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Horrigan, Frank

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Frank Horrigan, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Frank Horrigan

    Frank Horrigan Fallout

    F.E.V. Mutant
    Lawful Evil
    Frank Horrigan
    "Dumping the F.E.V. toxin into our air doesn't make you a hero. You're just another mutant that needs to be put down. Making our reactor melt-down means things are going to be pretty hot in here soon. Pity you won't live long enough to see it"

    Played by ElfensFinest

    Fandom: Fallout
    Age: 31 Years Old
    Species: Once Human, now F.E.V. Mutant
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Moments before his slaughter at the hands of the Chosen One
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Frank Horrigan, a mix of both on field accidents and the prime of Enclave engineering, he has become one of The United State's strongest assets. His human muscles enhanced far beyond their normal capabilities, and his senses heightened beyond what any thought. In an attempt at both strengthening him further, and keeping him in check, his American compatriots suited him in a custom suit of armor, built specifically to him. This suit is not merely a sheet of metal placed over a man, rather it is built into his very flesh, helping with most, if not all functions of his body.

    Special Abilities
    • American Strength: Frank's body, along with it's powered exoskeleton, is able to lift weights of up to a ton without any major damage, along with his body being able to move itself at roughly the same speed as a normal human.
    • Eyes of an Eagle: Frank's mutations caused both his hearing and sight to advance on their own, to a point beyond that of a normal human on it's own. This skill is heightened even further by his suit's built in UI.
    • Trumpets of Freedom: Horrigan's armor is capable of playing both radio signals picked up from his current location, and several prerecorded hours of both patriotic music, and American presidential speeches.
    • Power Blade: An extendable blade made from a durable steel alloy, welded to the right arm of his power armor. This large blade on it's own may be a formidable slicing or blunt weapon, though it's real power is revealed when it's turned on. The blade is sheathed in an eerie green glow of plasmatic energy, capable of cutting through steel. It is notable that this weapon is rather power hungry, and as such can only remain on for about 10 minute intervals before being forced to cool down for about 5 more.
    • Arm Mounted Minigun: Welded to his left arm sits a retractable minigun, a true mark of the strength of America. This large gun, usually restricted to mounting on either vertibirds (helicopters) or armored transport vehicles, is held on his exosuit with pride. The gun is capable of firing large volleys of rapid fire bullets, though must be grasped by both hands in order to be fired at a target with any semblance of accuracy. The gun takes a few seconds to rev up enough to begin firing, which can often give a moment for enemies to escape if they have the bravery to do so.
    • Armor of Democracy: Frank's exoskeletal power armor is built to take a punch, and keep the person inside kicking. Built from a mix of ceramic composite plating, along with steel plating underneath, the armor is built to take on small arms fire without flinching, and to distribute damage from plasma and lasers to a minimum. The armor also possesses a built in respiratory and life support system, made to keep frank alive in even the most dangerous environments.

    • Shattered Body: Even if it is a marvel of futuristic technology, Frank's armor nearly killed him with it's installation, and is held together with proverbial duct tape. The armor's power capacitor must be recharged roughly twice per month, or else the suit will enter into low power mode. In this mode, the suit's UI is effectively lost, and the remaining power in the back is diverted solely to keeping life support online. In this state Frank is forced to lug around his heavy armor, making him move at a crawling pace, unable to charge up his blade, and makes aiming his minigun very difficult. Another half a month after this, his armor will run completely out of power, slowly suffocating and eventually killing Frank in the process. It can be charged with standard electrical outlets and generators.

      If this wasn't bad enough in itself, frank's previously mentioned 'Life Support System' is a complex set of injectors and containers, filled with various chemicals and medication to simply prevent his body from keeling over in rejection of his modifications. While thankfully his suit only needs to be refilled roughly once every 2 months, the chemicals within are rather expensive, and he would die in a matter of days without them. With his new life in Pandora, Frank will soon be forced to hunt down medical professionals if he wishes to live.
    • Shattered Mind: Though he keeps up a tough attitude, often quipping in the face of damage, or laughing in the face of his fearful enemies, he is rather confused in his role of America. Though he serves his country with gusto, fulfilling all requests given to him by his superiors, he still is doubtful of his rightfulness to serve. From a young age, he, like all other members of the Enclave, was taught to hate and shun the mutants of the human race, and yet, he has become just that. A Mutant. This question has become even more strained with his isolation from his previously so close nation, as he decides whether he can continue his eradication of the mutant scum when surrounded by so many who do not support his goals. He frequently is shaken by nightmares on this subject, and now in his current setting, is forced to doubt and reconsider almost all of his decisions.
    • Shattered Technology: The easiest way to disable a raging Frank Horrigan is simple: A very large taser. Though his armor is resistant to both heat and blunt damage, the electronics in the suit are somewhat weak to electricity. Though normal levels of electricity, like static shocks or otherwise are not enough to do much, larger volt shocks can stun his suit, shutting down the various mechanical parts temporarily, with it taking roughly 2 hours for it to completely reboot. This weakness also applies to EMP strikes directing in the vicinity, which makes him weak to just about all forms of anti electronic weaponry.


    To the world, Frank looks a lot like a children's book monster, swooping in, destroying the village, and laughing tin the face of any who appose him. He's not afraid to kill those he considers to be lesser humans who get in his way, though he is reluctant to hurt those he considers 'Pure Humans'. Internally however, Frank is much less collected, and more just confused, maybe even a little scared. Years and yeahs of physical torture and horrific mutations have left him scarred and hurt on a deep level, one which he has attempted to mask with service and devotion to his people.

    Despite his people's attempts however, Frank Horrigan is still very much an unstable soldier, prone to both violent outbursts, and depressive lows in the case of failure, loss, or even anticipation. Though he tries hard to keep his head cool, and work calmly, outbursts are to be expected, and anticipated.


    A hulking behemoth of a man, Frank is almost 10 feet tall in height, with footsteps that can be heard from far away. A vast majority of his body is coated in grey and tan armor, bulking out from both his chest and back, making him look even more top heavy then he already is. the compartment on his back holds both his life support system and power armor core, making it a somewhat vulnerable target. Some parts of Frank, including his upper arm and lower neck, are not covered in armor. These sections reveal a thick, green, pasty skin underneath, brought on by his horrid mutations. He cannot remove the helmet that sits upon his head, leading to him having faintly red glowing eyes, and a raspy mechanical voice.

    On his left shoulder rests an image of the Old American Flag, and in front of his heart sits the insignia of the Enclave Armed Forces.


    Born on the Poseidon Oil Rig, Frank was raised like every other child under the care of the United States. Taught that the Military works tirelessly to purge the Wasteland of both the Mutants and Communists, who both seeked to destroy democracy as they knew it. Frank showed promise in both intellectual fields and athletic ones, and shortly after being enlisted into the Armed Forces, was brought into the Secret Service.

    In September of 2236, a 25 year old Frank was participating in The President's most recent order: To excavate the Mariposa Military Base to unlock it's secrets in both technology, and the mythical Forced Evolutionary Virus.The mission, though not without casualties, was eventually a success, and samples of the Virus were brought back to the oil rig. Unfortunately, Frank, along with several other soldiers, came into contact with the serum. Over the next two years, Frank was exposed to horrifying mutations, changing the color of his skin, and the strength of his body. He grew several feet, his voice grew deeper, he adopted a more hunched over posture, along with several other minor changes.

    During these next two years, testing on Frank was common by the Enclave scientists, who determined Frank was non infectious by touch, and still in control of his now scarred mind. They proceeded to test his physical and mental health, to which they determined that with regular therapy and re-education, Frank could later be reintroduced into the armed forces. Not wanting to risk it however, the scientists engineered a great suit to encapsulate their soldier. This suit work much like a double edged sword; while it made him stronger, and gave him the use of great weapons, it's system made him dependent on his Enclave masters, and able to be subdued by a normal person with proper training.

    Over the next three years, Frank served his country as a prime supersoldier, able to take out entire gangs if wastelanders on his own. He fought melodiously, and soon became somewhat of a celebrity among his fellow soldiers. A one man army, a beacon of democracy, a true patriot. Frank's next challenge would come soon though, in the form of a tribal known as 'The Chosen One'. This tribal had been chosen by the small village of Arroyo, and sent on a quest to find The G.E.C.K., a device able to cure the village's dying crops and livestock, and able to save the people. On The Chosen One's quest however, The people of Arroyo were abducted by the Enclave for use in biological weapon testing to purge the wasteland of mutants.

    Later, on the Oil Rig, The Chosen one arrived in order to save his people, and prevent the Enclave from reaching their goal. He soon met up with Frank Horrigan, who blocked the way to freeing the people of the wastes. After a long conversation and a longer battle, Frank was nearly killed, and would have been killed if not for the magics of Pandora whisping him away from certain doom.


    Frank watched patiently as the figure cloaked in the power armor of America's soldiers walked into the room he stood in. It was blasphemy for a wasteland mutant to be wearing the pinnacle of American Ingenuity, and he planned to right this wrong.

    "You've gotten a lot further then you should have, but then you haven't met Frank Horrigan. Your ride's over mutie, prepare to die."

    He boomed out at the figure in the doorway, a tone of pure confidence and fearlessness emanating from his helmet's speakers. A normal man would have ran, or curled up into a ball at the sight of such a horror, but this newcomer was no normal man.

    "Huh? Frank Who?"

    The Chosen One called in response, his own tone not revealing if this was a taunt, or actual confusion at the name. Frank could not comprehend that such a big enemy of The Enclave could be unaware of himself, and as such he elaborated.

    "Me, Frank Horrigan, that's who. United States Secret Service. You aren't going anywhere from here."

    If the man could smile, he likely would have at that quip. He may not have looked like it, but he still believed he was a prime soldier of the Human race, capable of felling any problem that came his way. This small daydreaming session was broken by this insolent intruder once more however

    "I'm going passed you whether you like it or not."

    This wastelander had some nerves, and some guts. Able to back talk what could be the strongest man this side of the east coast. It was troublesome to Frank, to say the least. 'How is this guy so confident?' he thought silently to himself for a moment. He wasn't used to the other side actually talking back, so he tried intimidation once more.

    "Making our reactor melt-down means that things are going to be pretty hot in here soon. Pity you wont be here long enough to see it. You're not a hero, you're just a walking corpse."

    A final threat towards this stranger, a final attempt to trigger the flight response so many fell to. But to Horrigan's dismay, and utter surprise, the wastelander responded with his own threat.

    "There's only one mutant here, and that's you! Time to die, freak!"

    Mutant. Horrigan's own insult used against him on his playing field. It was shocking. So shocking in fact, that Frank was left speechless on his side of the room. This shock however, soon devolved into a deep primal rage that overtook him. Extending his minigun from his arm, Frank took aim at the horrible disgusting mutie before him and fired a volley of rounds at them. The Chosen One was caught off guard, being slammed by the first few bullets before dodging out of the way of the rest. Several turrets popped out from the walls of the room, ready to join the fight. They were not ready enough however.

    The Chosen One pulled a rifle like weapon, a light machine gun known as a 'Bozar', and fired precise volley after volley at the turrets. They only got a few shots onto him before he had dispatched them. As the wasteland horror turned back to Horrigan however, he was met with the green glow of plasma as the armored figure charged at him. His blade thrust at The Chosen One, aiming for the head. The heated weapon only glanced the top of the helmet as The Chosen one ducked out of the way, bringing to arm his own weapon. A large mechanical sledgehammer slammed into Frank's legs, making him stumble as the wastelander retreated.

    Frank arose to the sight of the LMG aimed right at him, and didn't even have time to raise his own gun before he was hit with volley after volley. He was first knocked back, then knocked over, then finally brought to his knees. Warning alerts filled his vision as his suit screamed in response, and he was met with a final glance of The Chosen One. He knew he would die in a matter of seconds, and he had some final words planned up. Just as he felt lke his middle was about to explode however, the most odd thing happened. Out from the shadows rose several tendrils of darkness. They latched onto Horrigan's armor, enveloping him in a shroud of shadow. By the time they dissipated, The Chosen One was left alone in the room, as Frank had completely disappeared.

    . . .

    Frank awoke to the sounds of.... machines? His suit warned him that while it had stabilized his injuries, he was still very much fragile. He sat up in the alleyways of a city, and saw lights from the street ahead.

    "What in God's name?"

    He muttered quietly, or well, as quietly as a massive superhuman could whisper, as he saw something his people hadn't seen in almost two centuries: A living society.

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  2. Frank Horrigan

    Frank Horrigan Fallout

    F.E.V. Mutant
    Lawful Evil
    Heya, I think this is ready to be checked over?
  3. Duck

    Duck shia le beowulf
    Application Division

    your application is

    Wow, he really dodged a bullet there. Get it? Eh?

    Anyway, this looks good. Have fun!

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