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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Kara, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Kara

    Kara Mercy Thompson Series

    sing till you're breaking glass or you're breaking down

    Played by TerraNova

    Fandom: Mercy Thompson series (specifically Moon Called)
    Age: Physically around late 20s/early 30s, actually 88
    Species: werewolf
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: After accepting the job to raid Adam's home/pack


    ShiftingAs a werewolf, she possesses the ability to change her form into that of a wolf. While a full moon is not a requirement to shift forms, it will force a shift into wolf form when it rises. Energy is the most limiting factor in a shift. At peak health and with a fair amount of raw meat to consume, the shift could be performed once every few ours. An alpha werewolf can force the change as well, as resisting would cause the change to be extremely painful once it happens.

    Speaking of pain, it's not an attractive or quick process. The change can take upwards of fifteen minutes, and usually results in a fairly grumpy wolf upon completion. Clothing does not make the shift between forms with the werewolf, either. Leaving them on can lead to more discomfort as it tears around the new shape.

    The wolf shape grants extra strength and speed. With shoulders more closely resembling those of a tiger than a natural wolf, the werewolf is capable of making powerful side swipes with gigantic paws. Along with razor sharp teeth and claws, the werewolf is built as a fighter.

    Enhanced SensesIn either form, Kara's senses are much, much sharper than those of a normal human. She can smell variances in emotions, hear a heartbeat from yards away, and has excellent night vision. With all her senses together, she can basically be a human lie detector; between sweat, nervousness, as well as variances in heartbeats, it is very difficult to lie to her. (It should be noted that any person or creature who has none of such tells - ie, like vampires - she would not be able to sense the lies).

    All of her senses are sharpened in her wolf shape.

    Healing FactorThe Change into werewolf causes rapid regeneration in cells. This makes the werewolves immune to aging, as their cells naturally perfect themselves to peak physical condition. It also grants an amazing ability to heal. It causes the werewolves to consume tons of calories, but they can in effect heal from almost any damage dealt to them. Wounds inflicted by other supernatural beings generally take longer to heal than more mundane ones, but in a broad sense, the more severe the damage, the longer it will take to heal.

    Unless acted upon by very powerful dark magic, they can even regrow severed body parts. It is exhausting and not really pleasant to experience or watch, but they can even regrow entire limbs.

    MagicIn everything about a werewolf, there is an inherent magic. Some of this is prevalent in pack bonds, which mentally link wolves to their alphas. Emotions, strength, and commands can flow freely through the bonds, as can pain. Another bond is the mating bond, which is a stronger tie than the pack bond to a singular entity chosen by both the human and the wolf. These bonds are formed in special ceremonies known to most werewolves that have belonged to packs at some point in their lives.

    There are other magics outside of those granted by a pack that the wolves naturally possess. One allows them to appear, without close scrutiny, as large dogs and not deadly wolves. This fails upon close inspection, however, and is much easier to pass off as long as the wolf isn't doing anything particularly strange (such as carry a bright backpack around). Another magic pulls the shadows tighter around the wolf to allow greater concealment, and yet another allows the more dominant of them to put a forceful push of command to their voice. Most of the time, the wolf uses the magic instinctively without a total awareness of what exactly they are doing while they are doing it.

    The ChangeAny werewolf can turn another humanoid into a werewolf. It's not just a matter of a single bite, unfortunately. The target must be mauled to near death to allow the magic of the werewolf to slip past the immune system. If the Change takes, he or she will recover rapidly from the attack. If they don't, well....

    Theoretically, artificially lowering the immune system before attempting the Change could lead to a higher success rate, but it is very difficult to control the wolf's instincts once it tastes fresh blood.


    SilverContact with silver burns the werewolf. Silver bullets, depending on where they hit, have a very high fatal risk. Silver-inflicted wounds will not heal while the silver is still embedded, and prolonged exposure can make the reaction more and more severe (think like an allergy). These wounds are the only ones certain to scar, and they heal at nearly a human rate.

    InstinctsEven though the regenerative ability stops aging, most werewolves have a lifespan of about a decade after their Change. This is because of the powerful instincts of the wolf they now have to contend with. The wolf is an apex predator, drive to hunt, fight, kill any prey, and will respond in kind to anything that tries to run or that screams vulnerable prey to it.

    Conversely, those the human is driven to protect will also throw the wolf into overdrive when threatened. The wolf is not a rational creature, and sharing a mind with such a being can lead to an exhausting mental battle of will to see who ultimately comes out on top.

    MagicWerewolves have no way to sense magic, and thus cannot dodge any magical attacks as easily as they could predict a physical one. The magic of the wolf, including any mental bonds, can be reached by magic and altered or toyed with in such a way that the wolf is driven to madness or to irrational actions.

    DrowningAs their bodies are densely packed with muscle, werewolves make exceptionally poor swimmers as their bodies sink rather quickly in water.


    Accustomed from a young age to hiding aspects of herself from view, Kara is a hard person to get to know. She hides behind layers of etiquette lessons and espionage training all disguised as a stereotypical British stiff upper lip.

    Given her wartime career hinged entirely on her ability to disappear, Kara is a master of disguise, language, and accents. She cannot, however, fully mask her own personal scent, nor the scent of wolf from herself. She grew comfortable in completely reinventing herself once her life became tedious or tiresome, making it difficult for her to fully form ties or bonds with her temporary packmates or companions.

    On the surface she's a poised, mysterious wolf. She displays her dominance in defiance and wit, sometimes in blatant disregard of where she ranks in pack hierarchy as an unmated female. She has very little tolerance for male ego and posturing around her, and generally prefers the company of humans over other werewolves. Very dominant males - those who like to fragrantly display their dominance in particular - put her on edge, human or otherwise.

    A dominant wolf herself, Kara has a fierce temper. She has a few hairpin triggers (being treated as inferior, for one), but she prefers to maintain a grudge instead of provoking a direct confrontation. She would rather carefully manipulate a situation so that she can avoid a violent altercation unless she knows she would have the advantage. That being said, she knows better than to constantly stir trouble and chooses her battles carefully in order to maintain a balance. This caused her to be labeled a sort of misfit, one who was better off striking out on her own than trying to make it with a pack.

    At her core, Kara is a bit of a nomad who longs for a sense of belonging. She feels quite out of place among werewolves, and chafes at knowing her ranking in the pack would be much higher if she weren't female. On the other hand, however, she never feels less human than when she surrounds herself with them. The War had, even with all its horror, given her a place in the world she felt comfortable with for one of the only times in her life. She's grateful, in a way, that losing herself into the War was a suitable explanation as any for her family to her greatly altered personality upon returning, but she also regrets that it was so easy for her family to overlook the changes she had undergone. Kara often wonders if anyone ever actually knew her well at all, or if she is only ever a collection of scattered parts and personality traits.




    Born in England at the close of the Great War, Kara was never quite what her parents had wanted in a daughter. She tended to scrape the knees of her stockings and had a near permanent trail of dirt along the hems of her skirts. A boarding school for girls taught her to hide her interests and to mask her true feelings rather than squash the behaviors from her entirely.

    Going through puberty surrounded by girls also clued Kara in that her interests were more unconventional than expected. But, living outside London when another war started brewing gave her somewhere to hide among others like herself. She joined the war effort, first as a nurse in First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, then recruited off to Bletchley Park to train in codebreaking, where she signed the Official Secrets Act. Her work at Bletchley caught the eye of Special Operations Executive. Excelling with codes coupled with her boarding school education in multiple languages had her shipped off to Axis-occupied territories to decode field transmissions.

    Really there could have been a worse time to find herself mauled by a wolf while waiting on a delayed extraction team. Several things had already gone wrong (Kara was never supposed to be alone in the field, for one), but she found she was mainly annoyed to find her information largely useless by the time she'd recovered in a dingy field hospital and managed to make her way back to a radio she could report from. Until the next full moon, she'd had no reason to suspect anything suspicious about her recovery. Luckily enough, she was discovered by an Allied werewolf before her first change and taught how to control her wolf.

    Once she'd mastered her new senses, the Change granted her a distinct advantage in espionage. She was able to excel very quickly in training and moved on to work primarily as a solo operative in the field. This new position became ideal to keep her wolf hidden during the full moons, even in occupied territory.

    With the War drawing to a close and the whole nation expecting the women to return to their households, Kara found herself unable to settle into the quiet life at home she had been raised to want. Knowing, too, that her newfound immortality would very quickly become difficult to hide from them, she slowly drifted apart from her family. She found, outside of SOE, that the werewolf packs she encountered expected her to join their ranks. The hierarchy didn't sit well with Kara, who flat out refused to take a male wolf as a mate (which in turn left most of the dominant, unmated males unsettled in her presence). Having met many ladies who shared her preferences, Kara held onto the hope she could one day either meet the right wolf or meet a woman she could share her secret with.

    With pack life chafing her harder as the years passed, Kara eventually struck out on her own as a lone wolf. She made her way to North America, where the Marrok ruled over the packs and gave them much greater stability than the European wolves, and settled in to a nomadic lifestyle. Kara picked up work where she could, and accepted a somewhat ethically challenging job from Gerry Wallace to attack the alpha of the Columbia Basin pack. Needing the money, Kara accepted. She didn’t ask any questions she didn’t want the answers to.

    She had approached the house, in wolf shape, when black vines appeared and dragged her to Pandora.


    A low whine escaped the wolf. She didn’t like this job, had felt a sinking feeling in her stomach since Gerry Wallace had paid her off in advance for taking it. No reconnaissance, so the wolves they were about to attack could not scent them coming, except for what could be gained by computer satellite, which left much to be desired.

    No, Kara didn’t like this one bit.

    As the wolves approached the outskirts of the pack’s home, all of the possible ways this could go badly ran through her mind. Making an enemy of the Columbia Basin alpha seemed so foolish now, if he survived. She was committed now, of course, since Gerry and the others could very well hunt her down for abandoning them this late in the game, and she didn’t trust the silver weapons they had developed. She’d have to collect and run once this was over and done with. Maybe try the eastern coast of the country for a few decades. She had options.

    With the signal to advance given, Kara felt something tug at her hind legs. She turned, thrashing wildly, to find black cords wrapping around her. Witchcraft? When freeing herself seemed increasingly unlikely, Kara let out a loud wail to alert the pack to the oncoming ambush. She was going down anyway. Might as well leave something positive behind.
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  2. Kara

    Kara Mercy Thompson Series

    This is finished :)
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    Kara is all set, Terra! Have fun. :D