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Hotel Transylvania

Discussion in 'Hotel Transylvania' started by Octi, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Octi

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    Hotel Transylvania

    Hotel Transylvania is a classy, five stake resort run by monsters, for monsters. Though humans will be (generally) safe enough going there, no promise that they won't be scared out of their minds. Or at least creeped out. Also, best of luck to those who dare to experience the menu options for the more monstrous appetites.

    Hotel GroundsThe hotel is located deep in the Silver Wood, on a large island at the middle of a lake that did not exist in the previous season. The hotel itself is spooky and creepy, always with a fog hovering around it. Even the sun seems dimmer in the middle of the day. A large graveyard is found around the back, the perfect resting place for its zombie guests, right near the in-ground pool and its mile high diving board.

    AmenitiesBlackcat Bowling Alley
    Ghosts hand out the bowling shoes and goblins serve beer. There will be a league formed for the fall and monthly finals to decide which teams are the bowling beasts! The trophy might be a bit old and possessed but it is a treasure for your mantel!

    The Pool
    The water is green and slimy, with the more aquatic guests laying about with their tentacles spread out. There's plenty of seating on the poolside, a mile high diving board, and there's always some pool games happening. Plus there's the poolside, always stocked buffet.

    Dining Room
    Our hunchbacked chef will whip up some entrails, monkey's brains, or a screaming omelet, your choice! Whatever your appetite or particular 'condition' requires, this is the place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks.

    Dance the night away in the lavish party hall. This huge hall is decorated with ancient chandeliers, stained glass, and complete with balconies. A cash bar (that looks more like a mad scientist's workstation), dancing floor, and live undead band will get your feet moving. Yes, we will be playing The Monster Mash at least once a night.

    Spell &Specter Spa
    Have a master monster masseuse massage all your troubles away. Need a hair-raising style? Check out our scary stylists.

    A huge collection of all of the monstrous classics (though just slightly rewritten, because the monster should always win). Plus, join guests for the nightly game of bingo from the oldest bingo host you have ever seen.

    Haunted Hayride
    A favorite of monster kiddies everywhere. Climb into the hayride and ride through scenes of terrifying humans wielding pitchforks, dissecting your mummy uncle, or poisoning vampires with garlic!
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