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It'll be fun!

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Melda, May 28, 2017.

  1. Melda

    Melda Player

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  2. Melda

    Melda Player


    James Tiberius Kirk

    Ongoing || Completed || Dead
    Spring, Year 6
    March 3rd || Kansas sure looks different with Rey and Aximili
    March 5th || All systems go with Jaesa Willsaam
    May 8th || This therapy bill will be expensive with Emma Swan
    May 17th || Playing hero with Padme Amidala
    May 20th || Fist fighting with fire with Toby Daye
    May 23rd || It happened for a reason with Diana Prince

    Summer, Year 6
    June 5th || An echo from the chorus with Leonard McCoy
    June 10th || The wood jokes write themselves with Jesus
    June 11th || Taking my sulking to the masses with Tom McNair
    June 12th || Don't let me be gone with Odi
    June 14th || Hello with Odi and Leonard McCoy
    June 25th || Pull the lever Kronk...Kirk! with Ahmanet
    June 26th || Safe places with Leonard McCoy
    July 8th || Double vision with Steve Trevor
    July 27th || The gorge with Aloy and Visenya Targaryen
    August 4th || This is mine now, thanks with Tom McNair

    Autumn, Year 7
    September 3rd || Fixer-upper with Odi and Pidge
    September 18th || One last straw with Odi and Riza Hawkeye
    September 21st || Merciless angels with Samus Aran, Odi, Bobbie Draper, Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye

    Winter, Year 7
    December 20th || Merry Christmas Cascade Bay with a large group
    January 3rd || A dark reunion with Khan Noonien Singh
    January 4th || Please don't kill me with your laser sword with Rey
    January 5th || Good morning sunshine with Odi
    February 1st ||Chasing Starlight with a large group

    Spring, Year 7
    March 2nd || Is there something wrong with the bed with Tom McNair

    Summer, Year 7
    August 31st || Cascade Bay's Evac with a large group

    Autum, Year 108
    September 3rd || A Damsel in Distress with Camina Drummer
    September 18th || Didja miss me with Leonard McCoy
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  3. Melda

    Melda Player


    Amos Burton

    Ongoing || Completed || Dead
    Fall, Year 7
    September 9th || Reality is subjective with Reaper
    Amos appears in Pandora​
    September 25th || Consequences with Naomi Nagata, Alex Kamal and James Holden
    Amos does what Amos does best - kill and/or maim a bunch of people.​
    September 30th || Security with James Holden
    The Roci takes on a passenger.​
    October 1st || Choices with Naomi Nagata, James Holden and Alex Kamal
    The family confessional hour​
    October 2nd || Some kind of therapy with Naomi Nagata
    Just once Amos would like to visit a casino without having to save a crewmate​
    October 23rd || kids with guns with Naomi Nagata, James Holden and Alex Kamal
    A child appears on the Roci.​
    November 30th || Between two points with Josephus Miller, James Holden, Naomi Nagata and Alex Kamal
    Operation: Rescue the dead man​
    Winter, Year 7
    January 11th || Gone, gone, gone with Naomi Nagata and Alex Kamal
    Holden is missing, what's a crew to do?​
    January 16th || You break it you buy it with Evelyn O'Connell
    Museums are totally wasted on Amos​
    January 22nd || All the things you said with Naomi Nagata and James Holden
    Nothing like terrorizing the captain to make him feel right at home.​
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  4. Melda

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