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Holmes, Sherlock

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Sherlock Holmes, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes BBC Sherlock

    "Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them."

    Played by ChaoticAbsolute

    Fandom: BBC Sherlock
    Age: 35
    Species: Human (probably)
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: From the episode "His Last Vow," seconds after being shot by Mary Watson.


    "...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
    Skills/AbilitiesElementary, My Dear - Sherlock is possessed of extremely high intellectual ability, such that he is presumably - at least in his universe - the fourth most intelligent human being currently alive, surpassed only by his brother Mycroft, as well as (though as yet unknown to him due to the point in his timeline he was taken from) Charles Augustus Magnussen and his sister Eurus. Though far from the only thing his mind is capable of, Sherlock's most notable strength is that of observation and deductive reasoning. This is combined with a near perfect ability to recall information for application to a problem or question, as well as a natural talent for manipulation and espionage.

    Sherlock is able to put his observational and deductive abilities to several practical uses where investigation is involved. Through the practice of Cold Reading, Sherlock is able to "scan" an individual, often upon first meeting them, and seems to do so subconsciously. This scan involves observation of small details and elements of personal appearance and behavior, which often results in frighteningly accurate predictions about their past, personality, etc. This kind of scan can also be used even on a location like a room to discover information about its occupant or to mentally reconstruct a crime scene. While not infallible, as even Sherlock admits he almost always misses at least one thing, it is a highly useful tool.

    Sherlock is also a practitioner of a memory retrieval technique referred to as the method of loci. Terming it as his "Mind Palace," Sherlock essentially stores memories by plotting them on a mentally created map of a familiar place. This allows him to, when he needs to recall information, enter that place in his mind's eye and find his way back to the stored memory. Though this requires silence and space enough for him to concentrate without distraction, use of this method means that theoretically, Sherlock never forgets anything.

    Martial Arts - Though one wouldn't think it to look at him, Sherlock is actually quite skilled in the use of both armed and unarmed combat. He is learned in Bartitsu, a form of self defense employing boxing, armed combat with a cane, judo and jujitsu. He is able to supplement his hand to hand combat with his aforementioned deductive reasoning and cold reading skills, which allows him to predict an opponent's intentions and weaknesses before striking. While he does not have the combat experience of a seasoned soldier like John Watson, his skills have been demonstrated sufficient to fight on equal footing with a trained assassin for an extended period of time.


    "Shut up everybody, shut up! Don't move, don't speak, don't breathe, I'm trying to think. Anderson, face the other way, you're putting me off."

    Though his intellectual power is unarguably great, Sherlock does have his weaknesses - though he would be loathe to admit so himself. It should be noted that in Sherlock's case, some of his personality flaws do in fact constitute weaknesses, as they directly affect his mental stability and effectiveness in using his abilities. Primarily, without constant work to keep his mind going, Sherlock's propensity for boredom becomes an increasingly palpable problem. He is undoubtedly both compulsive and impulsive, and will go to increasing lengths to keep himself occupied. This can lead from externally destructive behaviors such as shooting holes in a wall with live rounds to internally destructive behaviors such as drug use, which Sherlock has struggled with before. Sherlock's intelligence does also have limits and can be dulled by the introduction of emotion or appeal to his curiosity, as evidenced by such things as the fact that he almost always misses at least one important detail when cold reading a person, or the fact that despite his intellect and predictive abilities he has been outmaneuvered by such figures as Irene Adler on more than one occasion. Beyond these limitations, Sherlock is also completely human, and as such is completely subject to the effects of aging, sickness, injury and death.


    "...Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day—if we’re very very lucky—he might even be a good one."

    Sherlock has an undoubtedly complex personality, but much of it comes back to the way in which the combination of his intelligence and intuitive curiosity interacts with the world around him. He finds himself - nearly constantly - bored with the fact that the world, and most of the people and things in it, provide him very little stimulation at a baseline. He finds many mundane things and people around him frustrating and annoying because of this, and so seeks mental activity in other ways - the foremost of which happens to be the investigation of crimes. He gets a rush out of "the game" as he calls it, that being pitting his mind against seemingly unsolvable cases and the criminals therein. In the absence of such work, Sherlock quickly finds himself going stir crazy, and will often resort to more and more extreme measures to avoid being bored, even escalating to the use of drugs in the past to escalate his mental process. By proxy of this, Sherlock also has a self-destructive streak, being more than willing to put himself in often very real and physical danger in the pursuit of his cases and ultimately his "fix."

    Sherlock describes himself as a "high-functioning sociopath," and whether or not this is fully accurate, it is certainly true that Sherlock has a great deal of trouble interacting with other human beings. For a start, a combination of his intellect, dislike for the mundane and general lack of understanding where it comes to the point of tact and social grace means that he frequently presents a very abrasive and cold-hearted exterior to the people that he interacts with. To a certain extent this is subconscious and meant to protect himself from rejection by preempting with rejection of his own, but also indicates a legitimate lack of value put on these qualities. He has very little filter, especially with people he actively dislikes, and will often state the results of his cold reading without thought to how they may affect the individual he is speaking to personally. He is also very blunt, stating fact or even being outright rude intentionally without hesitation. Sherlock also has highly manipulative tendencies, willing to tell others what they want to hear or outright use them to reach his ends and obtain favor where and when needed to reach a goal or get his way. His moral compass is unarguably selfish and even childish at times, as is his attitude While his association with John Watson has been a tempering influence on him in this regard - even prompting him to sometimes notice when he has "stepped over the line," as it were - these tendencies are still something that he struggles with, though the fact that there is a struggle at all is indicative.

    Despite the exterior that he creates and the intentional distance that he puts between himself and most others, Sherlock does have a side to him that is kind and caring, even emotional. Unbeknownst to him currently, events earlier in his life surrounding his sister Eurus and the death of his childhood friend Victor Trevor have suppressed this part of him, but it is present nonetheless, and does show through from time to time. There is little dispute that despite his claim of not caring about clients making him better at his job, he truly does. He has repeatedly and unflinchingly put himself in harm's way to save others, and regularly shows concern for people he and John have worked with that goes counter to his supposedly logic-only thought process. A great example is during one of John's early adventures chasing down a ring of Chinese smugglers, when Sherlock focused on the saving of John's kidnapped girlfriend Sarah rather than catching the smugglers themselves, a decision which would appear illogical under Sherlock's supposed moral code. It can be said perhaps that Sherlock, as his associate and perhaps even friend Greg Lestrade suggests, wants to be a good man - though whether or not he is remains in flux.


    Hospital. He could tell that without even opening his eyes, but then of course he could. Never mind the faint smell of antiseptic, creeping ever so lightly into his nostrils as he returned to consciousness - granted a brand he was unfamiliar with. Never mind the bed sheets beneath him, perfectly straight and with a distinctly low thread count, catching on the threads of his newly(?) donned gown with even a little movement. Never mind the temperature, probably 19 degrees Celsius with a humidity that he estimated to be about 70% - an effective but laughably inconsistent attempt by all places of medicine to prevent the spread of bacteria. All of that was a nice wake up exercise, but rather irrelevant in light of the fact that if he remembered correctly - and he did - he had been shot. By Mary Watson, no less.

    Sherlock laid there for a moment longer with his eyes closed, using the beeping of the bedside monitor to ground himself - he needed to think. Had Mary deceived them both? Had Mary deceived him? How?? He would be mildly impressed if - no, strike that, he was - but John was in danger and apparently so was his wife. If Mary was after Magnussen it would be because he had something on her, no doubt related to her unexpected proclivity for firearms. They both needed protection, but John needed the truth. That would mean getting out of this room for a start, though. He had been shot just below the apex of his heart, which meant at least 2 broken or fractured ribs, internal bleeding, a possibly punctured lung and potentially a bullet still inside his chest cavity depending upon if exploratory surgery had been effective. That was a recovery time of at least two weeks - time that he didn't have.

    What hospital was he at? Princess Grace? No, his room was too small, he could tell by the sound of the air conditioning coming in through a vent on the ceiling, echoing ever so slightly in the quiet environment. He would be in the ICU, larger rooms in a trauma center. Royal London? Unlikely, too far away from the scene of the shooting, he would have bled out in the ambulance. And there was something else wrong as well... What was it? The bedside monitor continued its beeping - it's steady beating. Wait - steady? What was the BPM? He waited a beat. 65. And steady. Images of medical textbooks and diagrams flashed through his mind. A shot to his heart should still be causing complications. Irregular heart rhythm, elevated heart rate, dyspnea - speaking of which, why wasn't he in pain? He'd attributed it to his mental focus, but now he exploratorily rolled his left shoulder. Nothing. Cautiously he brought a hand up and inside his gown, brushing his fingers over where bandages following an operation and a very tender part of his chest should have been. Still nothing. Nothing but smooth skin. What in blazes was going on??

    As he started to move, a door opened across the room, soft footsteps entering and quickening as they noted his movements. Attentive staff, at least. "Oh my gods, he's awake." Gods? Interesting turn of phrase, considering the day and age, locale as well. Female voice, young - mid 30s? And what was that accent? He couldn't quite place it. "Sir?" The voice questioned cautiously, steps coming closer. Without opening his eyes he responded. "Yes, he is, and alive at that. Astute observations abound. Now if you would be so kind as to tell me where I am and how long I've been here, that would be a wonderful start to things, don't you think?" He snapped his eyes open to greet his attending with a smug grin, which quickly melted into an ironically slack jawed stare. Sherlock was fairly certain that in all the hospitals in all the boroughs in all of London, there were no humanoid lizard creatures employed - certainly none that were over five feet tall. Sherlock blinked. Then she(?) blinked. Then the bedside monitor's beeping started speeding up. Then he yelled. Loudly.
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  2. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes BBC Sherlock

    Done and done! :3
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    Sherlock looks great! Go have fun!