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it all starts somewhere

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jasnah Kholin, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Jasnah Kholin

    Jasnah Kholin The Stormlight Archive

    Head of the Scholars' Coterie
    Cascade Bay
    Human || Surgebinder
    True Neutral
    sep. 10, y7

    After a few days, Jasnah had quickly come to realize that she was at a serious disadvantage in this world.

    Without her resources, without her family name, and without any possessions of note to speak of except for her spheres -- which she couldn't afford to barter off when she needed them for Stormlight -- she had no other choice open to her but to start over again from scratch. It wasn't the challenge that chafed at her -- in fact, a part of her delighted in the unique opportunity to delve into this world's history and discover what set it apart from others in the Cosmere -- but what chafed at her was that there was no apparent escape from this world. From conversations she'd had with the locals, brief as they'd been, she'd determined that they'd all happily settled into their complacent lifestyle.

    And that terrified her more than she cared to admit.

    Ivory hovered on her shoulder, peering down at the notes she'd made in the notebook she'd procured from a saleswoman earlier that day. The portly woman had tittered over Jasnah's "newness" and happily provided her with the notebook free of charge. The memory still made Jasnah's nose wrinkle, but she was grateful to have something familiar with which to occupy her time with.

    “Will you look for... work?” Ivory asked, his tone curious but oddly withdrawn. Like he was not fond of being trapped in this world any more than she was. Probably more so than she was, considering the Cognitive Realm did not seem to even exist here in the same way it did back in Roshar.

    “I suppose I must, eventually,” she replied quietly, so as not to be overheard by any passers-by. Not that it was likely they would. The bench she'd found for herself was relatively secluded underneath a tree, its shade providing her some relief from the summer sun. She had nowhere to stay, not truly. The shelter would only last for so long, and living off of the charity and goodwill of others was something she'd never been comfortable with.

    Only, she feared that if she did find an occupation, even if it would only be to sustain herself and put a roof over her head, it would be the first step to the very complacency she found so detestable in the local population.
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  2. Loki Laufeyson

    Loki Laufeyson Marvel Universe

    Prince of Asgard
    Frost Giant
    Chaotic Evil
    Loki stayed away from the main path of the park, lying on the soft grass and enjoying the solitude of the distant edge where people avoided to visit. The melodic song of the birds kept him company and the large book about the numerous tragedies which had befallen the realm made him understand the history. Hours had pass and work called, so he rose and dusted of his clothes.

    The Asgardian started to walk back towards the more crowded areas of the town, albeit reluctantly. Mere minutes later he noticed a familiar figure with long black hair and tanned skin. Likely, he overheard what sounded like a private conversation. As member of a royal family, he understood how the pursuit of employment would prove a foreign concept to the princess.

    “I suspect there are certain occupations that would fit you and interest you alike.” His deep voice echoed in the silence of the slightly secluded area. Slow footsteps carried him around the tall tree and a little closer to her. Although the chances for a second random meeting with the lady in a considerably large city had been quite low, still fate or destiny had decided once again.

    “Pardon me. My intention is not to intrude.” The God of Mischief froze on his heels upon reaching the woman’s side. However, he did not sit beside her on the bench. “Yet, when a civilian is in need of aid I have a duty to offer advice and assistance.” A polite smile curled his lips. For a brief moment his bright green eyes fell on the small creature that perched on her shoulder.

    The tiny well-dressed man drew his attention and recalled he had heard the same voice, aside from sensing a similar presence. Of course the God of Mischief had countless reasons to believe that the entity was not human. Soon enough his gaze returned to the young woman. “Greetings, your highness. May I?” He extended a hand and pointed towards the empty spot at her side.
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