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just avatar things

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Aang, May 28, 2018.

  1. Aang

    Aang Guest

    May 10th, Y7.
    Open to all.

    Aang more than likely drew attention even in a bustling marketplace like this considering he was covered in blue tattoos, wearing robes, and had a lemur clinging to his shoulder. Regardless of any eyes lingering upon him, however, he happily perused each of the stalls, pocketing trinkets here and there after handing over the necessary pounds. Airbenders weren't known for their love of material possessions, but...he'd gotten into the habit of bringing home little souvenirs for Katara and sometimes the others when he was forced on a trip away. And this is what that was, right? A trip away?

    He didn't like to think of anything but a trip. Anything else implied that he wasn't returning, and as interesting as Pandora had been, he didn't want to imagine himself staying there forever with all of his friends literally lifetimes away. There was a world that still needed their Avatar, and despite how selfish it may be to think, this one already had one. It didn't need two, right?

    Not long after noon had passed and the sun was still high in the sky, Aang sat on a curb not far from the marketplace contemplating his circumstances. His thumbs traced circles on the new pendant he held in his hands as he looked up at the cloudless sky. It wasn't hard to tell that he was lost in thought about something that was troubling him, but nobody stopped. Even Momo had disappeared somewhere into the crowd on his own adventure.

    "I wish," Aang spoke aloud without really thinking about it, "that I wasn't so alone in this place, Roku." Like all the times before when he'd reached out through meditation or even downright pleading, his past life's spirit didn't answer to give him guidance. But the pendant in his hands did. Aang yelped as the metal began to glow bright hot underneath his fingertips, and instinctively, he tossed it onto the cement of the street as he scrambled backwards.

    "Who dares to make demands of me?!" a deep voice boomed from what seemed to almost be inside of the pendant as a dark energy formed around it. The presence wasn't in any way subtle -- dozens of patrons' eyes were drawn to the shady presence and the young monk standing next to it, who looked equally sheepish, nervous, and confused. Where was it that he'd just bought this thing from? Wasn't it that strange old woman that called herself a master of the 'ah-ccult?'

    "Uh, my name's Aang!" was all he could think of saying, a lopsided, forced grin on his face. This was so not how he expected to spend his afternoon.

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  2. Selene

    Selene Guest


    "If you have any sense you would step away from that. Now." Selene spoke, pushing her way through the crowd to stand close to the boy with the blue tattoos. The voice in the pendant sent chills down the vampires spine in the way icy water felt when tossed upon her. At least the youngster had sense to drop it once it spoke.

    That dark aura surrounding it wasn't something Selene was too keen on touching, even if she was a six hundred plus year old vampire. "Tell me, who did you buy that pendant from?" Selene asked, her eyes focusing on Aang for the moment though her senses were more than capable of looking out for both.

    There'd been word on artifacts like these. Rumors ranged from them being dangerous and capable of possession or simply harmless and there for a dark joke. At this point Selene wasn't sure which was better and vowed to find whoever was responsible.

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  3. Aang

    Aang Guest

    Aang chanced a look over his shoulder at a woman's voice. She wasn't anything like he'd ever seen before with her leather outfit, pale skin, and this strange look in her eye as if she'd seen far too much within her lifetime. Even with the far-away gazes of war-hardened citizens and soldiers alike that he'd seen, this was something far different. It reminded him more of a spirit than another human. But still, she seemed willing to help him figure it out, so Aang was more than willing to accept any differences between them so long as it helped lead to a peaceful outcome.

    At her question, he pointed over to a stall not so far from the commotion that he'd remembered decked out with hanging beads and strange artifacts. "Over there," he replied helpfully. "And there was a kind old woman who-- wait, what?" Where the stall had been just moments earlier was completely empty, an odd gap in the formation of the traveling marketplace. "Oh, monkey feathers. It was right there a minute ago!"

    "ENOUGH!" the voice demanded sharply, and Aang took another step back at the force of it. "I tire of your games, humans." He was no stranger to dealing with spirits, and something in him could sense a strange kind emanating from it. It reminded him of not too long ago when he'd been forced to battle -- and kill -- General Old Iron. The towering, vengeful spirit had been terrible and full of rage, but also full of sadness. The type that could only be associated with immense loss.

    He could relate.

    "I'm not entirely human!" Aang helpfully pointed out with a shrug and a smile, choosing to be friendly instead of attacking. There was of course the possibility it'd try to attack him first, but he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. "I met my future reincarnation the other day and she says we're supposed to be some kind of spirit of light. Does that help any?"

    Words that could only be spoken in Pandora. Whatever the case, the creature in the pendant just harrumphed. "You are all the same to me. Sniveling, pitiful mongrels."

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  4. Selene

    Selene Guest


    Not human? Future reincarnation? Just Pandora things, she supposed, though she would muse more upon the fact later. As for him not being human, that wasn't as much of a surprise. His scent wavered and she'd met more non-humans than humans. Unlike the boy though, she didn't openly admit she wasn't human - she simply hummed in response.

    The woman who had sold Aang the pendant was gone, along with her stall, and Selene made a mental note to go over there later and see if there was anything left behind. A scent or something that could be used to find her next location.

    "If we're not careful, then that pendant is going to release a demon. That aura surrounding it is already starting to take shape." She warned Aang, her hand slipping to the hilt of a staff that snapped open once it was free. Swords would only scare the others and guns could very well do more damage around them. A staff was a good option.

    "And I tire of your games, demon." Selene narrowed her eyes.

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  5. Imra Ardeen

    Imra Ardeen Guest

    Market days were always fun or at least they were most of the time when she had the time to visit one and browse the stalls. It was a good way to find more unusual clothes the main shops lacked and handmade jewelry which she was getting a liking for. And finally having spent the small personal budget she allowed herself for such days, Imra was starting to head home with a new top or two and some necklaces in her backpack.

    Until an exchange between a boy with a bald head and an older dark-haired woman made her stop. A demon? Even in civilian clothes, her drive to do good and help people kicked in and she took a step or two forward, scanning the area to see how many actual civilians were still in the area. A quick telepathic broadcast would help clear the streets if things turned ugly and with that type of creature involved, she was sure it just might.

    And she was going to help any way she could...