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Private Jinglebell Rock

Discussion in 'Centria' started by Clint Barton, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Leopold Fitz

    Leopold Fitz Marvel Universe

    Neutral Good
    He gave Jessica a polite smile and a nod as one of the kids that Barton was mentoring came over to play with the baby and let them chat for the moment. Better to drink his beer and take a look around rather than get too deep into anything at the moment- just in case. The place was really filling up and that was a good thing, so far as Fitz could tell. Having his party be a success would probably suit Barton much more than if it had fallen flat and his friend did need a bit of a pick-me-up. While he was enthusiastic enough there wasn't that frenetic, half-mad holiday cheer there had been last year and the difference was quite marked when you paid attention to it.

    Some of these faces were familiar to him as well and he gave them nods of acknowledgement. Daisy even earned a small smile, though he still wasn't sure how much she remembered about him- if anything at all. They'd been very good friends, close as family really, and it stung sometimes that she seemed to get along with Clint better, but he also knew that was intensely petty and unfair, considering he hadn't said a word about it. Somehow it seemed wrong though. Spoilers, maybe, or self-fulfilling prophesy. Either way he just held up his beer and nodded in agreement to her wanting to get a drink. He'd check on it later.

    However, then Thor was drawing Clint away and Clint was giving him a quiet 'save me' kind of signal and Fitz felt obliged to at least keep an eye on that. Having already stepped back a little from other conversations he started that way. "Happy Christmas, Thor. What's this present then?"
  2. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales Marvel Universe

    Mutated Human
    Hearing someone else faintly cry out in pain made Miles wonder if someone else was having as bad a night as he was. Pulling himself up off of the ground and apologising again to whoever he'd bumped into, Miles patted over hi smoldering jumper before his senses were going mad again. A voice with no body sounded in his ears, making the teenager glance around curiously until the voice gained a body and it was someone he was sure he definitely had not seen before but felt kind of familiar.

    Could they talk?

    Didn't people usually ask that when they wanted something from you? Or when they were bad news? Okay he was just being paranoid. Besides, the other kid sounded like he was from New York too, judging from his accent, and if that was the case then even better.
    "Hey..." Miles began, rounding one of the other guests before he saluted with two of his fingers in a playful manner to Peter, smiling at him pleasantly enough and remembering he was here to try and make friends as well as possible allies.

    Taking a step towards the teenager, Miles paused when his senses went haywire again, wincing as his hand touched his head before he looked to Peter. Extending his other hand, he hesitated for a moment and wondered if he was going to get thrown across the room if he made contact, though he figured no better place to do so than a home full of heroes.
    "Miles Morales. Nice to meet you, man." Offering his hand but not to shake, curled into a fist and waiting for a bump, the teenager lowered his hand from his head and gave another smile. This one a little more promising as his head stopped trying to crack open for the moment.
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