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i want your cray cray || twin plot

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Jessica Jones, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones Marvel Universe

    Private Investigator
    Gifted human
    Neutral Good
    Twin OverviewMeet Jessica Jones, fun loving, extroverted, ambitious twin of the surly, sarcastic, introverted Jessica Jones we all know(and love).

    This twin here is far different from Jessica in terms of personality and dress style - though both have a like for leather jackets, the twin is more into warmer colors than the dark expressions her darker twin wears.

    Jessica is a singer and aspiring super hero by the name of Jewel. Yes, that same name that Jessica had initially rejected after Trish suggested it!

    To make things a little easier, normal surly Jessica will be referred to as Jess with the twin being referred to as Jessie.

    Hooks!- People to meet! She is a social butterfly and would love to interact with people!
    - Superhero things! As an aspiring hero she could help stop crime, or try to and get beaten or something ;D
    - Friends of Jessica to realize that this isn't the Jess they know and tell her about it.
    - Something I have not thought of yet xD