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Private Ice cream road rage

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay' started by Jason Todd, Jul 12, 2018 at 8:20 PM.

  1. Jason Todd

    Jason Todd DC Universe

    Chaotic Neutral
    Date- 20th August, Year 7
    Tags- @Damian Wayne (& later @Lexa if you still want in Wolfie)

    Jason had not intended to be dragged into his younger brother's schemes, in fact he'd promised Tanaquil that he would just visit him and give him some gifts while checking to see if he would like to hang out later in their stay. But the visit to where Damian was staying that afternoon had led into him being talked into a patrol by the younger brother, whom had been about to head out even as Jason had shown up. Though now that Jason thought back to it the talking into this situation had been less of a talk and more of Damian telling him to come along or get lost.

    He'd discovered Damian knew something was going on in town, some thieves were robbing a bank and Jason knew that they weren't going to get there in time, the thugs were already climbing into their get away car after all. Wishing he was in his Red Hood rather than just the Red Domino he'd had on him Jason thought longingly of its HUD, but without it he glanced at the kid wondering what was going through his head when he saw a familiar vehicle trundling down the street.

    It was the only other vehicle in the area and Jason wondered at their ironic luck, before nudging Damian gently with his elbow, silently indicating the vehicle. It was white and pink, with a plastic ice cream in a cone on its roof and pictures of ice cream all over its side, idly it began playing a tune its driver not seeing that farther up the road the last thug was getting into the get away vehicle. Jason glanced back at Damian before saying lightly"Come on Robin, otherwise we'll lose them..."

    With that he was using his grapple gun to swing down from the rooftop they were on before jogging down the road towards the ice cream truck, reaching for his guns knowing that the best way to hi-jack the vehicle would be to frighten the driver into giving it over to them.
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