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Horizon Jobs

Discussion in 'Horizon Sign-ups' started by Rani, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Rani

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    The Moon

    Horizon Job Sign-ups

    Being one of the least developed towns, Horizon unfortunately has the weakest economy. As the town itself has been built from scratch, many of its jobs are physically intensive and require many hours of work in the desert heat. As its economy is far from developed, the town currently functions on a volunteer or bartering system depending upon the job.


    The Council
    These individuals come together to consult, deliberate, and make decisions for Horizon and its future.
    Council Members: Asami Sato, Leia Organa, OPEN
    Vice Council Members:​

    Public Relations
    As one might expect, Public Relations is responsible for handling all affairs having to do with the citizens of Horizon and any potential visitors.
    Welcoming Committee:

    Agriculture Guild
    The Agriculture Guild, as one might expect, is responsible for just about all things agricultural in and around Horizon.
    Head of Agriculture:

    Blacksmiths Guild
    A guild filled with skilled metallurgists responsible for doing most of the metal work in or around Horizon.
    Master Smith:
    Blacksmiths: ​

    Builders Guild
    Under the guidance of the Master Builder, the individual responsible for both the design of the town and for overseeing their workers, the following are responsible for the physical construction of the town.
    Master Architect: Jack Jackson
    Construction Workers:
    Defense Guild
    Like City Guards, Horizon's defensive forces are responsible for keeping both its citizens and construction safe from any unsavory intruders. They’re split up into two main divisions, the Horizon Guard and The Militia.

    Horizon Guard
    The branch of Horizon’s Defense responsible for matters residing in the town. Their main focus in defending Horizon’s civillians.
    Commander: Jesse McCree
    Lieutenant Commander: Darth Caedus
    The Militia
    The Militia handles matters outside the town, taking down bandits and other potential threats to keep everyone else safe.
    First Knight: Vegeta
    Militiamen: Wolverine, Joffrey Baratheon​

    Healers Guild
    As the name states, this guild is responsible for the health and well-being of Horizon’s residents through practicing medicine or using other, magical means.
    Head Physician:
    Healers: Ben (vessel of Glorificus)

    Merchants Guild
    The guild responsible for regulating and supporting local, privately owned businesses in Horizon.
    Master of Trade:
    Trade Representatives:​

    Rangers Guild
    The Rangers Guild is responsible for travelling in and around the town, scouting out potential dangers, resources, or anything else of interest to the town as well as procuring food, water, and supplies.
    Master Ranger: Oerba Yun Fang
    Scouts/Information Gatherers: Zidane Tribal
    Hunters and Scavengers: Furiosa​

    Scholars Guild
    Responsible for most things involving logical thought in research, the Guild of Scholars maintains records and libraries as well as doing scientific research regarding Horizon and the surrounding areas.
    Master Scholar:
    Record Keepers/Librarians:​

    Atlas, Horizon Branch
    Run from a tent, Atlas is easily identifiable by the fact that it's covered in a large drawing of the Milky Way. A branch-off of the same store from Pandora Town, Atlas offers tech repairs, coding, and general engineering.
    Coding Specialists:

    Future Airlines
    Formerly a workshop, Future Airlines' headquarters sits on the outskirts of Horizon. A jade green makeshift hangar is probably the first thing seen arriving to the area, with the words FUTURE AIRLINES painted on the side. Along with the planes, it's an open garage and also houses a workshop area for the team. It is accompanied by a scrap yard and a runway lined with solar-operated pot-lights. Be wary on test days, when a sign is usually posted up front warning any passers-by of possible explosions or controlled fires at the testing range, which is stocked with blast shields and is a safe distance from the town.
    Pilot: Asami Sato
    Accountant: Talia al Ghul​

    Starfighter Corps
    Based just on the outskirts of Horizon, the Starfighter Corps is a fleet of X-Wings tasked with keeping the desert immediately surrounding Horizon safe. They also regularly patrol Pandora's wildernesses, and are available to provide defense and natural disaster relief to other towns with Horizon's council's approval. Individual squadrons are also regularly tasked with aiding in search and rescue and other similar operations. Currently, per Squadron there is a max of 1 Captain, 2 Wing Commanders, and 4 pilots. Please see the Encylopedia entry for more information.
    Fleet Commander: Bobbie Draper
    Recruits: Jason Todd

    Firehawks Squadron
    Wing Commanders:
    Pilots: Ben Skywalker

    Yellowjackets Squadron
    Captain: Luke SKywalker
    Wing Commanders:
    Pilots: Dash Bowman

    The Watering Hole
    One of the more popular places in Horizon, The Watering Hole has food, drink, and live entertainment to entice just about anyone.

    Merchant's Haven
    Merchant's Haven is a small settlement inhabited by a few local merchants and a few soldiers who all live in yurts. It is a place for traders to rest while journeying, knowing that the militia will protect them. Traders often meet up here.

    Captain of Defense:
    Resident Merchant:


    Thieves Guild
    The Thieves Guild operates in the outskirts and shadows of the town, and is a secretive and not well known group.
    Head of Thieves Guild: Ganondorf
    Junk Dealer: Asami Sato
    Mechanic: Amy Wellard
    Freelance Trade/Camp Protector:

    Character Name: Full Name, as displayed on the account!
    Job:  The location/position they are applying for.
    Why?:  We're looking for qualifications here.  Obviously, this would only apply to jobs that require certain experience, such as Doctor, Surgeon, Security, etc.  Use common sense when choosing a job for your character.
    Fill out the appropriate form and reply to this topic to be taken care of. If you are interested in a job we have not listed here, or if your character is working for themselves, that's perfectly fine! Post anyway and we'll add the necessary job to the list if it fits the location.
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