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Private i pray the lord my soul to keep

Discussion in 'Pandora Town' started by Lucy Lane, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Lucy Lane

    Lucy Lane DC Universe

    Prosecutor/ARMOUR Interrogator
    302 Arlington House Apts
    29 (+1)
    Lawful Good

    @Elena Gilbert
    January 18th, Y7
    It wasn't like Lucy had never seen direct evidence of what happened to humans that walked home late at night. They ended up snacks of a hungry werewolf or worse. She'd been forced to stare directly at autopsy reports in her cases until her eyes could no longer focus, until she could see nothing but mutilated gore that once was a person, and yet, Lucy showed no fear (or sense of self preservation). As she rounded a corner at what was rapidly approaching midnight at least, all she bothered to do was wrap her coat tighter around herself and keep a brisk pace.

    It wasn't that she was stupid, more or less. She was far from it. What she was instead was overconfident. With everything she'd survived so far, it almost felt as if she were untouchable to danger, something she knew logically wasn't true and yet still found herself drifting towards unnecessary risks like these. She perfectly well could've taken a bus home or driven herself, but she'd found herself staying later and later at her office as her home grew more and more tense. Pandora's social climate continued to worsen and along with it, her family. It was why she preferred to walk -- to clear her head, to get some air, before she had to climb into bed with two women she was reasonably certain were growing to resent her.

    She should've called someone. She could've called Alex or Maggie to take her home and they would've done so in a heartbeat. Freya would've come. Kara would've come. Hell, she was reasonably certain even colleagues (good terms or no) such as McGill or Agent Romanoff would've came and picked her up without question if she claimed to feel unsafe.

    So in hindsight, it was her own errors that pissed her off most.

    #1 Lucy Lane, Jan 13, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
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  2. Elena Gilbert

    Elena Gilbert The Vampire Diaries

    19 (physically 18)
    Neutral Evil
    There were not, in truth, very many things about which Elena Gilbert could claim to care, any more. Not that she would care enough to claim it to begin with—it couldn’t be denied that existing without one’s humanity was an incredibly liberating experience. There were so many things average people practically drove themselves nuts caring about. Elena had been one of them—worried about school and money and boys and friends. So busy practically killing herself, more than once, just to keep them safe.

    Now, she had nothing to care about, save for her own survival. It was great.

    That said, she had been known to get… well, bored. Pandora was interesting enough in most respects, but there was only so much a young vampire could get out of lingering around local watering holes, picking out a few vulnerable humans to munch on. (Although it was considerably more difficult here than it had been back home—there had never been straight up aliens in Mystic Falls, at least not so far as Elena was aware.) So, while local politics didn’t really concern her (even where compulsion failed, her strength and speed worked just fine), she did snack on some pretty little secretary who worked for that judge—Froyo or something (wait, that was frozen yogurt, but it was something like that), who seemed to have a grudge against ‘superhuman menaces to society’.

    That was enough to, at least marginally, pique her interest. It wasn’t as if Elena had anything better to do, not really. Sure, Caroline was around, and had apparently flipped her own switch some time after Elena’d been brought into Pandora, but that meant she just wasn’t as fun to mess with. (At least she wasn’t gonna try forcing a cure on Elena any time soon, that was a definite bonus.) Plus, it wasn’t as if she didn’t have time to go poking around, compelling information out of a few easy targets (like one might expect of anyone with an anti-superhuman agenda, it seemed like most people who worked with him were just plain humans), and eventually she came upon a case that seemed to have made recent news and had at least some potential to stir up a shitstorm.

    She also got a name.

    Lucy Lane wasn’t overly cautious, it seemed—it was late at night, well after dark, and she was walking home alone. Either brave, or very, very stupid. Or maybe a mix of both.

    That worked perfectly to Elena’s advantage, of course. She doubted if there was even anyone around to hear this woman scream—she could compel her not to, of course, but that would just suck so much fun out of everything.

    “You’re that lawyer, aren’t you?” Elena asked, stepping from a shadowy alcove and into view, just far enough away from Lucy as to, she suspected, avoid sparking immediate suspicion. Not that pulling a gun, or whatever she might have, would help her now. A light smirk played about her lips, and it might almost have seemed warm and playful, were it not for a certain… deadness in her eyes, not that it was necessarily easy to tell in what dim lighting was provided by moonlight this late. Elena took a few steps forward, tilting her head as she studied her quarry.

    “Interesting case. Must’ve been easy, pinning a monstrous act on a monster like that.” She didn’t even need to fake disdain—werewolves were gross. “Bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you—putting a dangerous beast away.” She was practically purring by that point—what fun was there in having a midnight snack if she didn’t get to play with it first?
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