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hunting rabbits

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Cait, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Cait

    Cait Guest

    20th June
    @Raven Reyes

    At least it was getting warmer. That was about the only positive she could think of at the moment. Having declined to stay in Morhall, she had taken to the road, determined to find some way to contact back home, or even find someone who knew about what this Underworld was all about. She had to understand how to get back or how to tell Divis where she was. So, at the moment, all the had apart from the clothes she stood up was a few bits of fruit in her bag, a half full skin of water, a bow strung over her arm she'd been given before she'd left Morhall and some arrows. That was it. Cait grumbled to herself, she knew she should feel grateful, it was more than she'd had in a long time.

    For the past weeks she had been out in the wilderness, making shelters but never staying anywhere long, just like Divis had taught her. She hadn't left much of a trace; she was still scared that the Romans were after her. They had been convinced that she was their way out of there, and she supposed that this time they wouldn't be as patient with her seeing as she had escaped their grasp. So, she was trying to put as much distance between her and them as possible. She had lost track of the time since she'd encountered anyone out here, the only thing she'd really had any interaction with was the nature around her, using what she could.

    Her stomach rumbled and she ran her hand over the side of her face; where the druids had tattooed little symbols there. She still had no idea what they meant, as it was the language of the runes. She sighed a little and figured that the best thing to do here would be to find a rabbit or something to eat. It was around midday, guessing from the position of the sun, so she still had a while to catch something. Cait walked through the forest, trying to keep trained eyes on the ground for any indication there might be a population of rabbits nearby, or just anything she could eat. As she walked, she heard something rustling up ahead, and held her bow up with an arrow knocked, just in case. Her first thought was that it could be the Romans and she looked around her quickly, but it seemed the only other thing moving was in front of her, "Come out." She demanded loudly, "I can hear you." Cait's heart was in her mouth but at least if it was Aulus and the Romans she would have the chance to bolt before they made a grab for her. Maybe if she was lucky she'd land the arrow somewhere it would really hurt too.
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