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Jones, Jessica

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jessica Jones, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones Marvel Universe

    Private Investigator
    Human with abilities
    Neutral Good
    "Do I look like I'm hiding? No, you want to know why? Because no one wants to know, they want to feel safe, they'd rather call you crazy than admit that I can lift this car or that I can melt your insides with my laser eyes, which won't leave a trace."

    Played by Wolf

    Fandom: Marvel(specifically the Netflix show, Jessica Jones version)
    Age: 35
    Species: Human with powers
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Season 1, episode 13 AKA Smile just after she snaps Kilgrave's neck.
    NPC Companions: a bronze fire lizard named Kayser.


    Aside from her special abilities, Jessica has two areas she excels in. Combat and investigating. Jess is a capable investigator, having her own P.I business named Alias Investigations shows she has some degree of skill. She is able to lie convincingly, use fake voices on the phone, breaking and entering of places. With no real fear of using illegal means makes her much more able to complete her task as she doesn't have to go through all that tape bullshit.

    In terms of combat, she hasn't had any real training - she knows the basics of close quarter combat and relies on using her strength to her advantage. Take that away and she's just a novice really.

    Special AbilitiesSuper Strength;
    Lifting up a broken marble sink and holding it with one hand? Check. Ripping doors of hinges, breaking locks with a quick twist, bending steel pipes? Check. Pulling a car door right off the car, lift a car with one hand? Check. Jessica has super strength which allows her to accomplish feats that are almost impossible for a human. Though she can lift just over 4 thousand pounds, the average size of a car, Jessica is also able to lift up people and throw them across the room without trouble. Having super strength increases her prowess in other areas as well such as:

    Durability; Jessica can take a hit and keep on going. She's able to withstand most attacks before it wears her down and she can even fight against several electrocutions from stun batons. This durability allows her to use her strength without fear of injuring herself and it's quite handy when a truck decides to hit at full speed.

    Speed; Not the fastest by any means, she still can pour of some speed, able to run a mile in just under four minutes and run great distances without tiring or getting out of breath(New York to Niku for point of reference).

    Jessica possesses far greater healing than average humans, while it's not instant healing, it's significantly faster. Most cuts, bruises and sprains only take a few hours to heal with more intense injuries such as a broken bone takes about a day. Because of this 'ability', Jessica is able to drink as much as she can without the toxicity that comes with alcoholism - she does still get intoxicated and hungover. Unfortunately, if she was to lose a limb or an eye her healing would not regrow the lost limb, nor will it fix her sight.

    Or as Jessica likes to call it, guided falling. If she trains enough she could fly but she doesn't really bother. Jessica is able to use this to leap across distances and scale buildings and is able to jump at a max of around several stories. This is generally used as either a last resort or when she is alone and not about to be discovered. It's one of the few things she can do that is way more noticeable than say, running a little faster.

    Immunity to Kilgrave's Control;
    Kilgrave's power is actually a virus emitted whenever he speaks. When Jessica touched the blood of her victim, Reva, somehow that snapped her from his control and inoculated her against any future 'attacks.'

    NPC's AbilitiesOn October 10th, Jessica became telepathically and emphatically bonded with a bronze fire lizard whom she named Kayser. Though he cannot converse normally, he can send images, impressions and emotions that Jessica can mostly understand. They are able to feel each other's emotions and know their location at all times.

    Kayser is able to hunt, fly, swim and fish. Though his species name is fire lizard, he is unable to breathe fire as these creatures are strictly aquatic based.


    I'm Still Human;
    For all her abilities and dangerous acts, Jess is still human and can get sick as well as get injured. Bullets, knives, fire, anything that hurts a human will hurt her. She can just withstand a little more than the average Joe and sure her pain tolerance is higher than most. Of course the more injured she is, the less strength she has though she can still hold her own, it becomes a little tougher. It's also worth noting that while she is immune to Kilgrave's mind control as its a virus, she is not immune to other forms of mind control that are supernatural in origin.

    Do The Right Thing;
    As much as she doesn't care for things, Jess is driven to do the right thing, even after grumbling and trying to do the opposite. Without caring much for her own safety or well being, Jess will do anything to make things right, including getting herself arrested, and staying with her most sworn enemy. She doesn't like people getting hurt for what she's done and lives with a lot of guilt and regret every day.

    After her time with Kilgrave, Jessica has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. This causes flare ups of panic attacks, reliving memories, feeling like he's right beside her. In addition to panic attacks, reliving memories and hallucinations, Jess is also prone to lashing out, especially if someone is nearby and she's feeling vulnerable. To help her cope, Jess utters three words that her counselor told her; the street she lived on, the next street over and the next one after that. Hence why she'll say Birch Street, Higgins Drive, Cobalt Lane. None of this really helps but she's too stubborn to give up.

    Since killing Reva and breaking out of Kilgrave's control, Jessica turned to drinking to numb herself and to help get her through the day. She drinks at any time during the day, even while browsing information on her laptop or on a stakeout. It's her to go choice for any time and any place and while Jess would claim otherwise, she is an alcoholic. When inebriated she gets more mouthy and a little more violent than usual.

    What Flight?
    Though Jess has the ability to fly, right now she is unable to really utilize in the way of flight. Training in this area could help her except she doesn't really think she needs it. Her guided falling tends to be enough for her.

    Kayser the fire lizard
    Their bond is so strong that they will go to great lengths to protect each other. Because of the nature of their bond, they can be swayed by strong emotions. Hurting Kayser will hurt Jess and vice versa and should he be killed then it'll be hard, if not impossible, to recover from.

    tw this app deals with rape, violence, abuse. Please take care <3

    They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line.

    You were never a hero. When you were born you had a shining four years with your parents as an only child before another was born. A boy this time and equal in mischief as you both aged. Regular sibling stuff such as taping him to a tree but really, what older sister wouldn't do that? Fighting with him may have shown others you didn't care, a tomboy at heart who spent most of your time in your room but by gods you were protective.

    When you were in the car going on a vacation, you weren't protective. Playing on his GameBoy, refusing to give it back only to throw it against the car door when ordered to. When Father turned around to scold you, there was no time to brake as the car you were in hit a truck. You were the only survivor, as you found out in the hospital from Dorothy Walker and her daughter Patricia 'Trish' Walker who was already a little starlet. In order to improve on her daughter's image, she adopted you.

    And you hated it.

    What they didn't know was the fact while you were in hospital, twenty days were missing. Not recorded. During that time you died on the table, resurrected and experimented on. The result? It gave you superpowers.

    The first time you noticed something was off was when you got into the car and saw bruises on Trish's neck. After an incident where the mother and daughter were fighting, you broke a bruise and then the marble sink, lifting the latter above your head with both hands. A thrill of excitement coursed through you, only to be dimmed when Trish came in. She was to keep quiet about what she saw and you wouldn't tell anyone she was being physically abused - a statemate that continued until you witnessed Dorothy trying to force Trish to throw up. Displaying your power, you grabbed Dorothy and threw her into the hallway.

    That bone you had with Trish, the bitter rivalry turned into a close connection. She became the one thing you truly loved, something that not many had when it came to you. An angered, sarcastic, witty, anti-social teen that turned into all those and more as an adult. For a time things were rocky between you though, drifting apart while Trish got high on drugs and you fell for a bartender.

    You always had a dark edge to you but with Stirling, you were happy. Nothing like the adult you were in the present. However tragedy would strike as you found him dead in the alley behind the bar, his head bashed in(from your mother no less, who you thought had died in the accident). One good thing came from his death. You sought Trish out, saving her from having to give some skeevy guy a blowjob in return for drugs and slowly your relationship with her mended.

    It was Trish who planted the idea of being a hero and only enforced when you saved a little girl from being hit by a car. Dressed in a sandwich no less, going from job after job, quitting the so called 'crappy' jobs even though you technically needed the money.

    Being a hero would be your downfall. Though you wanted your powers to be a secret, Trish kept pushing. After saving a man from being mugged, that was when Kilgrave came into your life, enamored with the power you displayed. From the moment he spoke you were under his thrall, helpless no matter how much you tried to fight it. He took you to classy restaurants, five star hotels, brought you clothing and jewelry. The pair of you slept together, though you never wanted it. He made you and that, as you told him later on, was rape.

    This was a constant in your life until you were ordered to dig up a box and then to take care of the woman who lead you two there. Hitting her with your hand at full strength stopped her heart and she was dead before she hit the concrete. Touching her blood, shocked at what you had done, pulled you from his control. Slipping away from him only angered him though he was no match for the bus that came around the corner, hitting him and crashing.

    You spent life in a guilt fueled torment. Drinking, setting up a private investigator business, drinking, having nightmares and more drinking. Throwing yourself into case after case, trying to ease a little of that self loathing and disgust you felt. Maybe you were getting better, everyone knew it was a lie. Especially when it turned out Kilgrave was alive, inflicting a nasty game of cat and mouse and that people dead and lives ruined. No matter what you did, you couldn't stop him. At first it was about capture, so that one of his victims could be released from prison after killing her parents.

    She wasn't the only victim. A cop who was told to kill Trish, a man who was told to leave his crying son on the side of the road. Everywhere Kilgrave went, horror followed. Meanwhile you'd been following the husband of the woman you killed - Luke Cage. It was good between you two at first after initial sarcastic banter.

    Sleeping together was not on your agenda, it just happened. And then finding out he also had something special about him and you never felt more connected to someone. You wanted to tell him the truth about Reva, the woman you killed, so much but the words wouldn't come. Only when the life of the bus driver who ran her over was threatened by Luke did you tell him. Not wanting more blood on your hands.

    He was right when he called you a piece of shit but it still hurt. Everyone around you knew that you weren't the sociable type. Cold, guarded, aloof and sarcastic, most would assume you didn't care about anything. Of course you did care, it was just easier to pretend otherwise. Besides, most people sucked anyway.

    You always said you were an asshole.

    Working with a lawyer who hired you because you got things done, she was also brought into the cat and mouse game. When you tried to end it by finally capturing Kilgrave, after a failed attempt earlier and then going to live with him in your childhood home(you didn't want to but it was the only way to get to him and by gods you were taking it). He wanted you to choose, exclaiming you had free will. It was hard to be near him, especially after he had told your neighbor Ruben to cut his own throat.

    But you finally got your chance and your plan finally worked. Keeping him locked up in a chamber that stopped his power from working, you tried to get a confession. That failed so you tried to locate his parents who had experimented on him as a child.

    That failed when he ordered his mother to stab herself.

    Death followed, from the detective that you wanted to watch the confession. To Kilgrave's escape when your lawyer friend Jeri cut the wires to the electricity needed to snap Kilgrave's control. Finding out you were immune to his control and that it was a virus? That was something that could finally end this.

    Saving Hope, the girl who killed her parents, was still a main concern but she took herself out of the picture after stabbing herself in the throat. People from the Kilgrave Support group, including Malcolm(who you saved from a mugging and helped him kick his drug habit that he got after Kilgrave took control and used him to get photos of you). were once again controlled, this time with nooses around their necks. You saved them but couldn't save Hope.

    The plan now went into Kill Kilgrave, even as the cop who tried killing Trish and later entered a sexual relationship with, tried stopping you. Taking Combat Enhancer tablets, he was able to match you, even beating you as you were recovering from injuries sustained from being hit by a truck. Which really hurt and you weren't planning on going another round.

    Things got worse however. Luke came back into the picture, blowing up his bar. Under Kilgrave's control, he relayed all information back to him while his father was improving Kilgraves power - the psycho was intent on making his ultimate prize bend to his will. Finding out Luke was under control was devastating, especially seeing as how he forgave you - only to be Kilgrave's words. Shooting Luke with a shotgun to stop him from killing you was one of the hardest things you ever had to do.

    Thank gods he had unbreakable skin. A bit touch and go there but he would pull through while you went to finish the fight with Kilgrave. Making him think he had you under his control was another hard thing you had to endure, especially when he kissed Trish right in front of you. You held your ground, waited until he was close, said I love you to Trish before telling Kilgrave to smile.

    And then you snapped his neck.

    That was before these pesky vines grabbed you.

    Pandora was okay when you got your bearings. Sure there were people who swore they knew you yet you had no idea who they were. It wasn't long until the creature of habit that you were fell into the same old routine. This was made worse when, after a trip to Morhall and a cave in saw you severely injured and trapped, you were rescued by a man named Glenn. Who died after the cave in collapsed more. You tried to help him yet it was too late.

    You were sorry. You would always be sorry.

    A woman named Menolly gifted you with an egg belonging to a bronze fire lizard with instructions and her number in case you needed more help. She must have seen something in you to hand over such a prize and October 10th, Year 7 did the egg hatch. Naming him Kayser, you were bonded to this creature for the rest of existence but that was okay. He made your existence that much better.
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  2. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones Marvel Universe

    Private Investigator
    Human with abilities
    Neutral Good
    Just a tiny edit of adding the hospital + experiment, nothing more ;3 Edit is complete!
  3. Thalia

    Thalia Scratilicious

    Unseen academic
    your application is

    Beautiful app, Wolf! <3

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