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Discussion in 'Lorebook' started by Steel, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Steel

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    ............Quick FactsLocation: Far out in the desert
    Population: ~200 (+Residents)
    Government: Elected council
    Technology: Mixed private tech,
    mixed public tech
    Trades: Precious gems, metals, glass,
    silks, tropical fruits
    Common Occupations:
    Construction, exploration, scholar

    • Potentially hazardous
      travel conditions
    • Unforgiving desert
    • Bandits and scorpions
    There are several ways to get to Horizon, the most popular methods being by bus or through magical portals. However if one is more daring one could venture the two-day hike or take a ride through the skies by plane. Hidden in a gorge in the middle of the desert is the secret Oasis and the community that has made a home there.

    The town is tucked away from the madness of the rest of the world. It is a little corner of paradise in the middle of the desert, built up from nothing by both love and hard work. There's now a cluster of homes, as well as others making a place for themselves in the walls of the gorge. The center of Horizon is upon raised pillars of earth, connected by wooden bridges.


    Given its largely untamed environment, Horizon can be difficult to live in for those accustomed to modern utilities. Despite difficulties, it remains a strongly independent society requiring very little from outside sources.

    Over time, more defined buildings and structures have been sculpted from the caverns lining the gorge cliffsides near the settlement, allowing for more stable housing. While not exuberant in furnishings and luxuries, each home provides the basic necessities.

    Initially Horizon's economy was based off a trade and barter system, but with the development of its bazaar, independent businesses, the Merchants Guild, and increased trade with other towns, the more prevalent use of Pandora's standard currency is returning. Prominent exports consist of fine woven sandworm silks and exotic fruits that can only be grown in jungle-like environments. Recently mining the caves for gems and rare metals has become a part of Horizon's industry, and will likely make jewelry another export.


    Horizon's government is currently spearheaded by a Council composing of three elected leaders. These three not only have the potential to influence decisions which may impact the town's future, but also to act as representatives during meetings with other towns. They are assisted by a Vice Council, whose corresponding members may act as Council upon incapacity, resignation, death, removal from office, or removal from Pandora.

    While the Masters of each Guild answers and offers counsel to the Horizon Council, they predominantly are at liberty to operate independently within their own fields of expertise. The Council assigns which essential resources each Guild is to receive, though they are certainly welcome to acquire their own (that does not detract from Horizon's community wealth). The Defense Guild sees to the enforcement of both order and (unsurprisingly) defense, the Builders Guild sees to the general construction of the town, the Guild of Healing sees to Horizon's medical needs, and so on and so forth.


    Like the rest of it, Horizon's level of technology is forever a work in progress, with much of its basic infrastructure built from scratch. While standards of living have increased through the hard labor of its enterprising residents throughout the seasons, Horizon remains at its heart a quintessentially naturesque settlement easily valued for its rustic beauty and charm.

    While production remains a slow and (lovingly) hand-crafted (as opposed to manufactured) process, Horizon is in the process of expanding its electrical infrastructure to include solar-tiled rooftops and windows. The theme is more artistic than scientific, and current progress seems to take inspiration from solarpunk design.

    Currently, technological luxuries are still a rarity in Horizon. There is very little in the way of high definition televisions, central air conditioning, or similar amenities, and most if not all of its generated electricity is consumed by vital processes such as crucial lighting, construction, refrigeration, and those of Horizon's Defense Guild. There are a few non-intrusive mechanical droids, for example, that can occasionally be seen assisting in building and defense efforts. Plumbing is similarly a simplistic affair, with just enough practicality (including functional toilets) to uphold the basic standards of sanitation.


    Freak aberrations aside, the weather in Horizon is what one would normally expect for a lush jungle oasis situated in the middle of a desert. While rainfall and tropical humidity may be felt at least once a month, it is also atypical for what might otherwise be considered a tropical climate. All four seasons can be distinctly felt in the oasis. In Spring, tropical flowers are in full bloom. Autumn sees to the gradual cooling of temperatures. A faint, dewy frost may appear on the ground in the early mornings come Winter. Snowfall, however, would generally be considered a freak aberration (in a world where freak aberrations are not at all impossible, granted). Summers can be sweltering with alternating dry or humid heat.


    • Year 3, Winter: The town is discovered by Jack Jackson, Nathan Drake, Hellboy, Gale Hawthorne, and Lautrec after the failed rebellion against the Late Queen Ravenna.
    • Year 4, March 1 - April 20: Horizon is afflicted by shadow clones, mysterious and malicious duplicates of its residents.
    • Year 4, Fall: Development for clean solar energy begins.
    • Year 4, November 8: Bandits from the surrounding assault Horizon in full force, with heavy losses sustained - prompting the resisting hamlet to be all the more vigilant in its defense.
    • Year 5, Winter: Luke and Anakin Skywalker finish construction of moisture vaporaters in the surrounding desert.
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