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is there life on mars

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Dolores Abernathy, May 16, 2018.

  1. may 10th, year 7

    It'd been a few days now since Dolores had found herself... here, in the strange world that wasn't her own. Pandora, people called it, although every time she heard someone talk about it it was as though the words hardly made sense. She didn't know it, of course, but nothing like this had ever been accounted for by the people who'd designed her. She hadn't been coded with a proper response for it.

    What she did know was that her father was sick - possibly dying - and now it was almost certain that she wouldn't get back to him with help in time enough to save him. It was a fear that gripped her from somewhere instinctual - or designed, perhaps, was the more accurate term - but twisted into something almost more her own the longer it sat with her. Something that felt more like grief.

    Driven forward towards being able to do something, she followed the pull that tugged her towards the closest thing to what she knew. Soon the trees around her grew more sparse, slowly letting up into a landscape that was a lot more dry and sandy. She slowed her pace, squinting out at the rocky desert briefly. Someone had told her there was a town out there, but trying to cross the desert blindly to find it? Without even a horse or any supplies?

    The common sense she'd been built with told her that was nothing short of a terrible idea.

    She'd ventured back towards one of the traveling paths instead, hoping to find a stranger with a map she could consult -- and that was when she saw the dog.

    If the animal she was staring at could even be called that.

    It was a dog, or at least, Dolores recognized it as one -- but much bigger than any dog should have been, with long black fur and red eyes like some creature out of a nightmare.

    (Not that many of Dolores' nightmares, the ones she could remember pieces of, were ever anything like this.)

    She took a faltering step back, and then sensed immediately that the sudden, jerky movement would draw attention to her. Perhaps the most immediate solution anyone in such a scenario could have clung to was to run, but to hope to outrun an animal that large? More of that instinctive fear clung to her, making her limbs feel heavy, and she just stared.

    Waiting for the entity's next move.

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  2. Ruth

    Ruth Guest

    Ruth stared out at the grassy expanse in mild awe and wonder.

    Of course, nothing could compare to the sights he and Chise had seen within the Faerie Realm. But still, this world they were now in was certainly impressive. Trapped in, he had to remind himself. Chise might've been able to accept her circumstances after her stay in Pandora, but Ruth was still....adjusting. To be pulled into a world that was wholly beyond any realm he knew of and yet simultaneously be imprisoned with an impassable border was a hard pill to swallow for any creature, let alone a Fae being such as himself.

    He'd wandered out to these fields on his own today, simply to get a sense of his bearings in this new dimension. Chise was off performing errands, and while he didn't often like leaving her side (both from his duty as her Familiar, as well as lingering shadows of his former life), he'd decided he had to do this for his own sake. After all, he was capable of returning to her in a heartbeat if she had any need of him, and he could always feel her through the bond they shared.

    So, for now, Ruth was content to just stare out into the fields before him and continue to just try to wrap his head around his predicament.

    At least, that's what he'd been planning to do before he caught movement in his periphery and turned his head to see a human staring at him.

    Not just at him, but at him. It wasn't hard to decipher as much from the look of abject horror and fear plastered across her features. A shiver went up Ruth's spine, his natural Fae instincts getting the better of him, and his hackles raised before he could prevent it. He forcefully flattened his fur back down and settled for narrowing his gaze at the human.

    How could she see him? She couldn't have the Sight, could she? Unless they did, any human should only ever perceive him as a normal dog. Of course, it's possible this woman just didn't like dogs; but Ulysse had seen plenty of humans before and even those types never had such a reaction as this.

    There was always one way to tell...

    Ruth opened his muzzle and shouted, "Hey!"

    Perhaps not the most subtle test. But if his normal Glamour was working as it should, all she'd hear was a bark. If she could truly see him, though... Ruth waited, gauging the woman's reaction.

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  3. Undoubtedly, the animal had seen her too. It was staring right at her, the look in its eyes... not as feral as she'd expected, but strangely intelligent, which was perhaps even more unnerving. It hadn't moved towards her yet. That fact, at least, eased some of her initial fear and allowed her survival instincts to kick in. This time, the step backwards Dolores took was slower, more deliberate and even. She checked to see if the dog would have any reaction, and then --

    -- And then it spoke.

    Dolores blinked a few times as her programming tried to rationalize the situation. Perhaps she'd only imagined it, or maybe this really was a dream after all. But... no, the way it - he - was watching her, even more direct and almost expectant, made that seem like less of a possibility.

    "Did you just -- ?"

    That would have been a rude question, and she stopped just short of finishing it. If he could speak, whatever manner of creature he was, he probably didn't appreciate being questioned about it. She took a slow breath, and then changed tracks.

    "...I'm sorry if I've disturbed you, I was just... looking for a way into town." She didn't quite dare test her luck by asking him if he knew how to find it -- for the moment she was more concerned with simply placating him, under the impression that his outburst had been one of indignation or something similar.

    This place was so surreal.

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  4. Ruth

    Ruth Guest

    That settled it. She could see through his Glamour.

    Ruth narrowed his eyes slightly, though perhaps not for the reason the woman might suspect. "You didn't." That was at least the truth. The Grim was still mildly unnerved and off-put by the woman. But that was entirely due to her ability to see him as he was. It was a reaction born from his instincts as a Fae. Nothing good could come of a human being able to see a faerie, that's what those instincts told him.

    Still...this was an entirely new world they were in, something he was still adjusting to. And, clearly, this woman was still adjusting as well. At her prompting, he looked first North towards Pandora Town, then in the opposite direction towards where he'd been told held Horizon.

    "That depends on which town it is you want into." There was something to be said of walking the middle road...

    The Grim took a long second to consider his options. Judging by her expressions alone, this woman was just as upset by the sight of him as he was at her seeing him. That was to be expected of humans for most faeries, but not usually of Black Dogs like himself. Even the humans of his home town knew what to expect of a Grim. Which, he supposed, likely meant this woman came from a place unfamiliar to the concept.

    At least he could take comfort in that bit of mystery, since his Glamour had failed him.

    Making his decision, Ruth stepped off the path. He walked slowly and deliberately towards the woman, trying to give off a sense of ease and good intention. Once he was reasonably close, close enough to hold a semblance of polite conversation, the Grim sat down on his haunches as eyed the woman warily.

    That's when he noticed her scent. She didn't...smell human. Nor did she smell Fae, and she was certainly no Sleigh Beggy. "Who are you?" he asked abruptly. It was a respectful enough question, given that this woman had the awareness not to finish that first question she had almost asked of him. He was much more curious in what she was, but respect begets respect.

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  5. Dolores held her ground at the creature's approach, some of her reactionary alarm slightly subdued by the fact that he wasn't projecting any hostility or aggression. Still, it was difficult not to be... well, wary. She'd never seen anything like him before, as she'd already made plain enough.

    But as he sat down in front of her, at least some of that wariness gave way to curiosity. What was he? And why did he seem almost as surprised by her as she had been by him? Surely he'd seen humans before, if he'd been in Pandora long enough.

    "My name's Dolores. Dolores Abernathy," she offered in response to his question, deciding it was best to stick to pleasantries for now. If nothing else, the canine had implied some knowledge of the surrounding territory. Perhaps he'd be willing to redirect her. "I'm from just outside a town called Sweetwater, although I... I don't think it exists here in Pandora. So I was looking for next best thing. Someone said there's a community out there in the desert -- Horizon?"

    She searched his expression, or what she could interpret of it, for a reaction. Really, she didn't have much more information on Horizon beyond its name, but finding any civilization was better than just wandering out here on her own, surely. And she couldn't deny that there was at least partial appeal in the familiarity that the desert offered, as if something she couldn't name was drawing her there.

    Still, she couldn't help but indulge her own growing curiosity, if as politely as possible. "And... who are you?"