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How To Train Your Cucco

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Shigure, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Shigure

    Shigure Guest

    July 17th, Year 7

    The Cucco. A friendly, chicken-like creature - well, as long as you didn't hurt one. Then you'd find yourself in a death-by-Cucco-flock situation. But befriending one would give you a good ally and a nice pet. A loyal friend to the end. At least, that's what the poster had said on the way when Shigure went into a barn fully of young, healthy flocks of them. He looked around, seeing a few on sale. He had been saving up for one, especially since he couldn't guard his pegasus while he was asleep.

    And their eggs made the best meals, if you could get one. Shigure went to a man and asked about adopting one. He was shown a few Cuccos, but one had taken Shigure's notice. Shigure ran over to an injured one, who was the only one that hatched from all the eggs one of the Cuccos laid. After asking more about the Cuckoo, Shigure had found out it was alone, due to the mother dying from sadness over her other eggs not hatching. Immediately, Shigure gave the man the money he had saved up.

    As Shigure had headed for his pegasus - the Cucco in a cage - he realized he had no idea on how to heal it. Was it like a regular chicken when it came to recovery? How would a wounded Cucco trust a man if he had to make it a splint for his broken wing? He asked around, knowing somebody had to be able to help him. There was someone, right?! He couldn't let his Cucco break his wing forever!

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  2. Link

    Link Guest

    Link and Cuccos carried an interesting history. Well, they had tried to eat him on several occasions. Anju had trusted Link to look after and catch her birds too, so he had been highly familiar with their habits and preferred snacks. He was glad to be full-sized, however, getting to explore this familiar yet different piece from his home. Some of the residents had said they were from Hyrule, but Link hadn't recognized a single soul. He felt especially concerned none of them had heard about his grandpa either.

    He kicked over a pebble, rather disheartened from the rumors others had written him. Link had thought he had found the key home. It had appeared he was wrong.

    "You shouldn't keep him in a cage for too long..." Link said with a despondent tone shadowing over his desire to be helpful. The man that had approached him was tall, with blue hair and an appearance about him that made Link think the man would have been a good fit to be a knight in Zelda's castle.
  3. Shigure

    Shigure Guest

    "Oh!" Shigure looked down a bit, and was surprised he saw a young fellow who knew about Cuccos. And the little green tunic was adorable on him. "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?" Shigure replied. "But my Cucco here has a broken wing! How do I keep him from trying to take his splint off, little one?" He asked in a nice tone. Even if the kid didn't know much, Shigure virtually only knew that a Cucco could summon a flock to attack hostile people who try to hurt them or their owners - so he'd still have known more than the Pegasus Knight would at that point in time.

    He handed the small cage to the child. "Do you want to help me get him back to my camp nearby? Maybe help me nurture the little guy to health tonight?" He kindly asked. Having a pet Cucco required know-how, and he had an inkling the boy had even more. He looked like a child who wanted to be a knight, so he decided to play on that. "If you help me, I can tell you some stories of my experience as a knight! I promise!" He smiled at the kid. Hopefully he'd like that, since Shigure needed money to keep his travels going and now, TWO animals fed and kept in good health.

    He walked back to his pegasus slowly, as he waited for the child to respond. Maybe seeing how he could get a free pegasus ride or two out of the experience would've been all Shigure needed to know the basics to having a Cucco. And his offer still stood that he would tell stories if the child would help him spruce up and take care of his new Cucco's injuries. Maybe even help name it...

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  4. Link

    Link Guest

    Something about helping someone made Link forget about his homesickness for the moment. He straightened up a bit, staring up at the stranger. “No matter where you put a cucco they always manage to get out. I used to spend a whole afternoon wrangling them back into their fence. They just like to explore, even spooky dungeons if they have the chance, but a cucco never EVER gets lost.”

    Link took the cage and looked inside. The poor guy...

    “I can help! We come from the same place, so we have to look out for each other. They like music, but only the right songs. We could try that.” Link admittedly quietly, and followed the knight. He had a flying horse and Link gasped. This cucco would be in good company.

    “I do like stories.” Link said with a small smile. Of course, Link had quite a few tales from his own adventures as well to share.