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Open If y'all pinch me, I punch you

Discussion in 'Elysium' started by Yondu Udonta, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Yondu Udonta

    Yondu Udonta Marvel Universe

    Wherever I want!
    Neutral Good

    March 17, Year 108

    Well, wasn't this just a damned turn-a the screw?

    Yondu had a helluva week tryin' t' navigate that Speculatum field. It was bad enough havin' to look out for all that spinnin' glass stuff when 95% of the time, it just didn't register on the damned scanners. Half-a those times, he knew he almost lost a wing off-a his beloved ship. The rest-a the time, though, he found hisself actually missin' the one responsible for bringin' this realm along in the first place.

    In other words, it was just too flarkin' lonely up here without Miss Diamond t' talk to.

    Maybe that's why he jumped at the chance t'go to some kind-a 'party' down at Votkai on a cold day in the Terran month-a 'March'. Something t' do with green beer, maybe, or else just plain dark brown beer that everybody else was expected t' drink a ton of. In any case, he was there round about half-past noon, plannin' to let hisself unwind just a little and maybe get a bite t' eat.

    It wasn't until he saw some jackass make some reach for his arm that things got a little crazy. Namely, him whistlin' his arrow at that same jackass' head so that he might not have t' worry about losin' another hand.

    "Whoa now. I wouldn't try that if I was you..."

  2. Earth-Chan

    Earth-Chan Concrete Revolutio

    Robot Superhuman
    Neutral Good
    Earth-Chan wasn't usually one to go anywhere near these sorts of places, nor did most people let her into them given her childlike appearance. Even though she was likely chronologically old enough to be here but was physically aged enough to be let in, plus she really couldn't partake in beverages in generally let alone alcoholic ones. However, she'd been passing by when one of the patrons who seemed to be reaching the point of drunkenness and also seemed to be blue, was about to loose an arm. A nearby machine, was without it's safety guard and Mr Blue was about to stumble into it and loose his left arm.

    So in order to stop the accident from happening, Earth-Chan attempted to move the man away by grabbing the arm that he was about to loose. But he reacted rather swiftly and aggressively, calling for some strange metal rod that matched his strange hairpiece in colour. Earth-Chan's own rods reacted to the threat but placing themselves in front of the red one, the difference between his rod and her four rods. Was the fact that hers were longer and taller then her own person and strong enough to reflect the red one if need be, not that it would matter given that Earth-Chan herself was likely capable of taking the rod on her own.

    "I was trying to save you, from loosing an arm. Look at that machine you were about to stumble into, so please put you little stick away. Because even if it got through my rods, it's not likely to be able to hurt me anyway. You should be thanking me" informed Earth-Chan with a huff as she let go of the man in the opposing direction to the machine.
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