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Idk lmfao

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by milk, May 29, 2019.

  1. milk

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    Idk Lmfao

    Credit for idea: @Idris

    Yeet this Memory is EMPTY
    Beginning in early June, the assorted citizens of Pandora have been noticing their memories vanishing from their minds as if they had never existed in the first place. Both memories new and old - Pandora and from before - slipping away without any apparent cause. Instead of simply being left with a blank slate, new memories replace the old ones. Ones that retool their realities and make them question who their friends really are and what they've actually been up to in Pandora.

    • Forgotten memories can be Pandora only and/or from back home. Up to you.
    • The nature of the new memories is also entirely up to you, or if they get any at all. Simply forgetting things is also an option.
    • New memories can be tied together for people. Example: two people who in reality have never met, remembering they're best friends.
    • New memories are not tied to reality technically. So if you say your character remembers fist-fighting a dragon to death, that didn't actually happen. Some other people might remember it happening, but it did not happen.
    • New memories should not be used to force fame/infamy upon a character. Mass remembering of events will not be part of this event. The biggest it can go is small groups. Even then, no more than four-five people.
    • Remembering you're famous/infamous is fine, just nobody will back it up.
    • Also remembering you did a crime that didn't happen and going on the run is encouraged.
    • Also remembering you're a singer when you can't sing is also encouraged.
    • Basically get weird and have fun with this.
    • Yes, you can use this to clean slate a character form their canon-point. If you want to use this event to change their canon point, please actually reapp them. If you want to use this event to mess with their memories so they temporarily remember only an earlier canon-point, you don't have to reapp anything since it's temporary.
    • New memories shouldn't spoil your character for future canon-points in their source material.
    • Memories can come and go as you see fit. They can be messed up one week, and fine the next. Basically play it however you feel is fun.
    • At the end of the season, their memories can be restored or continued to be messed up. 100% up to the player.
    • Obviously it should be noted that not every character will be infected with this problem.

    How to Join: This is 100% player driven so just feel free to use this like sprinkles in your summer plots <3
    Location: All of Pandora!
    Time-Frame (In Character): Entire summer season!
    Questions?: Feel free to reply to this thread or poke the questions channel. Or honestly you can come into my personal DMs and ask : )
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