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Open Joke shops and rhymes

Discussion in 'Hogsmeade Village' started by Leo Valdez, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Leo Valdez

    Leo Valdez Guest

    December 12, YR7​

    Freedom was sweet.
    An unparalleled delight.
    If Leo would sleep it would not be that night.
    He follow over mountain, forest and glen.

    Until something he spotted on the ground up a head.
    "What is that!?" the boy did exclaim.
    For a village had popped up in less then a day!

    Covering his eyes to look down below.
    His mouth was a gap, unable to close.
    It was a sight he had seen but only in movies, pictures and cards.
    Hogsmeade, he knew, but not how or why.

    He ran to the wheel, unable to deny
    The growing desire that swelled inside.
    He turned the wheel and pulled the levers
    And descended towards the ground
    Despite the weather

    The wind whipped around
    but still the ship persisted
    Down, down down
    Despite the distance

    Above the ground he stopped
    And kicked down the ladder
    Before sliding down
    Nearly hitting a passer.

    "Sorry," he called
    But it didn't matter
    He was there
    It was faire
    And he was ready for action!

    ((Sorry about this post! It'll be my only rhyming one. It was done for the Writing Conquest xD Leo wants to play in Hogsmeade though so feel free to jump in and be his poor unsuspecting victim of near bumpery! 8D))
    #1 Leo Valdez, Feb 13, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2018
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  2. Modesty Barebone

    Modesty Barebone Harry Potter

    Fire Lizard Owner
    Pandora Town
    8 (+1)
    (( @Leo Valdez // ooc:: What's the date?! XD))


    Oh, but Modesty wished she had discovered places like this a little bit sooner...among other lovely things, like cinnamon rolls and Fire Lizards that 'transmitted' their words right into her mind. Stuff like that was pure fun, for crying out loud, and seemingly not dangerous at all!

    Case in point, this lovely little village. Snow falling just so on the rooftops, making it all look like a ginormous gingerbread town. Lights that glowed and floated in midair at the same time. And of course, the smells of lovely food practically everywhere.

    The whole sight of it was almost so overwhelmingly perfect that she didn't register Isaac's warning until he'd nipped her by the collar, successfully drawing her back from the flying ship that had landed in the middle of the road. And, for that matter, the lone passenger on board.

    Oh, my...you can fly, too?!


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    mood: Wow, wow...WOW! :eek:
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  3. Leo Valdez

    Leo Valdez Guest

    For a moment, Leo was lost in the world around him. I mean, it wasn't every day you stumbled on a village that appeared out of nowhere. Especially not a village that was clearly straight out of a Harry Potter movie. Alas, the moment of amazement was not to last when the girl he had bumped into began to speak. Leo turned his attention to her with a quarky grin on his lips as he said, "If you're talking about the Argo II, yeah! My spanking hot war machine can totally fly and all sorts of neat things."

    Was he tooting his own horn? Totally. If one thing could be said about Leo it was that he was always extremely proud of his work and the Argo II was a masterpiece that had taken forever to perfect. Why shouldn't he accept appreciation for it? It was true that he was not the most confident person, but he knew good craftsmanship when he saw it and all of his hard work and his families hard work had paid off with this one.

    Unfortunately, with that praise came a certain level of guilt. His apology had been half assed and he knew it and he had intended to leave her in the dust. Now he kinda felt like a jerk for it...

    "So, hey. No bad feelings about the bumping thing right? I was kinda caught up in the moment and wasn't paying attention. You know how it is right? It's not every day a muggle gets to visit Hogsmeade," Leo said, his smile turning into an apologetic one as he rubbed the back of his neck subconsciously. If there was one thing Leo wasn't good at hiding it was guilt and, yeah, he kinda felt guilty for being a complete jerk. That really wasn't his style and he didn't want it to become his style either.
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  4. Modesty Barebone

    Modesty Barebone Harry Potter

    Fire Lizard Owner
    Pandora Town
    8 (+1)

    Spanku-what now?

    Modesty might have had to deal with some…goofy new things here in Pandora, but other than the arrival of Isaac, they had mostly come out of some rather tense situations. Things like boys Credence's age appearing out of a swarm of crows, for example.

    To have another kid like that drop right out of the sky, however—and to be completely at ease with it at the same time—was equal parts scary and exciting. At least, to someone as young as herself.

    And um...what's a muggle again?

    She might have heard the word when Mr. Salamander had been around, or she might not really have if she didn't remember hearing it all that vividly. Either way, she was more than ready to know the meaning of that word as well as where it came from.


    Isaac, on the other hand, had darted to a safe place right behind Modesty just in case this curious No-Wings decided to jump at him and yell 'Boo' out loud. Sometimes, one could never really tell what male Humans were up to until a few seconds after they had gone through with it.

    words: 192
    mood: Curiouser and curiouser
    tag: @Leo Valdez
  5. Leo Valdez

    Leo Valdez Guest

    Hmm. Leo’s brow lifted a little at her reaction to both him and his words. One thing was for certain though, she was not one of the locals. How did one explain magical flying greek warships? He had had the argo II for a long time but this was the first time he had ever had to go out of his way to explain what it was outside of a spanking hot war machine. He really needed to rethink how he approached the subject…

    ”The Argo II. It’s a flying greek warship. I arrived on it,” he finally said lamely knowing exactly how uncool it sound the moment it came out of his mouth. Seriously, it felt like his coolness level dropped five bars with that one comment but he pushed it aside and moved on with a slight casual shrug, ”a man’s got to get around.”

    ”And a muggle is a person who isn’t a witch or wizard,” Leo continued, revising the truth a little to better fit his situation. In all honesty, he didn’t know where he lay anymore in regards to wizards and muggles. Would a demigod be considered a muggle? Zeus, when did everything become so complicated in his life. He almost missed the good old days when he spent most of his spare time tormenting his teachers with harmless pranks.

    It was as he pondered this that his eyes spotted the flicker of a blue wing out of the corner of his eye and curiosity consumed him. Without really thinking about it he tried to look over her shoulder and around her back to see it as he said, ”Hey, what’s that?”