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Hoverboards save lives

Discussion in 'The Calamity' started by Papika, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Papika

    Papika Guest

    Calamity Phase 1
    It hasn't been long since Papika arrived in Pandora, just a couple of days in fact, but it was enough for her (especially thanks to her permanently cheerful and optimistic nature) to get used to it at least a bit. She didn't know everything about Pandora, in fact she didn't know a lot of things, but she had a roof above her at night, a lunch at midday and a couple of friends to share said lunch with and that was all that mattered to her. Of course, she didn't forget about her old life, (she couldn't, she knew that, but she also knew that she must keep going no matter what happens). She would be curious frequently what everyone at Flip Flap is doing.

    I wonder how's Cocona doing. And Yayaka. And Hidaka and Salt.

    She thought about that as she was flying on her hoverboard exploring the quarter where the orphanage she currently lived in was located. She has had so much practice with her hoverboard that she could practically fly with her eyes closed.
    Bu-chan was flying behind her on his rotor. Normally he wouldn't stand a chance to Papika on her hoverboard and would never be able to catch up to her, but today she decided to make an exception and slow down for him. Bu-chan was more and more becoming her friend rather than an annoyance like he used to be in the past.

    "Pyu!"Bu-chan tore her away from her thoughts, gently tugging the sleeve of her school uniform.
    "What is it Bu-chan?" Papika glanced over her shoulder at the robot.
    "Pyu. Pyu pyu pyu!" He responded, his metal claw pointing at something on the ground.
    She looked in said direction and what she saw took her breath away. There was a tall massive building, shaking like a leaf in the wind, but before Papika could process what was happening, said building collapsed like a house of cards.


    "Bu-chan! What do we do?" She turned to the robot, waiting for an advice.
    Kanji for "AWAY" appeared on his screen.
    "Away?" She repeated his advice, considering it silently, when a terrible thought struck her.

    Oh no! The Orphanage!

    "Bu-chan we have to go back, hop on and hold on tight!" She announced in a voice that didn't leave space for discussion (as she always did to Bu-chan). The robot hesitantly obeyed
    "Pyu?" Bu-chan was confused only for a split second, before the hoverboard jerked and started whizzing through the air.
    "Pyupyupyupyupyu!" Bu-chan's protests echoed in the now darkening sky.
    When they arrived at the orphanage, they found the building already in ruins.


    "Hello? " Papika jumped off her hoverboard and called out to the debris, hoping to hear a voice or anything that would signify survivors.
    "Is anyone in there? "
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  2. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    At first, there wouldn't be that much of a response coming from the rubble. Having a whole building fall down upon one's head probably didn't allow for such things, especially if one were to be knocked out in the process.

    And yet...

    ...Once a few minutes of total silence came and went, what else might the next sound be, other than a loud knocking from somewhere inside...?

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  3. Papika

    Papika Guest

    "Hello? Is anyone in here? " Papika continued shouting at the top of her lungs, with her hands turned into a cone to amplify the volume, hoping to hear at least a single survivor.

    "Pyuuu! Pyuuu!" Bu-chan, Papika's robot was trying to help as best as he could by making the only sound he was able to. Just like Papika he also kept turning his rectangular head around to see any possible survivors, when suddenly…his auditory pathways registered a sound.
    "Pyu…?" Bu-chan stopped and listened, trying to determine whether he heard right or whether he just imagined it. When he heard the same sound again, he knew it wasn't just an illusion.

    "Pyu!" He called on Papika, who ran to him as soon as her ears caught his robotic voice.
    "What is it, Bu-chan?" She asked, worry apparent in her tone.
    "Pyu!" He said, putting one of his claws in the air and displaying the kanji for "LISTEN" on his screen. Papika did as told and her eyes widened, when she realized that the sound they both heard was knocking from underneath the rubble.

    Someone is down there!

    "I can hear you! Help is coming!" She shouted as loud as she could in the direaction of the sound and quickly tried to pull away the nearest piece of rubble. But soon she found out that even with the little robot's help, they stood no chance.

    I must transform!

    She thought as she touched the golden bracelet on her ankle and shouted her transformation catchphrase:
    "Flip Flapping!" A bright light swallowed her whole and when she opened her eyes, she was in her henshin form. She put a disobedient strand of her now blue hair behind her ear and brushed off a bit of dust from her snow white dress.

    In her Henshin form, the rubble became paperweight and before long she found herself staring into a face of a man.
    "Are you okay?" She asked, worry written all over her face.
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  4. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    At first, Jefferson thought that maybe, no thanks to Pandora tearing itself apart, he himself was doomed.

    And not just himself, but also the last two children in this building who hadn't first ran away or been evacuated. The very orphanage collapsing around them seemed to back up this idea, too...until he heard the strange sounds coming from outside.

    Specifically, a young human voice, followed by the steady beeps of some brand of automaton. It was all he had to go on, yet after he felt the two orphans stirring on either side of him, he felt that it was as good a chance as any that they might get out of this alive after all.

    Turned out, he was right.

    "That depends," he began weakly, coughing a little from all the smoke and debris that filled the air.
    "I don't suppose you're familiar with child care...?"

    The children in question--one boy, one girl--stared up at her, a little alarmed by her sudden appearance. Maybe that was why they decided to stick close to the only adult left in this part of the town.

    "Because...I'm thinking it might be a good idea to take them up first..."

  5. Papika

    Papika Guest

    "What…" Papika blinked in confusion a few times, not expecting such unusual question. She also hadn't understood at first why he asked that question, but soon she noticed two children; a boy and a girl lying next to the man and then everthing clicked. She noticed the way they were staring at her and she wasn't surprised; a building had just collapsed on their heads and now a blue haired girl, in a short white dress and long black boots suddenly appeared in front of them.

    "Don't worry; I am here to help you!" She gave a quick smile to reassure the three of them and began working towards setting them free.

    "Bu-chan, I need you to help!" She commanded the robot, who gave an affirnative "Pyu!" as his response.
    Since she was in her Henshin form, her strength was increased and so without much effort, she lifted up the piece of wall (or was it roof?) that imprisoned the man and the children, and then nodded at Bu-chan. The robot moved closer to the girl and outstretched one of his metal claws to her. In the past, Bu-chan had no problems lifting up Cocona, Papika's friend and even flying with her using his rotor, so children this young should be no problem for him.

    "Pyu. Pyu, pyu." Bu-chan tried to soothe the children and persuade them to trust him.

    "Don't worry! He's a good robot!" Papika chimed in, while still holding the rubble as if it was just a wooden stick. Bu-chan slowly extended his metal claws and gently pulled the girl out and immediately after he pulled out the boy. When it was time to pull out the man, Bu-chan hesitated. He wasn't sure if he was strong enough. Lifting small children was one thing, but lifting an adult man was a completely different thing and Bu-chan didn't want to hurt anyone.

    "Pyu!" He called on Papika. She immediately understood what he meant and a bright idea popped up in her head.

    She used her 'Bubbles' ability, to create a sort of blueish force field around the man, that would hold the rubble in her stead, but it would not harm the man in any way. In the past she used this ability to create a powerful shield for herself. As soon as the Bubble was created and Papika was sure the rubble wouldn't collapse again, she and Bu-chan pulled the man out.

    "Pyu!" Bu-chan sighted in relief when all three of them were out of the ruins.
    "Are you injured?" She asked, giving the three of them an attentive look.
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  6. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Ah. He had been right in identifying this automaton, and probably also hadn't been too foolish as to think it had bad intentions. No, it seemed he would have a few more helpers tonight, and not a moment too soon.

    "It's all right, you can go with him...don't be afraid..."

    The children had been afraid to start with, but not for too long. First Jenna would be taken out of the rubble with no complications, and then Allen would go next. Good. It was very good to know that he wouldn't have to hope for any more miracles tonight, because hopefully, one would be enough.

    In fact, once it came time for him to leave the rubble--and with a blue wave of something magical, no less--Jefferson began to think that they might have a chance after all.

    "...Fairies bless you both! It's been an interesting few hours, hasn't it...?"

    His charges still looked rather fearful, but at least they tried to giggle along with his attempt at joking. Another positive sign that things could be looking up here.

    "And no, I think we're all still able to walk," he went on, testing his limbs to make sure. "I can carry one of them if I turn out to be wrong, though..."

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  7. Papika

    Papika Guest

    "Pyu?" The little robot pointed his claw into the sky. Normally this would be what sky looked like at night, but Papika clearly remembered it was midday just a while ago. It was getting darker and darker, as if someone spilled a black paint all over it. Combined with the previous earthquake and the collapsed buildings around them it really made an apocalypse-like sight.

    Papika didn't notice the sky darkening, when she was flying on her hoverboard, it only caught her attention now, when there weren't other pressing matters at hand (the man and children were out of immediate danger and uninjured). However she didn't give any notable reaction. She just gave the sky a one quick glance and decided to pay attention to things which were more important in her opinion (also she didn't want to scare the children even more by pointing out that the city around them resembled a post-apocalyptic wasteland)

    She looked at the man, who was pulled out of the rubble the last.

    He must be a supervisor or a teacher or something.

    She thought before she voiced her thought: "Was anyone else with you? Is anyone else in the rubble?" She asked him, her voice full of concern.
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