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News Article Island Massacre Leaves Citizens Shaken

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Lena Oxton, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Lena Oxton

    Lena Oxton Guest


    October 1, Year 7

    An island in the Tiberian Island previously thought to be uninhabited was the scene of a gristly massacre the week of October first. Many details are still unfolding, but the scene only came to light after a survivor made his way to Cascade Bay, days after the initial attack. The man, who has known ties to multiple mercenary organizations throughout Pandora, is in stable condition and expected to recover. While he had little to give in the way of information, he did pass along a dire warning: anyone who stands against COBRA will suffer the same fate. Investigations into the incidents ties to known terrorist organization COBRA are still pending, and as of now, no one has come forward to claim credit for the brutal slaughter of more than 15 men.

    OOC Information

    COBRA got their hands on Lena back in September, and with a mix of magic and tech, turned her into their very own time-hopping weapon. Hey first field run was to make an example of a mercenary group who thought they could steal a supply cache from one of COBRA's islands. Two of the men were left alive, though only one made it back to civilization in one piece to tell the tale.

    The scene wasn't a pretty one by the time Lena was through, with several of the mercs showing signs of being tortured before death, and others having fallen (in pieces) to her pulse bombs. As of right now, the only link to COBRA is the survivor's testimony.

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