elderly man was sure it wouldn't be impossible for him to escape. He was still pretty fast, for a human, and the command of soul that the contract gave him had enabled teleportation through soul, at least short-range teleportation.

    Escape was not impossible, just difficult.

    "Right then, let us be on our way," Quirrel exclaimed with false enthusiasm. Right, he couldn't just rely on Bill to bust him out, even if the familiar did want to help. Some effort was needed on his end. He'd go along until the last moment, to buy time, but after that they needed to act. No way would he let himself become one of the ice-touched higher members of the cult.

    As the religious proceedings commenced, he planned. His nail was with him, the cult being fine with him keeping his weapon and masks with him at all times, so there'd be no need for detours. Once he was up there, with all eyes on him, he'd need to teleport away, towards Bill, and then grab him and teleport again. He didn't have enough soul stored up to do much else, on that front, though. Hopefully, from there, Bill could use his magic to give them an edge...

    This would be easier if they had a way to communicate telepathically. A shame that their contract hadn't had a clause like that.
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  5. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Despite having to help with this situation, Bill had to admit, he liked seeing Quirrel being all distressed. It amused him to no end, but he made sure his face remained the same expression.

    They were getting into the juice of the matter, Quirrel leads to the altar with someone there to be sacrificed to the Lord of Ice. It was then that Bill decided, it might be a good a time as ever to get them going.

    Subtly, Bill looked at a corner of the room and with just a thought, a spark ignited on the curtain. He let it grow slowly, before he shouted, “Oh, shit! Fire!”

    When a few people went there, Bill made two more fires pop up into existence on opposite sides of the room. There was some panic, someone screamed—it was one of those ice looking guys, having been burnt more likely.

    It was in the commotion, while the ex cathedra was trying to bring order to this chaos that Bill teleported to Quirrel’s side.

    “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
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  6. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    Things were starting to get a little down to the wire here. Quirrel knew that sacrificing this person was as good as sacrificing his own individuality. So the only option was to leave. Before he could make any moves, though, Bill took matters into his own hands. Flames throughout the building, drawing attention and hurting cultists.

    Sowing chaos was well within Bill's wheelhouse, so this solution really did fit him.

    When his familiar teleported to his side, Quirrel was ready to move. "Couldn't agree with you more," the masked man replied, making a small incision in the sacrifice's leg with his nail to draw a bit of soul out. They were beyond saving at this point, at least their soul would fuel his escape... sick as it made him. He drew upon the stolen Soul, laying an arm upon Bill's body and teleporting through the wall and outside the building.

    Now outside, he turned to Bill. "Do we have an escape route or are we going to plan as we go?"
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  7. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Bill’s brow perked when he saw Quirrel made an incision on the sacrifice’s leg, using that soul magic the guy was so fond of. It was a bit strange, since to him, the magic felt...well, something similar to his own. It was consuming. And yet, Quirrel used it, despite his morals and all that shit.

    They teleported out of the building; some people were still around, but for now, they wouldn’t be immediately spotted. “We get out of here and kill anyone who tries to stop us! We have, say...about five minutes before they set the alarm and have them hunt us down.”

    Bill sighed, groaning in annoyance, “Going to the Otherworld would have been so much easier.” But no, he still didn’t know where that ability had gone!
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  8. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    "Plenty of time," the masked man remarked, looking out around him. "Just so long as we don't dawdle! We're in a nest of enemies, but that's fine." Looked clear for the moment. He pointed at an alleyway in the frozen city. "I've memorized the layout, mostly, we'll be taking the fastest path." His sense of direction never steered him wrong.

    It definitely would be easier if they could just vanish into a different plane of reality, but that clearly wasn't an option. "Well if you haven't figured out how to do that these past two months, I doubt you'll figure it out now," Quirrel remarked, not turning back to look at him. "We'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, can't just ride out on a stag or what have you."

    He gestured towards the small side path he had pointed to a few moments ago. "Down there, less people and it will take us closer to escaping."
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  9. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Bill didn’t comment on the dawdling since he could have left Quirrel behind, but he didn’t. Because he liked having this body. And excuse him, but he has found a way to the Otherworld—thanks to some portals scattered here and there—but he would prefer his usual way!

    “Watch your mouth, Sophos. You won’t like me when I’m mad.” His one eye flashed red, before returning to a normal hue. He didn’t like it that his familiar was rubbing in a failure—well, if it wasn’t for some idiot that just decided to cast a spell to see what happens, they wouldn’t be in this mess, to begin with!

    Bill gestured for Quirrel to lead the way since he knew the way. And it didn’t hurt for him to lead, just in case, they get attacked.
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  10. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    ...Quirrel had gotten too comfortable with Bill. The normal care with which he chose words while talking to the demon had slipped, and now tensions were flaring at a time when there were really more pressing matters to focus on. "I meant nothing by it, but alright," the masked man said in an attempt to try pushing the issue off until later. "I apologize for my words." Later he could talk it out more effectively, but right now they were busy.

    Walking casually yet quickly, like he had nothing to worry about, Quirrel lead Bill around. Until the alarm was raised, acting like nothing was wrong would be the best way to slip past people. Down an alleyway they went, emerging into a street with a few regular cult members loitering around. Not a single one of the blue-skinned upper echelon was there, though.

    Noticing someone approaching them out of the corner of his eye, the former bug made a quick assessment. Didn't look hostile, seemed more like someone who was new here and was going to ask for directions. They didn't have time for that, though! "I can't believe I lost track of the time!" he exclaimed to Bill, loudly enough for people nearby to notice. "We need to step up the pace, no detours." The cultist who was approaching them stopped upon hearing that, and then walked away towards another person to ask whatever question he had.

    Look busy, and people won't bother you.
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  11. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Bill narrowed his eye at Quirrel when the other gave an apology. Good—the being had gotten a lot of freedom, so it was good for him to learn his place. This deal wasn’t something that was unanimously decided; it was an imbalanced exchange where Quirrel got a bunch of stuff and Bill got a body, but lost his stuff.

    Totally unfair.

    As they moved down the alley, Bill’s eye immediately landed on the other cultists. Bill was already clenching a fist, ready to throw a ball of fire and incinerate the one walking towards them—when Quirrel started talking. Basically, how they could have lost them.

    Smart move. The guy was still suspicious but wasn’t gonna focus on them (thanks to a quick flash of Bill’s power). “Yeah, they gotta be around here somewhere!”

    As they moved to the other alleyway, Bill knew it was only a matter of time till they were found out. And Bill didn’t really mind it all that much. Let the chaos happen! Let there be blood, gore, and madness in the air!

    It was at the other alleyway they went into that there were normal cultists...and the blue variety. One of them noticed them, her cold eyes landing on Quirrel and then Bill. The demon couldn’t resist a smirk when he saw the gears turning in her head.

    “There they are! Get them!”
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  12. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    Bill, crafty as he was, effortlessly played along with Quirrel's small act to get past the normal cultists. As much as their personalities were incompatible, he still held a lot of respect for how quick-witted the demon was. Not necessarily channeling those wits in ways the masked man would prefer always, but still an undoubtedly sharp individual.

    Unfortunately, no amount of talking would undo the fact that these blue skinned cultists realized who they were. When words failed to change people, wounds would work wonders. "Fire beats ice," the former bug remarked offhand to Bill, clearly not too concerned about this. Being able to actually use his familiar's fire abilities would give them the upper hand here. Having said that, he began to brandish his nail threateningly.

    The weapon weaved through the air with unearthly precision, showing that he was clearly waiting for them to approach so he could cut them down... except that it was simple misdirection. Focusing his mind on the abilities Bill had given him, he called for fire. Snapping the fingers on his free hand, more of a habit than a necessity for channeling what the contract had granted, an inferno of supernatural flames appeared. He never really had gotten to learning how to control the output, but it was definitely smaller than the all consuming fire that his first attempt in the cave had yielded.
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  13. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    Bill grinned in amusement at Quirrel’s comment, raised his hand and brandishing blue flames menacingly at their enemies. Quirrel pulled out his sword (or nail, whatever he called it)—and with a snap of his fingers, used the powers he shared with Bill.

    The demon’s eye twitched slightly. Quirrel was always going off on his own thing; never really wanting to ‘train’ since he wanted to ‘help’ people out in the cult and some other shit. Bill had offered but then got bored since Quirrel never came to him. Well, Bill wasn’t gonna help the being just like that.

    The whole magic bonding thing they sucked. A lot. Cause right now? It felt like he was being pulled. Like a rubber band, stretching on and on. Sure, Bill was pretty powerful, but it sure as hell, did not help when Quirrel did not have control!

    Bring all the chaos, but he didn’t want to crash and burn because of this idiot!

    So, Bill kept a hold of the power—cause, if he wasn’t there to hold it, it’d blow up in Quirrel’s face and that’d be a shame.

    The normal cultists screamed as they jumped to the side to dodge the fire attack. The blue ones...they moved behind some of the structures for cover and when Quirrel was done with the attack, they manifested shards of ice and threw them to the duo.

    Bill smirked as he teleported and sent his own flaming ball of fire at them before grabbing Quirrel and dodged the other two by teleporting in the blink of an eye. Yeah, he was showing off...but he definitely didn’t care.

    “Wow, that was great. You guys deserve a prize! How about some bubbles of infinity madness?” He snapped his fingers and three neon multicolored bubbles started floating towards the cultists.
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  14. Quirrel

    Quirrel Guest

    Alright, so maybe it was a bit irresponsible to use Bill's powers freely. He knew for a fact that the demon hated it when he did so, but this was a situation which warranted it. Thankfully his familiar had helped reign it in. Not a single cultist got killed by the blast, but it did break up their cohesion a fair bit.

    He let Bill do as he wished here. No sympathy for these cultists, even the run-of-the-mill ones who weren't blue. Not that he'd stop Bill without a very good reason, though. They already had a tenuous relationship, no reason to cause stress unnecessarily.

    While madness bubbles were shot off at some cultists, Quirrel got to work with his own skills. Bending his legs to break into a run, he charged at one of the blue cultists. With his frail human form, it wasn't possible to move faster than the eye could follow, unfortunately. The cultist fired off an ice spike right at him, aimed for the head.

    The masked man tilted his head downward, letting his hat-mask block the attack. Bright lines glowed over the smooth white surface as the impact dissipated harmlessly. By this point he was already upon the devotee. His nail cleaved through a leg, then pierced the stomach, and finally impaled the heart. Three blows to maximize soul absorption. Their spirits were twisted by the cult, but Soul was Soul.

    He instantly converted the energy into balls of Soul, firing off the destructive projectiles at several other cultists. They homed in slightly, making it very tricky to dodge.
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  15. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    It’s funny really; he could tell Quirrel didn’t really give a shit on what he did to the cultists, but he didn’t want to kill them in the blast. Sure, murder is too much but insanity is totally fine.

    A few ran from the bubbles, but the bubbles still managed to pass through them. Two screamed before one tore off their clothes and ran, while some were banging on the wall or curled up in a corner.

    Bill’s grin was wide as he exhaled. Man, it has been a while.

    He glanced over to Quirrel, seeing him attack the blue cultist and killing him. Not so above others now, huh? The magic that Quirrel used—something he called Soul—manifested in his hands and threw projectiles to the other guys like missiles.

    One passes by Bill, hitting a cultist in the chest. “Well, that’s several point for us! Not too tough without your ice lord backing you up, huh?”