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Open it's our town (everybody scream), this is halloween

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Thea Queen, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Thea Queen

    Thea Queen DC Universe

    Open to everyone who'd be interested! (yes, this includes party-crashers. It's not an event at Verdant unless something terrible happens)
    30th of October... Late

    Well, it was time. Thea hadn't tried throwing a big event at Verdant since coming to Pandora. Back at home, someone had always crashed it somehow. Either they tried to blow it up, take someone (usually her) hostage, or occasionally both. She'd blame it on the location, but it seemed to be more of a Queen thing than anything. Either way, she had pulled an all-dayer, making sure that everything was in place and ready for the night.

    The club was decorated in its usual green theme, but Thea had opted for a slightly... paler one, that seemed to almost glow in the dark. On top of this, there were hidden UV lights about the place, making everything white brighter. There were traditional Halloween decorations, of course. Nothing too disturbing, but fake cobweb hung from the railings and balcony, dark green fake spiders attached. Two Jack-O-Lanterns sat on the bar, glowing from inside out, not from the use of typical candles, but instead with an enchantment that made the light ebb and flow in time with the music. Turns out, one of her waitresses was a witch in training. Thea made a mental note to give her a raise. In the corners, a couple of skeletons sat, also enchanted to grab anyone that stayed in grabbing range for too long.

    This was just the general area, of course. The VIP Lounge was done far more classily, lit purely by candlelight from Jack-O-Lanterns, as well as the occasional string of fairy lights strung on the walls (Thea had always had a soft spot for fairy lights, so the chance to use them in decorating wasn't one she was going to pass up so easily). The couches strewn about had green cushions on them now, but that was about it.

    Most importantly, the basement was locked. Very locked. Thea was the only one who knew the combination, as far as her staff knew, it stored old furniture, and that was it. She occasionally went down to check on it, and that was all it was.

    Everything was in place. Thea herself was wearing a green and black dress that looked like it was made out of cobwebs. Not her usual style, but she thought she should get into the theme. The bouncers (both of them had been asked to attend for tonight) were in their usual suits, but with green Halloween themed ties, while the bartenders and waiters wore various costumes. Thea's only stipulation had been no "slutty" anything. It wasn't creative, or clever, or classy. She even had a spare stock of costumes in case anyone had tried that. No one did, happily (one of them did get used, but only because one of her waiters apparently couldn't afford one, as he was supporting a kid he had adopted. He got a raise, too) . Thea knew that there was a reason she liked her staff.

    The DJ was ready, everything was ready. With a breath, the lights and music started, and Thea opened the floodgates. With a nod to the bouncers and bartenders, earpieces for communication in everyone's ear, simply so that any issues could be fixed promptly, the crowd started to fill the dance floor. Thea promptly retreated to the VIP Lounge, so she could keep an eye on everything going on.

    Everything was fine.

    For now.
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  2. Setsuna

    Setsuna Fire Emblem


    Setsuna had been hunting in the woods the previous day. The problem is that she, as usual, fell into a pit and had just been taken out of it a few hours earlier. To make her misfortune worse, a raccoon fell into the pit too and, scared, attacked her. Hopefully though, it didn’t truly hurt her, just slightly ripped some of her usual blue and white outfit.

    Her outfit was now slightly ripped, dirty from the fall, her hair was messy and her face covered in mud from when she fell into a puddle after spotting a rabbit. She had miraculously caught the animal, though, and it was now attached to her belt. Add her bow and arrows to her outfit, and the archer was perfect for Halloween.

    The problem is, Setsuna had no idea about what Halloween was, and she especially didn’t know it was taking place on that precise day.

    And finally, it was clearly not her day, she accidentally got lost in the woods while trying to go back to Misty Hollow, and arrived in another town she had never been to. The teenager saw a big group of people waiting in front of a building, all wearing strange clothes and she took the decision to go see them and ask about her whereabouts. Unfortunately, no one listened to her, they were all too eager to enter the building when the doors opened. Setsuna followed them inside to finally have an answer to her question.

    As she got in, she noticed the pale green light, the cobwebs, and the skeletons.
    Oooh... that looks creepy…” she said, apathetically.

    The archer approached the dance floor to ask people how to go back to Misty Hollow, but she suddenly ended up trapped inside the crowd of disguised dancers, pushed by them in every direction.
    Oh no… not again…

    The blue-haired girl took the decision that, if she stayed there for at least 30 minutes, she’d start shooting arrows in the air for people to notice and save her from this.

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  3. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Marvel Universe

    Somewhere between 18 & 20
    Halloween was the only time when moving through the cities and towns above ground without swinging on a web became easier when in costume because he could then claim his Suit was his Halloween costume. He would tell anyone who asked he was a fan of Spiderman and had taken an artsy approach to the guys costume, which was kind of far from the truth. But it at least meant he was generally left alone, admittedly to fit in better he should of tossed in some blood to decorate the suit, yet he knew beggars could not be choosers.

    Ben was only attending this little Halloween set up in the hope that the jam packed club would provide him with a suitable place to get information or more preferably allow him to have a fight with someone deserving of it so as to shake off his pent up emotions within his chest. So far getting into the club had been the hardest part, for not wanting to expose his scarred face he had had to find another way in to get past the security checks. But having all the years of espionage beneath his belt it had made it not so impossible as it could have been, sure there had been challenges as it seemed the owner of the club had quite high tech security, yet there he was, in a club.

    He very quickly upon getting into the club had decided that, despite the cool yet spooky decorations, he was still not a fan of the whole clubbing experience though this club was fancier than most he'd been too before. Despite this the experience felt the same, excessive drinking, the music was too loud and yet he did not leave, after all leaving would mean his suffering had been a waste of time. He moved about the edges of the room, keeping an eye on the crowd, as well as the places staff as he did so and noted some girl with blue hair approaching the dance floor.

    Ben watched in silence as the girl spoke to those on the dance floor, he wished he could read lips in that moment because at this distance he could hear nothing. His gaze turned away from the dance floor to fix on the VIP lounge, he had a feeling the most interesting people would be in there but how to get in there he was something he was going to have to work on. Ben's pale blue gaze shifted back to the dance floor and he noticed he could not see the blue haired girl anymore, where she had been was now a throbbing, dancing mass.

    Frowning slightly he thought he saw her through the crowd, seemingly attempting to push her way out and then Ben was moving from the shadows, towards the dance floor where he quietly but firmly shifted the crowd apart around him with only the slightest use of his super strength to move those who just would not budgeuntil he could see the girl who at this point did not look happy to be there.

    He reached a hand out, tapping the girls shoulder then indicating she should follow him as he shouted over the noise"You want off the dance floor? Follow me!" Then without waiting for an answer he turned away, starting the parting crowd process all over again, so as to make a pathway out of the chaos for the girl.

    (( tagging @Setsuna cos interactiiiiooon xD))
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  4. Ren Amamiya

    Ren Amamiya Persona

    Cafe LeBlanc Deux Owner
    Chaotic Good

    Halloween was never really anything he paid attention to back in Japan. It normally involved going to parties he wasn't invited to, or doing mildly illegal things he didn't want to get involved in. Ironic, at this point. So Ren stood outside the club with a crowd of strangers, clad in a comfortable skeleton costume - hood pulled over his features as he leaned his back against the wall. Hands tucked into his pockets as his eyes focused on the ground. For once his glasses were left back at his house. Technically he was always fine without them; mostly only needed for reading or high-detail work up-close. He honestly had just gotten so used to wearing them all the time, it felt strange to leave them behind.

    The others hadn't come with him - something that had almost dissuaded him to stay home. But...he went anyway. Felt like trying something new. Maybe he'd meet some new people, or something. Or...just get bored and leave. Both seemed about equally possible. Honestly he had only really come because he was specifically invited, for giving a discount on coffee, or something. Truth was he always gave coffee to people who came in looking like they had just fought crime.

    Since his own vigilante-free-time was cleaning up the streets in a different way - it only felt right to give back to the ones that did it in reality.

    The doors opened - everyone crowding in. They apparently all really needed to get inside. The pushing seemed excessive, though.

    Once inside - Ren quickly stepped out of the crowd - wanting a bit of breathing room; gazing taking in all the nice little Halloween details the club had put up. Even the staff was celebrating the holiday. A small smile pulled at his lips as his costume ended up under a black-light; the bones almost becoming blindingly bright.

    Eyes moving back to the door in hopes of seeing someone he knew, he sighed - before idly seeking out a drink.

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  5. Erik Lehnsherr

    Erik Lehnsherr Marvel Universe

    Of all the places he could have been dropped in, Erik found himself in a bathroom stall. Mere moments ago he fully planned on taking off his helm for likely the last time. He was certain Apocalypse hadn't survived nor was he capable of doing this, but he couldn't be too certain. Walking out of the stall, for a moment he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

    Staring into his own eyes for a moment, he let out a deep sigh as he donned his helm. He knew if this was some sort of mind trick, the mutant was a fool. How could they let him put on his helmet or even move around freely? But it wasn't until he heard music that confusion grew within him.

    Quickly he made his way out and into the club. Erik noticed all those who wore various costumes of all sorts, some skeletons, and others dressed up as creatures. Yet as he stood clad in his Horsemen uniform, he found a few eyes drawn to him. Presuming it was due to the fact that they quickly figured out who he was.

    It wasn't everyday Magneto the 'Mutant Terrorist' arrived within your 'Halloween Party?' Erik said to himself as he connected the various dots. Almost instantly his jaw tightened as a scowl overtook his face. They must have thought his garb was a costume.

    Instead of standing like a fool, Erik tried to figure out exactly where he was.
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  6. Ignis Scientia

    Ignis Scientia Final Fantasy


    Prompto hadn’t stopped talking about the big Hallowe’en party since his birthday. Excitable as always, he gently ‘encouraged’ – read: badgered and/or guilt-tripped - all of his house-mates to attend, especially the two ‘Proper People’ as he had come to refer to Luna and Ignis himself. How the Prince… King… Noctis had managed to keep off that list was unclear. Ignis suspected it had something to do with the dirty laundry spilling from their bedroom.

    Which was still a strange thought, if not unwelcome.

    And so, after being dragged to all manner of shops with the others, he found himself attired in what he was told was a respectable, if silly superhero costume, but privately suspected was nothing of the sort. In fact, the sandy blond was wearing a skin-tight black cat costume, clinging to his toned physique, with a tail sweeping in his wake and a dark domino mask with a mesh covering his eyes, and the scarring surrounding them.

    It had been easy enough to move with the crowd outside, following the voices into the club, where he could hear the throb of dance music beyond. Inwardly, he groaned. Not that he hadn’t been to parties in his… younger days. And it wasn’t like the Glaives didn’t party hard. Or people in a sunless world, for that matter. But he’d never sought out that atmosphere on his own. Stamping down the distaste, he would not ruin this for Prompto, who was so excited.

    Where was Prompto, anyway?

    Once inside the club, the sound rose to disorienting levels. Ignis worked his way through the crowd towards what he hoped was the bar, cursing his lack of forethought. He should have realized that the noise levels would be a problem for him.

    Just as he got near the bar – he could just make out the clinking of bottles and glasses on the bartop - he collided with someone. As he stammered apologies, he could make out a drink hitting the floor, the resultant splash dampening his leg and, he assumed, that of the poor victim. “I do apologize. Forgive me, I didn’t see you there. Can I buy you another?”

    @Ren Amamiya
  7. Jackie Estacado

    Jackie Estacado The Darkness

    Bar Owner
    Pandora Town
    Chaotic Good
    Jackie hadn't left Pandopolis in a while, losing Z had done that to him, he'd been in a rut that using his powers to do some good didn't give him enough of a rush to fill. But he'd kept at it and gotten back into the game, he wasn't a Don per say, he had his neighborhood under his boot, when it came to crime at least, no one was allowed to deal, pull hits, or extort anyone in his neighborhood, anyone tried and he'd rip their face off or something. It was...cathartic, maybe it was taking all the bad in him and putting it to good use. He was starting to get out more though, and it was getting easier even if it still hurt to be doing it alone. Jackie had decided to get away from it all on Halloween, to take a day to himself in Centria and maybe try to party. He was all dressed up for the occasion, white suit, black shirt, black leather shoes. He wasn't dressed or Halloween at all but he was dressed for a party. Jackie made his way through the crowd and to the bar, leaning against it and ordering a whiskey he could sip on. He watched the crowd, someone being carried out of the dance floor by a guy. A couple other people wandering around.

    Jackie sipped his drink when he saw someone approach him. "I know you?" The guy was in a nice suit and handed him a card. "Mister Franchesso would like to work with you." Jackie looked at the card and at the guy and realized what this was. "I don't do that sorta business so please...fuck off." The guy sucked on his lip and nodded. "He won't like that but if that's your answer..." The guy shrugged and walked off. Franchesso...he'd keep an eye on that. Jackie swigged more of his drink and looked back at the bar. "Another, I'm tryin' to enjoy myself."