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Private Home away from home

Discussion in 'Misty Hollow' started by Tatsuya Suou, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Tatsuya Suou

    Tatsuya Suou Guest

    @Nynaeve al'Meara
    October 27th
    Cat's Meow, Misty Hollow

    Tatsuya checked the note in his hand for the second time. He verified the handwritten response he had gotten about meeting here. With no way to charge his cell phone, he had to rely on actual physical notes on the town bulletin-board. His last response included his description so Nynaeve al'Meara, the woman who responded to his ad first, could find him. "Brown, almost shoulder length hair. Red riding suit with a large black X," was his reply to her choice of the location and time.

    He ordered water while he waited, it was all he could do for the moment. He looked about the place, there were a few people already here at this hour, with more shuffling in later as was common for bars. Even ones on Pandora. The place had a very strong 50's American Speak-Easy vibe. He remembered a place back in his home city of Sumaru that was similar.

    He looked into his glass of water and started to get lost in the droplets building up on it. The last few days had been long and tiring. He'd been staying in a shelter the last few days. While it was nice to have a roof over his head, he found it hard to relax with all the bustling. He was Japanese, he could handle a crowd, but being around people 24/7 with little privacy wore on him. Especially how every day brought new people that were confused or angry about their change of reality. He understood what it was like, the first time. Pandora wasn't his first world jump, and by now he was convinced it wouldn't be his last.

    He sighed, sank into his chair a little more, and hoped that Nynaeve could find him based on the description, as he had no idea what she looked like. He knew nothing about her aside from overhearing locals discuss her duties as some sort of healer.