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News Article Impromptu Procession Goes Awry in Ark City

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Jun Kurosu, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Jun Kurosu

    Jun Kurosu Guest

    April 5th, Year 108

    Early this morning, as if out of nowhere, a huge procession of masked people began marching through the streets of Ark City, following several decorated trucks. They marched through the city for several hours, before an attack from several civilians and a few officers suddenly caused the line to go up in battle chaos. The huge amount of marchers quickly dispersed into thin air. No civilians were harmed during the spat, but no marchers were captured. Civilians are being treated for mind control or mindwarping effects.

    This group has been identified as The Masked Circle, a cult of people worshipping something they refer to as their Master From The Stars, and are rumored to be responsible for the wish-granting rumors and subsequent string of disappearances in late February/early March of this year. Nobody knows exactly who the team of civilians who interrupted the procession are, or why they were so organized, and much remains to be seen.

    There is no comment on how this cult became so large without alerting any authorities