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Is that Poisonous?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Napoléon Bonaparte, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Is that Poisonous?
    Le 21 août | été, an six


    In sharp juxtaposition to the sweltering, late-August heat, the vast caverns beneath Mt. Pompeii were refreshingly cool. Through a dimly-lit path guided by glowing fungus, Napoléon worked his way ever deeper through the expanses, weighed down by his bag filled with supplies that were necessary for the journey. On any normal day, he was a soldier, a defender of the people. That day, he was a sort of scientist, risking his life to find specimens that would improve the quality of life of all Pandoran inhabitants. He was also tasked with escorting someone who was more than eager to see what secrets the world beneath the mountain held. As this section of the Underground was left vastly unexplored, there were many plants and animals that were left undiscovered.

    For the latter, he was well-prepared. A keen sense of hearing and a gun was all he needed for anything that stood in his path. The former, however, would prove to be more of a challenge. With only preliminary knowledge of vital herbs that could be used as remedies on the battlefield, nearly every plant that was native to Pandora was completely unknown to him. He trusted the scientists back at the Hub, and not to mention the acquaintance at his side, and knew that they could work with the samples and photographs that they would bring back. He only hoped that none of the plants emitted deadly spores or fumes, as the pair was without protection for those.

    Nevertheless, into the depths Napoléon and his associate descended, to which he was so accustomed. With a grappling hook that had so kindly been enchanted for him, he never had to worry about it becoming detached or running out of length. For exploring this unknown void, he thought such a tool an asset. He was assured of the contrary, however, as many of the members of the Explorer's Guild had their own ways of reaching the bottom safely. At times, he was almost jealous of their abilities to fly, or levitate, or even cast spells, despite it being contrarian to everything he had believed, growing up in a superstitious culture. These thoughts of envy plagued him until he reached the bottom of the massive cavern, as the sights before him were simply too fantastic to ignore.

    Pitch-black darkness had melted into an early dawn as Napoléon went past the shimmering blue barrier, which signaled the entrance into the true Underground. Mountain ranges of magnificent sizes sprawled before him, blanketed in lush, green grass. An abundance of fragrant flowers bloomed mere paces away from where he stood, miraculously sparkling with dew. They were nothing he had seen before, but likely not harmful as plants went. Unlike venus fly traps or pitcher plants, he had learned, these flowers had no real defenses. They served no purpose other than to merely exist. Of these, Napoléon was envious.

    With a smile, Napoléon turned to his companion who stood just behind him. "Though it is the afternoon up above, the same clearly cannot be said for this realm. However the cycles of the sun and moon work down here, we must document it." As he was explaining this, a faint red glow caught his eye, hidden amidst a bush of wilting flowers. His curiosity got the best of him, and he rushed over to push the leaves aside. It was a sort of plant, it seemed, that pulsated the same red colour that he had seen out of the corner of his eye. "I think you should see this. Is it alive? Is it - poisonous?" Thick roots held the specimen firmly in place under the bush, as though it had no intention of going anywhere. "Perhaps it is a parasite, feasting off of the bush." Parasitic plants were not things that he was willing to think about.

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