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It's Easy To Be Angry

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Leah Clearwater, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. June 1st

    Leah wasn't a very cheerful person. Well, not after certain events. While being in Cascade Bay had given her the distance needed to find some peace of mind, she still had a bad temper. Usually, she bit that back, not wanting to get anyone innocent hurt. Still, it was hard sometimes.

    Especially when voices were following her around.

    It was too similar to being with her old pack, being forced to listen to thoughts that weren't her own and, even worse, have her own thoughts broadcast for anyone to hear. So, when she woke up that morning to an annoyingly high-pitched, feminine voice yammering on about how her good mood was getting progressively darker, she snapped and ran out into town.

    There wasn't any distance that could help her, though. The more she ran, the more obvious it was that the voice was just going to stay there, talking. Her fists clenched as she fought the urge to break some windows she was passing.

    "Leah's fists were getting tighter and tighter as she contemplated breaking a few windows in frustration," the voice said. A nearby shopkeeper overheard this little factoid and stared at her, intimidated and concerned. It didn't help her mood at all to be seen as a threat by random people for things she didn't do. Which the narrator helpfully explained.

    "Once Leah realized how she was being seen by those around her, the part of her that was still aching to be accepted by anyone was breaking. Dismissed by those who were supposed to be closer than family, she was not ready for strangers to start looking at her the same way."

    Covering her ears-- which given her advanced hearing, did absolutely nothing--she began to shiver. It was a lot of hard work to keep from shifting right in the middle of the street. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" she chanted.
  2. Jeff Moreau

    Jeff Moreau Guest

    Whatever this place was, it was beautiful. And that somehow annoyed Joker, who swatted at a bug that landed on his arm --- nature was overrated, he quickly decided. And that much was obvious; this place wasn't artificial. He was accustomed to artificial, carefully constructed 'nature' that engineers perfectly crafted in some air-conditioned board room to bring in the beauty of the outdoors without all that pesky 'fresh air' and 'outdoors' bit. The humidity was probably what the pilot found most irritating, causing him to sweat from doing something as simple as breathing.

    He wanted to go home. What little time he spent in this place, he was starting to realize that perhaps this wasn't some Collector abduction --- if the Collectors were going to abduct one of Commander Shepard's most noteworthy companions, death would probably be the fate waiting for him. Not something akin to paradise... and some strange woman murmuring something in the middle of the street that caused goosebumps to prickle the surface of his skin.

    "Oh, that's just..." his thoughts trailed off as he suddenly heard a voice coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. It unnerved him when it said his name. Jeff Moreau, pilot extraordinaire; he turned his back on the Alliance and joined the human terrorist group known as Cerberus. It's strange that someone of his ever shifting morale should judge a frustrated woman as strange to begin with.

    "Wow, that's just not even --- you don't even know the full --- okay, so what happened was --- wait, who the hell is that?!" he suddenly exclaimed, aware that someone or something seemed to know him way too personally. Lieutenant Moreau suddenly turned towards the crazy mumbling street lady, suspicious that perhaps she was the one taunting him, trying to get a rise out of the frazzled pilot. His eyes narrowed in her direction.
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  3. Leah's frustration was mounting, not helped by the sound of another voice. One that called her a 'crazy mumbling street lady'. Temper issues were always going to be stuck with her, so when she was pushed too far, she couldn't do much other than tremble in place, forcing herself to breathe.

    "Leah did her best to keep her temper under control," the narrator explained, "after all, as a werewolf, she could easily hurt innocents if she didn't force herself to stay calm. She wanted so desperately for people to start accepting her, not just dismissing her as someone's bitter ex or as a 'girlie wolf', so the more her inner thoughts were laid bare for all to see, the harder it was to keep from hurting anyone."

    And of course, the narrator just had to let it all out. She couldn't have any privacy, ever. Not back in her old pack, and not in Pandora. She had just started to let her guard down, and suddenly her mind wasn't her own anymore. Again.

    Needing some way to get some aggression out without hurting anyone, she turned to the guy who was apparently judging her and glared right back. "What?!" she snarled (literally, since her wolf form was bustling to get out), "if you have something to say, then say it!"