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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Twelve Tsuerubu, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Date- 30th December, year 7
    Tags- OPEN

    Don't get to involved, that was what Nine had told him yet here he was, getting too involved and he shifted against the railing he lent against, the smile fading from his young face. He leaned forwards, brown fringe falling over his eyes and drew a breath. He knew he should just walk away, let whatever happened to the girl happen, disappear, but he knew she knew to much to let her have the possibility of falling into the police hands, but it was more than that, there was something about Lisa that kept drawing him in. Walk away, leave it.. He told himself silently but he knew he couldn't so he made to turn on the spot only to find something had coiled around his leg, anchoring him in place and brown eyebrows rising he looked down, seeing black vines climbing up his body. His heart rate picked up, what in the world? but as his heart rate raised a pain laced through his head and his hands went to it as he hissed"Not now!"

    His eyes closing as he winced in pain, he could barely feel the vines climbing up him as the pain grew worse and he clutched his head harder, levelling out his breathing. He did not notice he was now on his knees in a colder, newer location, he just knew his head hurt so much that his eyes had started watering. He had no idea how long the pain lasted, but after what felt like a long time the pain faded and he was let out several shaky breaths, before opening his hazel eyes slowly. "Wait is that snow?" Twelve found himself murmuring, gently reaching out a hand from where he knelt to touch the white stuff, not realising people about him were looking at him oddly, confusion clung to him as he stared at the white stuff, realising it was all around him. Shifting back onto his heels his gaze slowly rose up, realising he was in an entirely new location, his gaze widened as he exclaimed loudly"This is not possible..." He could feel his heart rate was picking up again, his hands were starting to shake as desperately he searched for an explanation and tried to stay calm.