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I Hope I'm Good At This | Behold! Instant Noodles! Organizer

Discussion in 'Player Organizers' started by Behold! Instant Noodles!, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Behold! Instant Noodles!


    Behold! Instant Noodles!

    Didn't think that name through much, huh?

    About MeHello. My name is Behold! Instant Noodles!, which should probably be shortened down to just Noodles for the sake of everyone involved. I'm still trying to find my feet in terms of roleplaying online, as most of my experience has been from either playing with friends around a table or live-action roleplaying. However, I've spent a great deal of time reading up on things, and I'm fairly confident I know what I'm doing. If I manage to mess something up though, please don't hesitate to let me know!

    Beyond the usual "I like to roleplay" things, I like to play music (I collect instruments like I collect bad habits, and collecting instruments is a bad habit, so I'm stuck in an endless loop here), watch too many cartoons and play slightly too many video games. I live in London (UK), I fall asleep at inopportune times and I like cake. As far as a summary of my life goes, it might sound pretty depressing, but there are some awfully nice cakes out there.

    Roleplay PreferencesAs I mentioned earlier, I'm still rather new at this, so my roleplay preferences aren't exactly perfectly formed when it comes to play-by-post thingamajigs. I generally like things that are a little more lighthearted, and prefer stories with characters that are a little more down to earth in terms of powers. Although, obviously, an incredibly grim game of super-powered characters could also be fun, so... well, this hasn't been any help at all, has it?

    In short, I'm still trying to work out what exactly it is I like. A plot that's a little more lighthearted will generally get my attention, I'm a fan of a bit of comedy, so that'd be a bonus too. I don't mind not knowing the fandom/universe/whatchamacallit of the characters my characters are involved in - plus, it's always fun to find new books, films, shows, etc. to watch by playing with people.

    In terms of "How Often I'll Post", as I'm currently running a single character, I can comfortably manage a post each day. Or, if I've got nothing to reply to, well, there's always reading all the things that are going on over a cup of tea in the morning.

    LimitsI'd prefer to leave graphic depictions of sex, violence and that sort of thing out of it. Obviously there's a chance that a thing might not sit well with me, so my rule of thumb is - I'm an adult, you're an adult, and if something comes up that really makes us uncomfortable, we stop and we change things so we're all happy with it.

    Check out my characters below!

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  2. Behold! Instant Noodles!


    Dawn Bellwether



    Probably A VillainCurrently acting as the Head of Public Affairs in Pandora Town, Bellwether has somehow managed to gain a position of authority, and is now hurriedly trying to set up the apparatus that might keep her there. For the time being, she is doing a very good job of being the bumbling little sheep and - as much as she might hate to admit it - she's beginning to enjoy herself in Pandora.



    The Little Monster That, Repeatedly, Couldn'tArrived in Spring of Year 7, and spent the majority of that time running around pestering robots and trying to find something to do that'd make her feel better about herself. Having spectacularly failed in that endeavour, summer looks like it'll be the season of finding old friends, making new ones, having inappropriate crushes and, hopefully, settling down into a normal routine.



    The Big Monster That, Repeatedly, WillGLaDOS is straightforward; acquire test subjects, test with test subjects, repeat. Volunteers welcome.
    #2 Behold! Instant Noodles!, Mar 19, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018 at 8:30 AM
  3. Haytham Kenway

    Haytham Kenway Assassin's Creed

    SO HOI

    I'm still on Vacation, but since I got some wifi time I think I'll just drop this in here and see what you think ehhhh? <.<

    So Haytham here is a Templar! You can read more about the Templars in his signature, but basically he's rounding up heads Government and other very important people (Lex Luthor, Light Yagami, Dark Vader, etc) and using them to create this sort of illuminati group that pulls the strings of society from the back drop. So if Dawn is interested in getting involved in some illuminati shenanigans >D she'd get awesome government connections, people to protect her from bad press and such, and in exchange she'll help her new brothers towards the goal of quiet political domination /o3o/

    Also I'll be honest: Haytham is a major animal lover. This is in-game canon that he has to stop and pet every single animal he sees, including sheep I kid you not. So yah know: it'll be hysterical for him to have to work along side her as well as resist the temptation to constantly pet her which would be INAPPROPRIATE.

    I go now. *disappears into the shadows* /o3o\
  4. Behold! Instant Noodles!

    I think it's evil, despicable and the very idea that there's a group pulling the strings of society behind the curtains to be just, you know, terrible. In other words: where do I sign up?