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Answered Is this fandom allowed?

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Ivy, May 18, 2018.

  1. Ivy

    Ivy Clifford's Assistant

    three ravens in a trenchcoat
    amateur cartoonist and video game enthusiast
    the basement
    Chaotic Good
    I know this question has been asked (and answered) before, but the solution is quite out of date and I couldn't find anything else regarding this topic.
    So here I am, the person number quadtrizillion to ask this: are characters from Critical Role allowed in Pandora? Specifically from Vox Machina, the first campaign.
    Of course through digging to find an answer for myself I found that TAZ is banned (for understandable reasons), though CR is quite different in nature so it made me wonder.
    Vox Machina is a finished D&D campaign which even got a prequel-esque comic to dive into the story and characters further, which makes it fundamentally different from other online D&D podcasts and shows.
    I personally would compare it to a Bioware protagonist thing (fix, pre-written story with adaptable characters), and those are, to my knowledge, allowed, yes?

    Of course I can very well understand that characters from the current campaign, The Mighty Nein, would be forbidden due to a lack of substance and potential character development along the way, so I'll exclude it.

    This is more of a "future reference" thing and asked out of sheer curiosity (with a hunch of confusion) than anything else, so please take your time with it <3
    I am really sorry for the bother and the have permission to punch me for this
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  2. Nic

    Nic Player

    Small Child Wrangler
    Coffee Addict
    Hey Ivy! Sorry for the late response in here but yes, we would allow Vox Machina characters!
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