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If Another Path Were Taken...[M/Tw]

Discussion in 'AU Board' started by Sauron, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Sauron

    Sauron Tolkien Legendarium

    Dark Lord
    On His Dark Throne
    Older than Time
    Lawful Evil
    September 7, year 109
    @Jaesa Willsaam

    He had hunted her down not long after their encounter in Cascade Bay. Their battle had been fierce, the cackling energy of her lighting still shooting through his nerves, even now. Somehow, the girl had managed to gain an edge over him -- but only just.

    Her blades were a blur before him, and it was all Sauron could do to avoid them , to doge and dive back from them as their evil hum droned on. There was no to think -- barely any time to act, the shear instinct to preserve his physical form the only thing driving him on. And then, suddenly, his foot caught on...something. His heart thrummed in his ears, stomach lurching as the ground fell out from beneath his feet and he fell backwards.

    He was forced once more to abandon physical form, if only to avoid the whirlwind of spinning blades still spinning towards him.

    The fallen Maia seethed, formless and prowling above the carnage made of the now broken field, charred earth where once grasses swayed, broken rubble and upturned earth, all left in smoking desolation. He could not remain as thus forever. He could do nothing like this. Was he to be frightened into a retreat by a mortal girl, no matter how fast, or what weapons she had?

    No. Not today...

    She had done enough, to make him look a fool.

    Again he took form just behind her, his eyes flashing, and his vice rose in whispering, sibilant sound, dark in tone, as the shadows creeping across the ground began to gather themselves. Converging, morphing, dark tendrils, like black silk or gossamer, rose from the earth, suddenly diving towards the girl. As delicate as they may have looked however, as they wove their way around her, binding her arms and enwrapping her form to utter stillness, they held as strong as steel.
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  2. Jaesa Willsaam

    Jaesa Willsaam Star Wars

    Jedi Padawan
    Force-Sensitive Human
    Neutral Good
    She pushed him backwards, driving at him with her weapon so fiercely that it was all he could do to dodge her. For this moment, he seemed to forget all about disappearing and she thought maybe, if she could just catch him off-guard while he was fighting to avoid the lethal blades of her lightsaber...

    That was why she used the clod of earth to trip him up. She'd had the plan in her mind: he would fall backwards and she would be able to leap on him, drive her golden blades down into his chest before he could react.

    But her calculations went wrong. He tripped, and he fell, but before she'd even gathered herself to make that leap, he disappeared and she swore.

    The Force prickled a warning across the back of her neck, and she spun, just in time to hear his sibilant whispering. She saw the shadows rising, but they moved faster than she could. First, they snapped around her wrists and then wound their way along her arms, holding her limbs completely still even as she struggled with everything she had. Lightning crackled, blue-purple sparks surging forth from her hands, but held straight as her arms were, the sparks didn't even come close to touching the shadows. Even if they did, what would they have done? You couldn't shock shadows. You couldn't cut shadows. You couldn't use the Force to choke or pull shadows.

    Her rage built, but rising alongside, as icy cold as her fury was hot, was sheer panicked terror. The shadows wound tight around her body, every part of her held completely, ruthlessly, still. She could not move. She could not get free. And she tried, oh, she tried, so hard that she nearly howled with the effort until she slumped as much as she could in the shadows' hold, chest rising and falling sharply with her fast approaching panic attack. All the while, her eyes never left him, terrified and yet still somehow holding a challenge.