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Open Joke shops and rhymes

Discussion in 'Hogsmeade Village' started by Leo Valdez, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Leo Valdez

    Leo Valdez Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    Mechanic/Blacksmith/ Tinkerer/Shipwright
    Cascade Bay
    Neutral Good
    Freedom was sweet.
    An unparalleled delight.
    If Leo would sleep it would not be that night.
    He follow over mountain, forest and glen.

    Until something he spotted on the ground up a head.
    "What is that!?" the boy did exclaim.
    For a village had popped up in less then a day!

    Covering his eyes to look down below.
    His mouth was a gap, unable to close.
    It was a sight he had seen but only in movies, pictures and cards.
    Hogsmeade, he knew, but not how or why.

    He ran to the wheel, unable to deny
    The growing desire that swelled inside.
    He turned the wheel and pulled the levers
    And descended towards the ground
    Despite the weather

    The wind whipped around
    but still the ship persisted
    Down, down down
    Despite the distance

    Above the ground he stopped
    And kicked down the ladder
    Before sliding down
    Nearly hitting a passer.

    "Sorry," he called
    But it didn't matter
    He was there
    It was faire
    And he was ready for action!

    ((Sorry about this post! It'll be my only rhyming one. It was done for the Writing Conquest xD Leo wants to play in Hogsmeade though so feel free to jump in and be his poor unsuspecting victim of near bumpery! 8D))
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  2. Modesty Barebone

    Modesty Barebone Harry Potter

    Fire Lizard Owner
    Pandora Town
    8 (+1)
    (( @Leo Valdez // ooc:: What's the date?! XD))


    Oh, but Modesty wished she had discovered places like this a little bit sooner...among other lovely things, like cinnamon rolls and Fire Lizards that 'transmitted' their words right into her mind. Stuff like that was pure fun, for crying out loud, and seemingly not dangerous at all!

    Case in point, this lovely little village. Snow falling just so on the rooftops, making it all look like a ginormous gingerbread town. Lights that glowed and floated in midair at the same time. And of course, the smells of lovely food practically everywhere.

    The whole sight of it was almost so overwhelmingly perfect that she didn't register Isaac's warning until he'd nipped her by the collar, successfully drawing her back from the flying ship that had landed in the middle of the road. And, for that matter, the lone passenger on board.

    Oh, my...you can fly, too?!


    words: 145
    mood: Wow, wow...WOW! :eek:
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