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Private Just a Dream...?

Discussion in 'Tavoie Borough' started by Dipper Pines, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Gravity Falls

    Your Worst Nightmare
    Dream Demon
    Older than the Universe
    Chaotic Evil
    It was actually pretty fun to see Shooting Star so filled with despair. She was the type of human that cared too much for people—such a bleeding heart, so filled with kindness, in a world that shows no mercy.

    Mabel will have to learn that sometimes, the world is unforgiving and it’s not fair.

    Of course, slowly, as the vines went to her as well and was choking both of the dream versions of her brother and the pig—that’s when she got an epiphany. Damn it, why did the Pines have to be such killjoys?

    The laser eye cats was actually pretty funny—while the Pines could be annoying, he always did like Shooting Star’s imagination and Pine Tree’s curiosity—though the game was pretty much done when she started calling Bill a corn chip.

    The dream demon couldn’t help but laugh at her reply, his voice echoing in the dream as the wind blew. It was in that moment, he caused the vine to jerk and twist the imitation of Dipper’s neck and make him drop to the ground.

    While the body fell into an awkward heap, after a few moments, it jerked upwards. When Dipper opened his eyes, it was the yellow that Bill loved to have. “Sure, it’s your dream, Shooting Star. But dreams are my specialty—especially when they turn into nightmares.”

    Bill smirked as he snapped his fingers and the scene changed. The forest shifted and twisted to appear as the inside of the Fearamid appeared, with it’s escher like stairs and hallways.

    As the surroundings settled, Bill allowed Mabel to keep that pig of hers as a comfort while he turned back into the triangular being that he was. “It’s actually pretty fun to see you, Shooting Star. I’m actually flattered that both you and Pine Tree immediately suspect me when your dreams go sour. Did one heck of an impression, huh?”
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