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Jaws 7 Even More Revenge

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Corvo Attano, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Corvo Attano

    Corvo Attano Guest

    May 8th

    Corvo had the sails brought down to half mast as they reached more open waters, fishing was a simple task for Cascade Bay as long as they had the proper protection from any dangers the waters held. Corvo had signed on as one of the guards for this fishing boat, eager to get back on the water for once. Fishing in Cascade bay held some danger depending on what wild life Pandora had brought in from the multiverse, sometimes just sharks that could be scared away and sometimes it was a giant sea serpent, Corvo was mostly hoping for just the sharks. And at first that seemed to be what he was getting a couple sharks trying to tear into their nets and steal the fish they'd gotten but then they suddenly stopped, obviously it wasn't a natural stop, Corvo could see them swimming away from the boat, out of that complete section of the sea. Corvo moved and got the rest of the men to stay vigilant. They dropped to no sails but kept the anchor up, ready to drop sail and catch the wind in case anything rose from the water. Corvo looked over the side at the nets, some of the sharks most have torn up some of the fish, trails of blood and bits of chum were drifting in their wake and Corvo could see the remains of a trail behind the boat. Dammit they were like a lure for something now.

    "Alright man your sides, keep an eye on the water, anything surfaces call out but don't fire until it seems hostile!"
    Corvo called out as he blinked up to the rigging to look out over the sea. He spotted something, a large wake in the water but nothing moving along the surface to make it, then he saw it, about as big as a schooners mast, slowly breaching the surface, was a sharks fin. "Get ready! The other sharks chummed the waters for this one!" The Fin dipped back down but Corvo knew soon that giant shark would be upon them.
  2. Vegeta

    Vegeta Dragon Ball

    True Neutral
    Vegeta had been flying over the water that lead to Cascade Bay, he hadn't spent enough time out there. Given that some of the islands popped up out of nowhere, and would be a great place to train especially those that didn't have people on them. As he was heading towards the bay area he spotted a fishing boat, usually nothing that was of concern to him because he fished in other ways if he was ever so inclined. Something him and Kakarot shared was their love of getting their hands dirty and earn their meal, while his wife could pretty much get anything on her world and sometimes beyond he liked catching his fish.

    But something seemed off to Vegeta as he flew near them, they'd stopped and blood was trailing behind them in the water. Which he knew was never a good thing, given Pandora and it's random unpleasantness to all involved. Then he spotted the crew start looking into the water and someone teleport up to a crows nest, yelling out at something in the water and Vegeta looked back to spot a Spielberg sequel in the water coming right at them. He sighed, knowing he might have to help even though he doesn't like being a hero but fighting Jaws could be fun for a brief warm up at least.

    He changed direction and speed past the teleporter and smirked as he did "I'll take care of him" he said as he flew past uncertain if the guy heard him and not caring if he did as he kept going and dove into the water. The splash was huge as he landed in the water, his gravity training and martial arts skill made it so moving in the water wasn't as hard for him as it would be for anyone else. Vegeta watched as the thing came at him, ready to try and eat the shorter man while Vegeta himself got ready to grab the thing head on.