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I'm Thinking Italian For Dinner.

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Venom, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Venom

    Venom Marvel Universe



    @Toyosatomimi no Miko
    August 6th

    Tony Gavannti was not an easily scared man, but walking into a meeting and finding some big black monster eating his associates put the fear of God in his Christian heart. He had run, driven to the safest place he could think of. A high end bar he owned, two stories with a bunch of his men watching the door. He thought there was no way that thing could get to him. He was wrong. It had broken through the window behind the bar with ease. It had torn apart three of his men with it's claws before they could even start shooting. But once his men opened fire nothing really made a difference. It's sleek black body just absorbed the rain of bullets and tendrils shot out, wrapping around the necks and legs of his associates and dragging them towards it. No men deserved to die by that, and Tony had had men burned alive in barrels. But this thing it was enjoying just tearing them apart. Tony almost vomited multiple times thanks to the just horrible imagery he was forced to see. One of his men, Luca. tried jamming the barrel of his shotgun into it's gut. The thing's stomach opened up to reveal another mouth with rows of teeth. It bit down and Luca's shotgun was gone, Luca's hand's were gone and a second later the thing's claws were digging into his chest and Luca was pulled into the creature's stomach. It's mouth closed and and it's stomach was bulging in a way that would have been funny...if the reason wasn't that Tony's childhood friend wasn't inside. But slowly it shrank back to it's normal yet still gargantuan size. Tony stood six feet tall and he barely came up to the thing's neck. It looked at him and smiled. And he felt his blood turn to ice.

    "Mmmm, Yum."

    That was the most horrifying sentence Tony had ever heard and he screamed and ran up to the bar's second floor. He ordered all of his men downstairs and he heard the sounds of gunfire, roars and screams. Finally it all went silent and he peered down the stairs, seeing nothing but blood and some mangled limbs laying just within his sight. He swallowed and called out. "Anyone down there?" He listened for a response when suddenly beneath him the floor burst and he dropped down onto the bodies of three of his men, all but torn in half.

    "We're alive Tony. And we've been watching you, and what you do!" The creature crawled towards him on all fours, it's tongue peeling over it's teeth, letting out loose, thick saliva. "We saw how you delivered men, women, children into the hands of whoever would pay top dollar! We saw how you sometimes kept one or two for you own sick pleasures. We know what you do behind closed doors. Makes us almost sick to our stomach!" The creature stood and grabbed Tony by the head, lifting him up and sliding it's tongue over his cheek. He groaned and sobbed. "So first we're going to start by eating you legs first! Maybe we'll let you try and crawl away, see how far you get before we're done crapping them out!" The creature let out a hideous laugh and dropped him.

    What the hell are you?"

    The Creature smiled again. "We. Are Venom." Venom lashed out and grabbed the man's leg, pulling it to his jaws. Tony screamed for a long time but kept chewing.


    Venom reveled in the feeling of fulfillment, he'd killed that cockroach so easily, him and his band of thugs. He stalked towards the exit of the building. He shrank down to the form of Spiderman and leaped through the door onto the streets.

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  2. Miko had very sharp ears. Sometimes it was more of a bother than anything else, but other times, it allowed her to hear things that might have gone unnoticed or might have been too far away for a normal person to hear. Thanks to earmuffs, she could also block out the extra noise made by the idle chatter between the common people and focus on specific voices.

    What had gotten her attention that day were screams. Multiple of them, all screaming bloody murder and pretty much every time one voice ceased, another replaced them. Something clearly was happening and nothing about it sounded pleasant for the people involved.

    By the time Miko had arrived at the location where all the screams had been coming from, the screams had all ceased, meaning that she had been too late. However, not long after her arrival, someone came out of the building where the presumed massacre happened. A person dressed in a strange, almost entirely black suit leaped out of the door, seemingly in a hurry, and stopped right in front of her.

    "Oh? And who might you be?" Miko asked with genuine curiosity, her eyes briefly looking at the open door, trying to spot anything unusual from what little she could see of the building's interior.
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  3. Venom

    Venom Marvel Universe



    Venom looked at what stood before him and just gave an annoyed chuckled, behind him, through the door was nothing but blood and shapes that were clearly corpses all strewn about. Tony's wasn't visible, he had gotten through most of him but his torso was just too much to swallow in one sitting, he'd left it where it was. He cocked his head and a voice warbled through the smooth surface that made up the "mouth" of his Spiderman disguise. "We are someone you don't want to get in the way of." And we think you should get out of our way." He looked back into the bar. "They didn't, and now look at them. Sick little filth in city, parasite coming up from the sewers, overflowing onto the streets, I'm doing the world a favor taking them out don't you think?" He figured he didn't much sound like Spiderman but he looked close enough that rumors would spread. Just as long as he didn't open his mouth around witnesses. Maybe show the costume to the police a couple of times. Let them put out a search for the twerp. But that could get him killed before Venom was ready to do it himself. He'd have to think on it. But first he had to deal with a witness.

    "W-..I'm Spiderman." Venom brought his fingers to the Spider Symbol on his chest. "And I said get out of my way!" He took a swipe at the girl with his fist. Why not add to the growing list of crimes to frame the Spider with?

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  4. Miko listened to this man talk. Everything about him, even though he started out relatively calm, screamed anger and bitterness. Yes, that was an intense desire for vengeance, for retribution, a desire to hurt someone to their very core, all without even the smallest drop of remorse. This was the grudge of a man who had his promising career destroyed because of a single mistake, paired together with a creature that was abandoned for their twisted perception of how to help. The desires of the two were similar and yet not completely identical, but the intensity was something else. Miko had never heard such hatred from within someone before and, to an extent, she was impressed that a human was capable of this kind of feeling.

    She avoided the blow that came towards her with ease and then lept back to gain some distance from them. Their movement was fast, definitely not a complete pushover, but Miko was very confident that the outcome of this fight would be in her favor. She smiled at the being in front of her, a smile that seemed almost taunting in its innocence.

    "Impersonating someone you hate? What happened to personal dignity?" She asked, letting him know from the start that his little farce wouldn't work against her, wrapping herself in her cape and waiting for their next move.
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