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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Tamina, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Tamina

    Tamina Guest

    May 21st Year 7
    @Daenerys Targaryen

    It had been a few weeks since Tamina had last left Horizon, even longer since she had last seen many of the people she had met when she had first arrived in this strange world. John Silver was the exception, this world had a strange way of throwing them together under rather unfortunate circumstances. The others though -- Fenris, Daenerys -- it had been far too long since she had seen either of them. Fenris, she knew, had long since disappeared from this world. Where exactly he'd been sent, whether he had been returned to his own world or sent somewhere else entirely, she did not know. What had become of Daenerys since she had last seen her, however, the Alamutian princess was much less certain about.

    It hadn't been so long since Tamina had lost contact with her friend, but still she couldn't help the slight pang of worry that twisted in her stomach when she thought about it. Already Tamina felt very much alone in this world, to lose the few friends she had gained... she shook her head unwilling to think on it any longer.

    A quiet sigh escaped her as she walked through the Town, headed towards the Cenote, the sun warming her skin as it shined down upon her. She supposed there was little to be done about it, given how fickle Pandora seemed to be with who it took and when it took them or even when it sent them away. Even so, though a fool's hope it may have been, hope remained and she had resolved to at least try and find Daenerys. What she hadn't expected though was that she would find her so quickly.

    As she approached the edge of town, out of the corner of her eye, a familiar figure walked by. Coming to an abrupt halt, Tamina turned only to have her gaze met with the sight of the retreating form of a rather familiar woman. "Daenerys?" a frown pulled at the corners of Tamina's lips. That had to have been her, she couldn't possibly have been mistaken. "Daenerys!" she called out to the woman, as she closed the distance between them.