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Private i am the captain now!

Discussion in 'Crystal Vales' started by Wade Wilson, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson Marvel Universe

    Social Media Influencer
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    Chaotic Neutral

    Date: June 22, Year 108
    Location: Outside Waterfall Cave in the region of Cold Harbor
    Time: 10:11 pm
    Tag: @Lorna Dane


    An unassuming dinghy pulled in front of the waterfall that shrouded the cave beyond it. The moonlight illuminated over the The small boat was manned by four men, rowing vigorously with oars, certainly the unsavory types judging from the multiple tattoos etched on their bodies and semi-automatic rifles strapped to their backs. Directly behind the pirates sat a bound and gagged young woman, clearly terrified out of her mind. Around here were multiple chests, lacquered and embroidered with gold and silver. It almost looked like a scene from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean mixed in with a bit of Captain Phillips and Uncharted, with the pirates preparing to dock and tuck away their captured loot in a remote cave far away from the prying eyes of civilization. Only problem was it wasn't a secret.

    Peeking through his binoculars while doing his best to blend into the natural foliage, Wade observed the scene all while formulating a viable plan in his head. In addition to the AK-47s, the pirates had machetes by their sides for close quarters. Nothing Wade couldn't handle. The only issue was the captured woman, no doubt a hostage in case things went south. Wade couldn't bull rush and be his usual reckless self without her becoming collateral damage. He'd have to switch up the strategy somehow.

    I didn't come all this way to a randomass secret cave to play hero. Do I really need to rescue the chick?

    He battled with his conscience, as much as he hated to admit it he would still end up doing the right thing in the end. Even if his original intention was to loot the pirates of their booty. From his vantage point, Wade could see that the chests and whatever treasures were housed within would be more than enough to buy as many cars and chimichangas as his heart desired. He wasn't even sure if he'd stay long enough in this accursed place to enjoy all that wealth but if he was going to be trapped in Pandora, at least he would make the most of his time here and fulfill all his fantasies. He always wanted to fight and steal from pirates.

    Guess dreams did come true.
  2. Lorna Dane

    Lorna Dane Marvel Universe

    Single mom
    Chaotic Good

    I promise those two words had to be the most self-destructive phrase in her vocabulary. It was a phrase that set people up with hope and possible betrayal. Saying such a thing when you had no idea if you were able to follow through just sets yourself up for failure. It was all she could say to the grieving women whose child had been taken by strangers. Now if she failed, she'd have to live with that failure and feel just as helpless as that women if something ever happened to her own daughter. Her own daughter was with Kal at the moment.

    Tracking them down was the hard part, she made a few friends and enemies along the way. But there she was seeing the men and the cave, she ignored their treasure. Come on, come on... She whispered while looking through her own binoculars. Till she saw the girl. Still alive.

    Now was the delicate moment in any operation, one where the goal is so close but one slipup could pull victory out from under you. She probably shouldn't be out here alone, maybe she could call Pietro or Wanda hell even Superman. It would be the smart move, they could take care of this no problem. She wouldn't even have to do anything. But, she didn't call them. For a few reasons, she justified it as needing to know she can handle things on her own in this world. However, deep down it was ego and pride-thanks dad.

    With some calculations, she strategized how she would do this then smirked before taking a step onto the surface of the water floating up into the air. Once she was close enough but still unseen by the men she quickly raised her green glowing fists that she raised up then threw sideways like jazz hands. The action pushing the men away from the women. She quickly focused her energy to treasure on the boat, using whatever metals she could cling to in order to rake the boat away from their dock and toward the exit, faster than they could row but slower than she'd like. To draw fire she passed through the waterfall and prepared to defend herself and the boat from the dazed men.

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