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Karnstein, Carmilla

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Carmilla Karnstein, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Carmilla Karnstein

    Chaotic Neutral
    Carmilla Karnstein
    "Be good for me, Carmilla. Change for me, Carmilla. Burn down everything you've ever loved for me, Carmilla."

    Played by Prix

    Fandom: Carmilla (YouTube Web Series by KindaTV/sponsored by Kotex)
    Age: 18 (Physical); 340 (Actual)
    Species: Vampire
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Carmilla, Season 2, Episode 30: "Co-Existence"
    NPC Companions: None.


    Carmilla is a vampire, formerly a human. In her universe of origin, vampires do not have perceptible heartbeats but do menstruate. Many of the physical faculties of vampire bodies are mysterious. The particular mechanism of Carmilla's vampirism is unknown to her at her canon point; however, it might explain the ways in which it both intersects with and differs from the common myths across many worlds.

    Carmilla and most of her vampiric brethren were directly sired by their "Mother," known by many names throughout the centuries. In the present day, she was known as the mysterious and dreaded Dean of Silas University until her physical body's death during a campus uprising against Lophiiformes - the Demon of the Light, or an ancient, angler-fish goddess trapped beneath the university's grounds. After this point, she possessed the body of one of Laura Hollis's friends, Lola Perry. She is an ancient being, though not a vampire herself. Ultimately, it is discovered that "Mother" is, in fact, the ancient goddess Inanna (also known as Ishtar). Inanna threatened to raise the dead if her father did not avenge her honor during the events of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh happened after the loss of Inanna's first love, though, and it would seem that the goddess never gave up on raising her first love and bringing him back to her. In defiance of death and the natural order, she proceeded to raise an army of the undead - her vampires - but her love yet remained beyond her reach.

    Vampiric Attributes
    It is unclear if vampires in Carmilla's home universe are subject to all the stereotypical weaknesses of typical vampires in their early years. However, it may be assumed that if they are, they may outgrow some of them gradually as they age and become more accustomed to their changed physical state. Perhaps sensitivity to light, garlic, and even salt are the result of intensified senses that they did not have as humans. Revulsion to religious imagery does not seem to be any kind of metaphysical allergy, though Carmilla did display a sensitivity to the singing of funeral processions in the original novella (which is loosely part of her canon in the web series). Instead, it would seem that a revulsion of this nature may have to do with grief and one's own circumstances -- the awakening to a much crueler, more complicated reality than the one to which young Countess Mircalla von Karnstein had been accustomed.

    Carmilla is sturdy and does not age. She can live forever barring unusual circumstances. However, she seems to have either never been susceptible or has outgrown her susceptibility to: obsessive sense-fixation, extreme revulsion to religious symbols she identifies with in some fashion, garlic, salt, or sunlight. She can die from things like starvation, dismemberment, and supernatural intervention.

    Special Abilities
    • Speed: Carmilla can move very fast, possibly even too fast for the human eye to track at times.
    • Strength: Carmilla is very strong as compared to her apparent physical stature. She may be able to break a human's bones with her bare hands with a little bit of effort and to lift or hold onto things considerably larger or heavier than one would expect. However, this ability is probably within the limits of what an obviously intensely trained, large human body might be able to achieve naturally.
    • Pyrokinesis: Carmilla has demonstrated the ability to start a fire with her mind at least once. The extent of this ability is unknown to others, but she does not use this ability often.
    • Voice: Carmilla seems to have the ability to use her voice in a way that could potentially be harmful to humans. She can cause unnatural vibration and projection of her voice. Her much older "sister" Mattie demonstrated a more sophisticated form of this ability identified as a "supersonic scream."
    • Shapeshifting: Carmilla can shape-shift. Her favored form is a large black cat, identified as a panther by some witnesses.


    • Carmilla does avoid direct sunlight, though it will not turn her to dust or anything. She is much stronger and more comfortable functioning at night.
    • Carmilla is not good, but she does not relish in pointless evil, cruelty, or even murder except in moments of fury. She feels a need to philosophize and rationalize her choices. This moral element to her character may be an exploitable weakness for a monster.
    • Carmilla has traumas in her past which she vividly remembers and which may cause her to behave irrationally in the face of sharp reminders of them. These include confined spaces and betrayal.
    • Carmilla is susceptible to (re-)death through grave injury to her body, starvation, and probably several other potential causes.
    • Carmilla requires blood to survive. She is able to consume typical food and drink for pleasure and blending in, but she will become sickly and weak without a source of blood to consume and eventually perish.


    Carmilla can be personable, charming, and seductive. She grew up in a very sheltered environment during her human existence. She was naive, capricious, and overly confident of her own worth and power. This somehow led to her murder on her eighteenth birthday. After her death and subsequent undeath, she became more and more cold and bitter. She became quite inured to her Mother's expectations and became quite good at the conning young women into becoming sacrifices. Her Mother valued her for this, and it gave her a usefulness that allowed her to enjoy the height of luxury throughout centuries. She did not really have to learn better than her wicked little rich girl ways until she fell in love with Elle in 1872. During her time with Elle, she was still bitter toward perhaps losing her own soul. She still was a sugary, callous girl who still dreamed about her father protecting her and avenging her against the insults of peasants. However, the experience of falling in love and watching her Mother take her lover from her away to her death broke Carmilla.

    She spent the next seventy years fading in and out of consciousness, alive in a coffin filled with blood buried beneath the ground. When she reemerged in the 1940s, her tact changed. Over the course of the 20th century, she returned to her pursuits of philosophy and culture. She began to identify as an existentialist and found a comfortable framework through which to understand meaning and her own sense of morals while coping with being a vampire. She began to try to consider not causing pointless death and indulging her own hedonism when she could, instead, find a way to create a version of herself that would find vengeance against her Mother.

    Carmilla is melancholic and moody. She is interested in creating meaning in what she sees as a cruel, empty world devoid of much inherent worth. She can be ruthless, but she can also be kind and accommodating. While she does not avoid doing the right thing, she often finds it difficult to consider it a worthwhile risk without the right push. At the point of canon from which she is drawn, she has fallen into a very dark place, grieving, angry, and indulging her darkest impulses with a few erratic limits.


    Carmilla has black hair and brown eyes. Despite being a vampire, she can have a perfectly healthy-looking complexion, particularly after feeding. She has fangs, but they are small and separate from her human teeth, barely perceptible unless one is looking closely. She is about 5'3''.


    Carmilla was born Countess Mircalla von Karnstein in Styria, Austria, during the seventeen century. On her eighteenth birthday, she was murdered. In later recollections of how she became a vampire, Carmilla represents herself as a naive young girl who had spent her entire life in sheltered luxury, not realizing that she was not as greatly valued by her family, and in particular her father, as a young woman might reasonably expect in this day and age. She reflects upon herself as an inconvenience to be traded away without her input or real understanding or knowledge. Her father promised her to another nobleman by the name of Vordenberg, and while it was never made explicitly clear, it would seem that perhaps this led to her death.

    Mircalla was killed at her first ball - presumably a debutante party for her of sorts. Since Mircalla was promised to Vordenberg prior to her death, one might assume that they met there at the ball. Furthermore, the only time Mother is seen to turn another young woman into a vampire, she was not the entity who initially killed the girl. Rather, it seems possible that Vordenberg killed Mircalla during her first evening as a young woman entered into society. Perhaps she rejected advances toward her or angered him in some other way. Nonetheless, she ended up dead on the first night of her "adult" life inasmuch as she could have one in paternalistic seventeenth century Austria.

    At some point, Mother performed the necessary rite to raise little Mircalla from the ranks of the dead. However, Vordenberg had not had enough to do with her. When he learned that she had been turned into a vampire, under the guise of "protecting her," Vordenberg exhumed her weak, still-deadened body from her grave and locked her away. When she at last regained conscious awareness and her strength, she fought her way out of Vordenberg's home, killing his entire family and everyone but Vordenberg himself, leaving him to die alone for what he had done to her. Later, this would prove to be a mistake as he would become a vampire expert, hunter, and pass this trait on to his descendants.

    At some point she was found by her Mother and incorporated into her close "family" of those she had turned to vampires to serve her purposes. She was trained by Mother to be the bait in a con that allowed her to perform an unknown ritual every twenty years. She would pose as a carriage ride victim, lost girl, or other pitiful soul to ingratiate herself with some family with a daughter of her apparent age. She would befriend and, often, seduce the girl. Then, her Mother would return, abduct the girl who had been lured into a sense of trust, security, and friendship, and whisk her away to perform the unknown, deadly ritual. Between these rituals, Mother took Mircalla and her other close attendants around the world, participating in the trends of the times, the lifestyles of the rich, and observing all of human history and culture as it unfolded.

    As she perfected her craft, Mircalla began to change her name bit by bit to avoid arousing suspicion back in Austria. She would create anagrams with the letters of her original name, eventually cycling around to Carmilla which would stick. Perhaps it stuck because of the person she met when she posed as Carmilla in 1872. Carmilla had often held some fleeting affection or pity for her marks and her victims, but she had never truly loved any one of them enough for it to matter - until Elle. When she fell in love with the girl wholeheartedly, she finally wanted to break the pattern of befriending, seducing, and ultimately consigning a girl to her death. She tried to see to it that Elle could escape from Mother's grasp, but Mother discovered her plan. To add insult to injury, Mother revealed Carmilla's vampiric nature to Elle. Terrified of her, Elle rejected Carmilla entirely and, as a result, was taken by Mother in the end.

    As punishment for her attempted betrayal and weakness, Carmilla was sealed in a coffin filled with blood and buried alive. She remained there for about seventy years until the bombs falling over Europe in World War II weakened the confines of her living grave and allowed her to escape. Mother found her again in Paris in the 1950s and apparently forgave her, bringing her back into the fold. Perhaps she thought Carmilla was particularly good at her former job. Carmilla fell back into apparent step, but she had her mind set on a slow, cold revenge against her mother. As the present era approached, rather than using her life experience as a young noblewoman, Carmilla began to pose as a college student for several cycles at Silas University - an unusual university in Austria, magnet to a lot of weird phenomena. Each time, she tried to privately undermine her mother and discreetly let potential victims slip out of her fingers, doing Mother's other bidding and biding her time until she might discover the truth about the strange, cyclical ritual that took place every 20 years on the grounds that became the campus of Silas University which had stolen the lives of so many young women including Carmilla's one love.

    Eventually, history began to repeat itself a bit. Carmilla was tasked with capturing more young girls at Silas, and she took on the role of replacement roommate for Laura Hollis when she helped Mother capture Laura's previous roommate Betty. After all, while she tried sabotage wherever she could, she could not always manage to interfere with Mother's plans. At first, Laura infuriated Carmilla. She regarded her naivete, earnest efforts at goodness, and idealism with disdain. However, she eventually began to see Laura as one of the most and only worthwhile people to invest in she had ever met. She fell in love, bit by bit, and she eventually threw her lot in with Laura's entirely.

    After nearly sacrificing her life to defeat Mother and the "Demon of the Light" (which turned out to be an eldritch angler-fish goddess), Carmilla began a romantic relationship with Laura at last. However, a happily ever after was not to be found. When they tried to flee campus in the winter with a couple of Laura's other friends, it became apparent that they were not well-equipped for wilderness survival and that Carmilla was good at instigating the rancor of mobs in small towns when she tried to bite public servants out of a hunger for blood. Returning to Silas for the shambles of a new school year, Carmilla stayed with Laura for some time before realizing that Laura wanted to create a hero and good person out of her that Carmilla simply did not know how to be.

    Eventually, the pair broke up. Circumstances kept pushing them back together, though, into increasingly more cramped alliances as a descendant of Vordenberg descended on Silas University in an effort to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the Dean - Carmilla's "Mother." Carmilla was unhappy with all of these turns of events, but nothing could be worse than Laura's betrayal and the death of her sister.

    During one of her many moments of weakness toward her loved one, Carmilla revealed to Laura that the reason Mattie was invincible was that she kept a piece of her own heart in a locket around her neck. As long as the locket remained intact, Mattie remained invincible. Carmilla shared this information for Laura alone as she could be quite possessive and exclusive about her affections when she did allow herself to be weak enough to have them. However, Laura shared this information with her friend Danny for her safety as well. Sure enough, Mattie attempted to kill Danny, but as Danny's ribs were being crushed she crushed the locket to save her own life.

    Carmilla held her Sister as she died, pleading for some way to help her. There was none to be had however. At first, she told Danny to run because she wanted to hunt, torture, and kill her and it would not be satisfying if she did not run. However, Danny stood her ground and insisted that she kill her then and there if she wanted to. Carmilla nearly obliged, but once again Laura stopped her. She desperately reminded Carmilla that Danny would not have known how to save her own life had Laura not told he and that she had to do it or die. Knowing that Laura was right and hating it, she used her voice to threaten both with her words and with its power. She warned them that if she ever saw Laura or any of her friends again that she would kill them and stormed out, heartbroken and furious.


    There was nothing in the entire world that held meaning in itself. Carmilla had known that for a very long time. It had been the first real lesson she had ever learned. Only she had let herself forget, and for that cavalier, foolish mistake, Mattie was dead. Mattie who had been almost as old as civilization itself. Mattie who had been her friend, her sister for 300 years -- dead because of a girl less than twenty. Really, she should have known better than to trust, than to love, and, most of all, than to hope -- to hope beyond the edges of the darkness, the evil inherent in the world. There was no pure goodness, no pure light, and she had never forgotten that. Laura couldn't seem to keep from believing it, though, even as she took Carmilla's own love for her and twisted it into murder -- all for the sake of a human with an Amazon complex that Mattie could have crushed in an instant. That she should have crushed in an instant.

    Even if she was Laura's friend, there was a food chain, a pecking order of power in the world. It wasn't that it was fair. Nothing in life was fair. But Danny Lawrence's parents didn't want her enough to miss her, enough to look for her, enough not to leave her at Silas University. Her family would have forgotten, moved on, lived, and died, and Carmilla would have still had her sister. Carmilla had no choice but to keep living -- without Mattie. (It wasn't fair.)

    Even the little thread of mercy she cannot help but afford to them because Laura is standing right in front of her, behind her, everywhere -- filling up her consciousness so that she cannot escape -- is a kind of weakness. There had been a time when Mother had considered her the most ruthless, the most deadly -- the best. And for what? She was giving them a chance. A promise that the next time she saw any one of them, she would kill them.

    Merciful. Weak.

    She ran out of Mother's old apartment and out onto the campus, descended as always into chaos. Her head was spinning, her ears were ringing. Had her heart been the kind to beat, she was sure if would have been racing; she couldn't even remember what that felt like anymore unless she relived those last moments of her human life, viscerally. And she wouldn't do that again. Only, she was.

    Something was happening -- dragging her down, pulling her into the earth. She could have laughed. Buried alive again? Or was it some other terror come to replace Lophiiformes? Either way, it was fitting. It was terrible. It wasn't fair. It made her furious. It was life.

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    One useless lesbian vampire, ready to go?

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    your application is

    Okay this web series looks hella interesting and now I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Carmilla looks great and is all set to get started on Pandora. You know what to do from here, Prix! :D

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