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Answered Is it possible

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Liquid Snake, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake Floating between waves

    Surreal explorer
    In the outer realms
    Uncertain at this point
    Neutral Good
    So I asked on discord but I've been told there might be need for information to be looked into, so I was told to ask here and so I am. I've been getting into a new album recently from a band that I grew up hearing back and forth, now usually applying for a member of a band wouldn't be possible here in Pandora.

    The thing is, the band I'm wanting to apply a member for is the Virtual band that is Gorillaz. And while that sounds like it might be hard to accomplish, they do have a fleshed out story and life expressed through various music videos, short movies and so on.

    Thus I was wondering if I could apply for one of the members, because I think they have enough of a story and distinction from our world and thus live in their own world. Now I'm still unsure who I'll go for as I'm tossing up between 2-D and Noodle but otherwise, would it be possible to play one of them?
  2. Steel

    Steel as horizons end, ever to descend
    Lore Division

    The Wolf King
    The Rocinante
    True Neutral
    Hey @Liquid Snake!

    As I also mentioned on Discord, since we've had Gorillaz characters apped before, you can definitely app one of them! Have fun!

    Pandora Staff