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Private i have so many emoceans

Discussion in 'Atlantis' started by Arthur Curry, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Arthur Curry

    Arthur Curry DC Universe


    date | September 21st, Y109
    tagged | @Queen Maeve

    He was like Finding Dory with the just keep swimming routine, at least in terms of poking his way through his remaining days of Pandora... however many of those were left. He was also a simple man who had never desired much beyond the sea, and copious amounts of tequila and water-resistant leather. Even his annoyance at the concept of Rapture didn't extend much further than a superficial disdain. But then Atlantis and Mera had thrown a wrench in his happy go lucky simplemindedness, and scaling back to that simplicity hadn't been as easy as he would've thought. Sometimes frustratingly so.

    Was he being unfaithful here? Asking a hot girl out for happy hour in a venue that may or may not be considered quixotic? Was it inappropriate even if he kept his intentions largely casual and friendly? At what point during the past six months should he have no longer considered himself attached to someone else, heart and soul? And what if Mera came back? Of which there was no guarantee, and Arthur was neither idealistic nor dopey-eyed enough to pine after the concept of a(n amazing) woman he might not reach again for all perpetuity.

    Fortunately Arthur was still simple enough to successfully avoid thinking of Maeve as Hot Girl, for the most part, and default on the ever safe and totally kid-friendly Cool Badass To Shoot The Shit With. Any deeper implications were like nagging whispers from the recesses of his brain meant to be sealed away. And she was a cool badass; if it cost him nothing at all to keep in touch with her, why the hell not? He still had questions about that shitshow world of hers, but was content to play the night by ear.

    She struck him as a reticent one—one who wrapped a veil of mystique about her like a shield. It wasn't like he couldn't relate. And maybe that's another part of what kept him around: a curiosity worth solving.

    "So I was thinking," he went on shortly after they'd settled down to their respective stools, "if we're having sushi, we might as well have 'em at the bottom of the ocean." He picked up a salmon nigiri piece with a pair of chopsticks. "I haven't had shit this fresh since it was squirming in my mouth." Deadpan, but not joking in the slightest.

    Although he didn't... prefer... eating live fish.

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  2. Queen Maeve

    Queen Maeve The Boys


    Maeve didn't know what to make of this. The invitation or the casual way that Arthur had made it all seem. It didn't take a genius to figure out that there might have been something more than just dinner on his mind when he had invited her out but Maeve wasn't reading into it either. She didn't know what she wanted out of this but she liked Arthur. Liked him well enough to agree to go to sushi underwater even though that sounded like a bad idea. That was fine, she could swim to the surface if anything did actually happen. Maybe not the most positive thought ever but Maeve had stopped being an optimist a long time ago.

    There was a bit of a chuckle in response to Arthur's words. Might as well? "I suppose." She felt more relaxed than she had when she first walked through the door. Maybe there was something about getting settled and spending more time there. The glass seemed more solid and everyone else seemed calm, so why not Maeve too? There was something about his next line that made her eyes narrow ever so slightly in between picking up a piece of sushi.

    "Not going to elaborate further?" There was more than a little amusement in her voice and a bit of a smile on her lips. She was in casual clothing again, or rather nice... everyday wear? Not her uniform. This was a social situation but that did mean that there was more than enough room to be friendly with Arthur. There was something about his face that suggested he was being serious too. Which just sounded really odd to Maeve but she was more than willing to hear more details if Arthur felt like sharing them.

    Maeve was far more comfortable here than she had been on the plane. In more ways than one, being underwater seemed safer to her. Doubly in a world that seemed to not have Homelander. The more she confirmed that, with careful searches around the cities and through keeping tabs on news, the more comfortable Maeve got with... everything about Pandora. There was a flash of something in her that might have been the beginnings of... well, it didn't matter. A glimmer was not a confirmation and only time would really tell if she was... safer here. She took another drink of her tea, looking casual despite the turn of thoughts in her head.